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Founded in 1959, Dixon Homes is a franchised builder with locations across the East Coast of Australia. As their ‘More For Less’ motto suggests, Dixon Homes heavily market itself on their affordability. Dixon Homes promise to use their superior buying power to pass savings directly onto the customers, ‘providing quality workmanship for exceptional value’. But, in our Dixon Homes Review, we’re taking a deeper look at whether Dixon Homes’ affordability comes at a cost. Are there downsides to a builder who prioritises low costs? Let’s find out.

Dixon Homes House & Land Packages

For anyone looking to streamline the home-building process, a house and land package will be appealing. Dixon Homes has a wide variety of House and Land Packages in many sizes, design types, locations and prices. Remember to research not just the house design and land, but the suburb you’re considering moving into.

In Queensland, you can buy a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2 garage home in Forest Hill from $286,000.

On the other side of the coin, this two-storey home in Coorparoo will set you back at least $1,870,600.

Most House and Land Packages will cost somewhere in between these two examples.

Interested in learning more about House and Land packages?

Dixon Home Designs & Prices

Already bought some land or have some blocks in mind? This is the section for you. One advantage of Dixon Home is the sheer number of home designs they have, with over 2500 different designs to choose from. Along with standard homes, they also advertise that they can assist with granny flats, dual occupancies, duplexes, multi-family living and difficult blocks.

Here are just a few examples of the house designs available through Dixon Homes. Keep in mind, the block of land you’re building on will influence future costs (for example, if you’re land has a slope).

Note: All searches were done in the Brisbane area. Prices may differ elsewhere.

Single Storey Homes:

If you’re looking for a basic three-bedroom home design with a garage, you’re looking at anywhere between $162,000.00-$377,600.00. This could be a good option for those on a budget looking for a first family home.

Two-Storey Homes:

Want something a bit bigger without taking up all your land? Dixon Homes has a number of two-storey designs ranging in price from $217,500- $569,190.

Hamptons Style:

The Hamptons style is known for its luxurious meets coastal look, with the Aussie version of this design tending to have a more laid-back vibe than those found in the actual Hamptons. Dixon Homes has a few Hamptons homes to choose from, with the quote prices falling ranging from $190,400-$314,300 (not including duplex options).


Duplexes are a good option for those looking to rent out or live close to a loved one. Dixon Homes has a number of duplex-style designs, with prices starting at $251,200 and going up to $597,645.00

These are just a few of the options available on the Dixon Homes website. While they do have a number of options, let’s see what the people are saying about Dixon Homes.

Dixon Home Reviews

While the reviews on Dixon Homes’s own website are positive, we’ve searched the internet to see what customers are saying about their building experience with the company.

Unfortunately, Dixon Home doesn’t have the best reputation with customers, with a 3.1 star average on ProductReviews.com. The amount of one-star reviews is definitely a concern, especially as the nature of the complaints is consistent.

They also have a lot of five-star reviews, but not as many reviews in between these two extremes. A reason for these polarising reviews could be due to the franchise nature of the business. This explains why some people loved the customer service while others thought it was bad enough to be a dealbreaker.

Other websites paint a similar picture, with the reviews on Google also quite mixed. However here, we noticed that the Brisbane store is the one getting the lion’s share of the bad reviews, while other locations, like Capalaba and the Gold Coast, fair a little better at 3.8 stars. We couldn’t help but notice that these branches only have 7-10 reviews each compared to the Brisbane stores 78 reviews. Even positive reviews tend to mention the mixed reputation Dixon Homes has.

