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In this article, we’ll be looking at Bridgeman Downs Display Homes in Lomandra Park. Promoted as a boutique residential community, Lomandra Park is located in prestigious Bridgeman Downs, about 12 mins away from Brisbane’s CBD. While they only have six display homes to visit, with two more opening soon, the Bridgeman Downs display homes are worth looking at for anyone:

  • Looking for a spacious, double-storey home.
  • Interested in bespoke home builders.
  • Wanting to move live in a boutique residential community in the prestigious Bridgeman Downs area.

Bridgeman Downs is one of North Brisbane’s most luxurious inner-ring suburbs, being associated with wealth and status. With vacant residential land around Brisbane’s CBD being in significant demand, let’s see what Lomandra Park has to offer.

Bridgeman Downs Display village plans, style & design overview

Land packages

Land is being released in three stages with Stage 2 currently selling. The land sizes range from 450m2 to 1,000m (Lot frontages from 12.6m to 24.4m) which is definitely larger than we’ve seen at other estates. There’s significant demand for vacant residential land located in the inner ring suburbs of major capital cities, so you’ll need to be quick to nab a spot.

Land available at Lomandra Park

House & land packages

There is currently one house and land package available at Lomandra Park. The home on offer is a custom design by Sunday Living Homes. The price comes in a $1,299,000 ($519,000 for the house, $780,000 for the land).

This price is in the same ballpark as other house and land packages in Bridgeman Downs, which range from $1,178,491-$1,500,000. These are all two-storey homes with at least four bedrooms. Nearby areas like Aspley and Zillmere are perhaps a little cheaper but are still starting around the $900,000 mark.


The median price for a house in Bridgeman Downs is $795,000. The neighbouring suburbs include Aspley, Carseldine and Albany creek. Here is a map of the Bridgeman Downs area and where the estate is.

Bridgeman Downs display village location

The Lomandra Park Display Village is located at Desertrose Crescent, Bridgeman Downs QLD 4035.

Bridgeman Downs display village home builders

The Bridgeman downs display centre at Lomandra Park has eight display homes from six builders. There are various home designs on display, with a focus on modern, spacious designs. They are open 10-4pm for viewings, with the exception of public holidays. For more information on viewings and all the latest news, contact the Bridgeman Downs Display Home office.

Most of the home designs on display feature open plan living, and focus on bringing natural light into the home. With Lomandra Park aiming to be a boutique residential community, expect to see that reflected in the display homes. A lot of the builders specialise in bespoke homes, so if you’re considering a custom home, there are some options here.

Clarendon Homes

Clarendon has two display homes to visit at Bridgeman Downs.

The Boston 38 is a spacious double-storey home with five bedrooms, a theatre room and a rumpus room among others. With prices for the house starting at $353,600, it’s worth a look for anyone thinking of a double-storey home. Clarendon Homes offer 4 different variants on the floorplans as well as 13 different facades, so you have some flexibility.

Grande 57

The Grande 57 is another double-storey home with an emphasis on luxury living. Like a lot of the display homes at Lomandra Parks, this home design focuses on open-plan living and incorporating the outdoors and natural light. This house would be suitable for families looking for a more prestigious home design.

Ownit Homes

Ownit Homes was founded by Pete and Paul Ganim founded in 1972. They’re a residential building business that creates upmarket, customizable homes.  Their display home is the Hamilton 345, two-storey home with 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a 2 car garage. It’s a narrow lot design and could be worth seeing for anyone wanting to see an example of making the most of a small footprint.

McLachlan Homes

McLachlan Homes is an award-winning builder with twenty years of experience. They have two display homes at Bridgeman Downs.

The first is the double-storey, The Azure, a five-bedroom (three of which have private suites), two-bathroom home with a house area of 398.67m2. It has a bold, contemporary look and features open living areas and higher ceilings for airflow. Worth looking at for families looking for space.

The Zen is one of the few single-storey home on display at Lomandra Park, with 4 bedrooms and three bathrooms and an open living area.

OJ Pippin Homes

OJ Pippin Homes are a Brisbane based, family-owned builder who specialises in bespoke homes and have more than 25 years of experience to their name. They have one display home you can visit at Bridgeman Downs, a double-storey, five-bedroom home design called the Ridge. The display home has some interesting design choices like exposed beams and natural textures mixed with more contemporary elements. This mix may work better for some people than others but could be a nice way to get a country vibe to your home.

Fresh Homes

Fresh Homes is a boutique builder founded in 2006 by Lloyd Payne. They build homes across Queensland. Their display will be opening soon in the Bridgeman Downs display centre (we cannot find a specific date).

The Apollo is a double-storey home. It has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, and a number of entertainment areas. Information about the display home itself is limited due to it not being completed.

Being a custom home designer, Fresh Homes can adapt their designs. The copy for the Apollo mentions it is a smaller home and could be adapted for some sloping blocks.

If you’re building on a sloping block, you might want to consider a Split-Level Home design. Click here to find out more!

Stylemaster Homes

Stylemaster Homes Display Homes will soon have a display home to visit at the prestigious Bridgeman Downs Display Centre. The Oceanview luxury double-storey home with five bedrooms, and features such as an entertainment area, private bar, pool and home theatre.

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Is Bridgeman Down the right area for me?

The Lomandra Park estate advertises itself using phrases like ’boutique residential community’ and ‘prestigious Bridgeman Downs’, which gives you idea of who they’re targeting. The community suits those who want to be part of a sophisticated, upper-market community that’s safe for families and close to the city. It’ll be out of the price range of a lot of homebuyers.


  • The land in this estate is larger than we’ve seen in other estates.
  • Close to a lot of amenities including Chermside shopping centre and Brisbane’s cbd.
  • Ranks as the 10th best Brisbane Suburb according to Homely.com


  • There is significant demand for property in the inner ring suburbs, so there may be competition for these lots.
  • Odds are, these lots will be too expensive for first time buyers.
  • There are only six Bridgeman Downs Display Homes, which isn’t a lot. The Lomandra Park display homes is also targeted at a specific market and doesn’t offer a lot for anyone looking for single-storey homes or smaller houses.

Other nearby display village options

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