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Feeling in over your head when it comes to choosing the roof design for your new home design? There are a variety of roof types available on the market, each with its pros and cons. In this article, we’ll provide our slant on skillion roof designs.

What is a skillion roof design?

A skillion roof is a flat roof design that has a prominent angle or slope. Unlike more traditional roof styles where at least two sloping sides meet at a peak or ridge, this contemporary design has a single flat surface. The angle of the roof can be slight or quite a step pitch depending on the design choice. They’re a common feature of modern home designs, offering an angular, sleek look to a home. Skillion roofs have become more popular over the last few decades, so you’ll recognise the design even if you didn’t know the name. They’re most popular in modern and industrial-style home designs.

Skillion roofs are generally built with streamlined roofing materials, such as steel, rubber skins, and metal finishes to assist with that signature sleek angeled look and for durability reasons.

Along with being a great look for your main house, the Skillion roof design is also a popular choice for expansions and other outbuildings. This includes carports, garages, sheds and patios.

How much does a skillion roof cost?

A big advantage of skillion roofs is that they tend to cost less than other more complicated designs, such as hip roofs, butterfly roofs and even gable roofs.

Some key factors will determine the price of your new roof including:

  • Size of the home
  • The materials used to build your roof.
  • The building company or contractor you use.
  • Where you’re building, both in terms of travel for the builder and the terrain they need to deal with.

What are the advantages of building a skillion-roof house?

There is a wide range of benefits that come with installing a skillion roof, ranging from functional to aesthetics. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of this design.

More Affordable and Easier to Build

Though distinctive, a skillion roof is quite a simple design to build. This is due to it it only having one panel. The easier a design is to build, the quicker it can be put together.

Because it doesn’t require the same level of design and fewer materials than other roof types, a skillion roof is more affordable than other options on the market. Construction costs will therefore drop.

Less Maintenance and more Durable

Using strong materials like quality timber, cladding or Colorbond Steel, a skillion roof will create a durable protection for your house. Depending on the materials you choose, maintenance will be minimal and upkeep and repairs will for the most part be straightforward.

Distinct, Modern Look

A skillion roof is especially popular in modern home designs, creating a memorable, bold, distinct look for your home. When done well, it’ll not only be the envy of your friends, family and neighbours, it’ll add to your curb appeal which in turn increases your house’s resell value.

Provides strong drainage and other functional benefits

A major disadvantage of a standard flat roof is they don’t provide adequate drainage, which can lead to moisture damage, leaks and flooding. The steep angle means a well-designed skillion roof will naturally have excellent water drainage.

Skillion roofs also provide a fantastic platform for solar panels. When designed to work with the sun’s orientation, the slant of the roof will maximise sun exposure. The steep pitch of the roof can also help create high ceilings which improves your home’s ventilation and use of windows for natural light.

What are the disadvantages of building a skillion-roof house?

No roof design will be the perfect option for everyone and a skillion roof is no exception. Here are some of the potential flaws that could make you think twice about installing get a skillion roof.

Not ideal for cyclone-prone areas

Australia is a land of extreme temperatures, high winds and rough weather, and depending on where you’re building, this fact needs to be taken into account when choosing your roof designs. The biggest potential downside of a skillion roof is they’re not weather resistant against strong winds. The debris and potential wind damage

Won’t suit every house design.

The reason there are home designers (and designers in general) is that there’s a trick to knowing what goes with what. While Skillion roofs can be a bold addition to the right house aesthetics, they can stick out for all the wrong reasons on certain house designs. Traditional homes or older houses are likely to benefit from a skillion roof.

What are the most popular skillion roof house designs?

Simple Skillion Roof

This is your basic layout with a singular flat surface at an angle. Can work for your entire house or a smaller constructed structure like a shed or garage.

Double skillion Roof or Butterfly roof designs

The Butterfly roof design has two sloping sides that slant down to meet and create a V shape.

Split Skillion Roof

A split skillion has two flat surfaces but differs from a butterfly roof in that these sides don’t meet to create a V. Instead they connect through a wall. Usually, the panels will slope in different directions, but it’s an option to have them slope the same way.

Oval Skillion Roof

An oval skillion roof has rounded edges giving it a circular form, making it the middle ground between a skillion roof and a curved roof.

Multiple Skillion Roof

This is a roof design with multiple skillions throughout the roof layout. These can be different sizes and angles and can provide a striking look for your home. For example, you may have a smaller skillion roof at a slight angle above your garage but have a much larger

Skillion Roof vs the Competition

Flat Roof Design

As the name suggests, a flat roof design is a roof that has a single flat surface. While a skillion roof is technically a flat roof design, other flat roofs lack the signature pitch of a skillion roof. That being said, flat roofs will have a slight slope to help with drainage.

Gable Roof Design

Two sections or sloping sides that meet at a point. It’s one of the most common roof designs around the world and they do have some advantages. Along with being a simpler roof type to design and install, they’re also one of the most affordable roof types.

Hip Roof Design

Hip roofs are one of the most popular designs in Australia. Featuring four sides that meet at a ridge creating a strong, weather-resistant structure.

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