Positive reviews:

  • Affordability: Dixon Homes are cheaper than other builders and which is very appealing to anyone on a budget. The following review explains that the reviewer was able to afford a home on a single income, years before they expected.
  • Quicker Build Time: Dixon Homes can be quicker with their build than other builders, often by several weeks. We found a lot of glowing reviews that mentioned how efficient their build was.
  • Communication: Good communication between builder and customer is key to a good experience, and the positive reviews for Dixon Homes prove that. Here’s someone who found the Dixon Home team a delight to work with:

Negative Reviews:

  • Build time takes longer than initially promised: The Dixon Homes website mentions that they can build your home in 14-16 weeks, below the average of 18 weeks. While not an explicit promise, it is easy to see why customers will be disappointed if Dixon Homes fail to meet this deadline. Some reviewers felt the delays weren’t always reasonable and that the lack of progress on their new home was disappointing.
  • Unexpected Price Hikes: In the following review, a customer talks about an additional $18,000 added to a fixed price of $240,000. If your builder prides itself on affordability, the last thing you want is for them to raise the price.
  • Customer service: A major reason people didn’t like their build with Dixon Homes is the poor customer service. It’s often described as rude, unhelpful and unclear. A few customers have complained of being given a fixed contract, only for additional costs to add later. Have a poor reputation when it comes to services after the build is complete.
  • Another reoccurring complaint has the company failing to deliver a finished home that matched the new homeowner’s expectations. As the review below shows, customers often find their finished homes to be subpar.

Dixon Homes build timeline

Dixon Homes make a point to say that their refined process means they can complete a build, from pouring the slab to handover, in as little as fourteen weeks. It’s worded in such a way that it isn’t a guarantee though, so don’t be too surprised if your build takes longer. This doesn’t take into account everything you need to do before construction starts.

According to the documents found on the Dixon Homes website, you can expect the following time, from choosing a house plan to receiving the keys to your new home:

Note: the time frames given by the site are the minimum amount of time it will take.

Week 1-4: Select house plan and finalise costs

Week 4-6:if sign all documentation including the contract, pay pre-approval fees. Covenant approval

Week 6-7: Builder signs contract. Plans lodged with certifier. Lodge Drainage plans with council.

Week 8-30: Building commences with the average time between the start of the build to the handover being 22 weeks.

The site offers details on inspections and certificates during this time but not what will be built when. Build times can vary based on factors like the block of land you’re working with. For example, land that needs to be excavated will add time to your build. This timeframe also assumes all inspections go well.

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Tips when building with Dixon Homes

We have a few hints to keep in mind when building with Dixon Homes:

  • Dixon Homes is a franchise company, with a location run by a different team. The Dixon Homes in, for example, Capalaba may have a completely different approach to a build than the Dixon Homes in Chermside.
  • Dixon Homes prides itself on being an affordable option in the building market. Everyone loves to save money, but consider why something is cheaper and whether it may cost you more in the long run.
  • Taking the above hints into consideration, when considering Dixon Homes, research specific franchises and see what people are saying. A lot of customers have glowing reviews of their experience with Dixon Homes.
  • They have a very mixed reputation when it comes to their communication with customers. You want to have a strong, comfortable, communicative relationship with whoever is building your dream home. If you don’t feel like you are working with someone on the same wavelength as you, it could be a sign to look elsewhere.
  • Manage expectations: While poor workmanship shouldn’t be excused, remember different builders specialise in different types of homes. Dixon Homes promise affordable houses. If you’re looking for something more luxurious, this might not be the builder for you.

Dixon Homes Locations

Dixon Homes Brisbane, 1821 Ipswich Road, Rocklea QLD 4106Dixon Homes Chermside, 992 Gympie Road, Chermside QLD 4032

Dixon Homes Capalaba, 14/39 Old Cleveland Rd, Capalaba QLD 4157

Dixon Homes Jimboomba, 264 Anders St, Jimboomba QLD 4280

Dixon Homes Gold Coast/Hinterland, Unit 1 50 Lawrence Drive, Nerang QLD 4221

Dixon Homes Plainland, 4424 Warrengo Hwy, Plainland 4341

Dixon Homes Toowoomba, Shop 12a / 189 Anzac Ave, Harristown, Toowoomba 4350

Dixon Homes Sunshine Coast, 684 Nicklin Way, Currimundi, QLD 4551

Dixon Homes Gympie, 98 River Road, Gympie, QLD, 4570

Dixon Homes Hervey Bay, 80 Boat Harbour Dr, Pialba, QLD, 4655

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