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You’ve worked hard and saved up your money, and now you want to build a dream home that will reflect all you’ve accomplished. Or maybe, you want the best quality home available for you and your family. Then again, you may be a creative type, or someone with a specific vision of what they want in a house, something none of the pre-existing floorplans quite capture. Chances are, you’re looking for a luxury home builder to build your dream home! If so, you’re in luck, because this article is all about Luxury home builders in Brisbane. We’ll also take a closer look at what makes a house a luxury home.

A luxury home is a high-quality house in a highly regarded neighbourhood. Luxury housebuilders often specialise in custom home building and offer the finest materials and features. A luxury home is sure to impress family and friends, though you’ll need the right builder on your team to truly pull it off.

How we can help you find a luxury home builder in Brisbane

At Buildi, we help you find the right builder, save time, reduce stress and stay on budget.

How We Can Help You

Building a home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. At Buildi, we’ll be there throughout the entire building process, guiding you step by step so you can avoid any pitfalls. We will help you by following these steps.

  1. Free Consultation – We will sit with you to understand what you are looking to accomplish.
  2. Due Diligence – We work with you to ensure you’re buying the right block of land at the right price without hidden problems.
  3. Builders tender – We will take your requirements out to the market of builders and they will bid to win your business.
  4. Present solutions – We will compile the top 3 options and present you with a comprehensive proposal on builders’ strengths & weaknesses along with prices and specifications.
  5. Contract Signing – We will work with you and your selected builder to ensure there is full transparency in what you are entering into.
  6. Building your home – We work closely with the builder to ensure all service levels are met and your project is on schedule.

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List of Brisbane’s luxury home builders

There are many award-winning custom design home builders in Brisbane and luxury home builders often overall. For a luxury home, you’ll likely need a specialist team of contractors. As you can imagine, luxury house builders are more expensive than average, so it’s important you’re getting what you pay for. Buildi can help you find a builder best suited for your project. We’re experts in determining which builders walk the walk and which ones are all hot air.

Bold Living

Costa Homes

OJ Pippin

Lindon Homes

Key features of a luxury home

What luxury is can be a matter of perspective, however, there are a few elements that tend to be standard in high-end home designs.

Natural lighting & High ceilings

Space makes your house feels larger and more open, which adds to the feeling of luxury. High ceilings and open spaces are a standard in luxury homes.

Larger windows and glass doors will allow natural light to enter the home and a well-orientated house will help maximise the amount of light received. This not only makes your home feel more spacious and welcoming, but it’ll also cut down your energy bill substantially.

Large Floor Plans

Luxury houses are rarely on the small side. From a grand entrance to large living areas, open-space floorplans are the way to go with luxury home builds. Luxury homes are often double-storey or multi-storey buildings with plenty of extra rooms beyond the essentials.

Smart technology

Bring your home into the 21st century by embracing technology in your home. What used to be something out of a sci-fi movie is becoming the norm, and the great news is, smart technology has come a long way. It’s easier to use than ever and can be a great way to make your life more convenient. You can operate a variety of devices in your home through your smartphone or smart device.

Some parts of your home you can connect through your smart home include:

  • Lighting
  • Video Doorbells
  • Smart Locks
  • Garage Doors
  • Airconditioning
  • Home Security (including
  • Entertainment Devices (music, television, etc).

Outdoor entertainment area

Luxury homes tend to be in highly desirable locations, so it only makes sense you want to make the most of the view. An outdoor entertainment area can include an alfresco area and a swimming pool.


Few things will have as big an influence on the value of a house as the location. With that in mind, a luxury home needs to be built in a luxury location. Think waterfront homes, expensive suburbs, or areas with a lot of open space. Building an expensive home in an in-demand area, close to schools.

Custom spaces

Luxury homes are often custom designed or feature a lot of customisation. Part of what makes a house up a notch are rooms that aren’t found in every home. This can include personal gyms, customised storage space, spa bathrooms, home theatres, gaming rooms or a rumpus room.

Custom-designed kitchen

Designed to be both functional and attractive, all fixtures and features are of the highest standard. Luxury kitchens are usually large and open-spaced, allowing plenty of room for both cooking and socialising.

Great Facade

Your luxury home needs to have a fantastic exterior. This means a stylish facade, a great lawn and garden and anything else that adds to a great first impression. Having strong curb appeal will add value to your house if you plan to sell down the line, and will also impress family and friends.

Hire a building consultant

Whether you’re building on a strict budget or are planning to go all out on a luxury home, it helps to have an expert on your side. Looking for a builder? We’ll take your project to our panel of builders and find the best match for your project. We’ll work collaboratively with both you and your luxury home builder through the whole process, making sure the final result is a beautiful home you can be proud of.

Want to find the best builder for your dream home? Want some advice during your building journey? Get in touch with us today to book your free, impartial consultation.


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