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You don’t need to be an architect to know that a roof is an essential part of any house design. However, there are numerous styles of roof are available and without a little guidance, homeowners might find themselves in over their heads. If you’ve been considering a gable roof for your house and want to learn more about this popular design, we’ve got you covered.

What is a gable roof?

Gable roof designs (sometimes referred to as pitched roofs or peaked roofs) are a classic, traditional roof style that has two sloping sides that meet up at the middle of the house and form a ridge. If you were to draw a basic picture of a house with the upside-down V roof, that’s basically a gable roof house. The triangular end pieces aren’t part of the roof, part rather made from the same material as the rest of the house.

This style of roof is most common in areas with a cold or temperate climate.

From an aesthetic perspective, the gable roof type works best for traditional homes and house designs that have a classic look to them.

How much does a gable roof cost?

Due to being a more straightforward roof design, a gable roof is usually one of the more affordable options on the market. It is difficult to give an exact price on how much a roof will cost without specific details.

Some key factors will determine the overall cost of your roof including:

  • Size of the house
  • The material used for the roof
  • Contractor you hire
  • The location you’re building in
  • Whether there’s anything that complicates the job (issues with building, site etc).

What are the advantages of having a gable roof house?

Gable roof houses have many benefits for the right house design. Let’s look at some of the pros of this popular and enduring roof design.

Simple Design

Building a roof is more complicated than it may seem, and it does take a while to install or repair a roof. A big advantage of a gable roof is its simple design makes for a faster build time than other more complex designs.

Affordable Choice

Building on the previous point, because a gable roof is a simpler design, it takes less time to be constructed, less labour means it’ll be more affordable. You can lower your price even more by choosing a cheaper, yet durable material like Colorbond Steel.

Excellent drainage

The sloping sides of a gable roof provide the perfect design for drainage. With well-installed gutters and pipes, the next time it rains on your gabled roof, you really just need to let gravity do all the work.

More Attic or Roof Space

If you’re interested in having an attic, a well-designed gable roof will add more attic space to your home.

More ceiling space is a great way to let air and light into your home. This will create better ventilation, helping your home avoid stuffiness and moisture build-up If your house is on the smaller side, high ceilings are a fantastic way to give the impression your home is larger.

What are the drawbacks of having a gable roof house?

Every design has its drawbacks, so let’s delve into some of the possible flaws of the gable roof designs

More Vulnerable to wind damage

If you’re living in a cyclone-prone area or somewhere known for tropical storms, a gable roof could end up getting seriously damaged. The way the design works leaves a lot of exposed space to be hit by debris, so it’s important to think about your surroundings when making any design choice with your home.

Damage means more repairs

Anyone who’s had to get their roof repaired will tell it isn’t cheap. While it’s impossible to guarantee you’ll avoid roof damage, you can play to the odds. As mentioned above, a gable roof is at more risk of damage in cyclone zones. If this were to happen, the cost of repairs could easily negate any savings you made building a gable roof in the first place.

Can lead to less space

We know that above that we said a gable roof can create more space, but it can also have the opposite effect. When poorly implemented the sloping shape of the ceiling can remove space from your home and make the place feel cramped. Like any design idea, it’s all about how you do it.

Higher ceilings are harder to clean

Cleaning the ceiling is always a bit of a pain and this is even more the case with a higher ceiling. Whether this is a deal breaker depends on whether you think the elegance of the roof design is worth the extra maintenance.

Not suitable for every home design

While a gable roof can be a beautiful addition to a traditional house, it will look odd on an otherwise modern home. It’s a design that needs to be well-executed, otherwise, it can look clunky and draw attention for all the wrong reasons.

What are the most popular gable roof home design ideas?

There are three main types of gable roofs

Cross gable roof

This refers to a roof design that features at least two different gable rooflines. These can be on the same or different sides of the house and can vary in size and angle.

Crow-stepped Gable

Crow-stepped, or just stepped gable designs, are a very distinct style that features a stair-like pattern all the way up the gable roofline.

Dutch Gable

A style of hip roof that has a small gable incorporated into the top of the design.

Gable roof vs the competition

Still, wondering whether a gable roof is for you? Let’s compare it to some of the other options on the market.

Gable roof vs hip roof

A hip roof style is where four gently sloping sides meet in the middle. This design is great for creating eaves, providing a stylish look to your home and creating a strong structure against wind resistance. The downside of this design is it costs more than other roof types.

Gable roof vs skillion roof

A skillion roof differs from a gable roof in the sense it has a single flat surface installed at an angle.

The advantage of a skillion roof over a gable roof house is it requires less material and therefore costs less to build.

Gable roof vs Dutch gable roof

A Dutch gable roof is a hipped-style roof with a small gable on top. This design offers your home a distinct look that allows natural light into your house. It’s however a more complicated design to construct and therefore, quite pricey.

Gable roof vs flat roof

The flat roof has a single surface that is either flat or on an angle. Usually a simple and affordable option, it’s a popular look for modern homes. The downside of this design is a potential risk of water pooling, leaks and heat absorption.

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