You got questions, we got answers.

What is a builder broker?

A builder broker is a trusted advisor who will help you find the right builder for your project. As with a mortgage broker your builder broker help save time and stay within budget. When you deal with a builder broker you will have access to a large cross section of designs through multiple builders, but rather then having to approach builders individually you can get access to 20 builder’s plans by speaking to 1 person.

A builder broker will work with you from the beginning, they will help you avoid problems with buying a block of land, work with your requirements to find a builder and provide support through the build process.

How much will this service cost me?

Much like mortgage brokers we don’t charge our clients a fee for our services. We are paid a fee by the builder you select, this fee is less than or equal to their marketing cost which allows our service to be a cost neutral solution for our clients.


Why is it so hard to compare plans, inclusions and prices?

If you have already started comparing plans for yourself, and picked up a few different designs, you will notice that the prices and inclusions will vary. Attempting to interpret each builder’s plans of what a ‘turn-key’ home is could leave you wishing you had not started the process in the first place. Some builders only provide allowances that are generally insufficient or leave essential inclusions out or some provide additional sums on items that we know should be fixed costs.

Let us tell you from experience, that there is nothing ‘free’ when you a build home. Do not let builders influence you with low base prices that appear cheaper than builder with the exact/similar inclusions.

How do I choose a builder?
Many people make a decision on a builder based on what plans they have to offer or how good their display homes look. Making a decision on a builder based on the above 2 criteria can be detrimental because there are other things you should consider. What level of service will my builder give me? What is their communication like? What is the quality of their subcontractors? Have they got adequate insurance based on their licence?
What are the benefits of going with a Builder Broker vs directly with a Builder?

There are 2 main benefits of working with a Builder Broker as opposed to directly with a Builder:

  1. You are able to get a comparison of the market.
  2. You will have an advocate working for your best interests through the entire process.

When you go directly with a builder you will not get these advantages.