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Corner blocks have a mixed reputation among homebuyers. For some, they are often highly sought after and desired, while other home builders are put off by their unique features. So the question that leaves us with is, “Is it worth buying a corner block?” In this article, Buildi is in your corner! We’ll run through some considerations when buying a corner block and have a look at some house designs for corner blocks.

What makes a corner block unique to other blocks of land?

The difference is in the name. A corner block has the unique feature of having two street-facing facades, which has its pros and cons. Like any property, the exact location of a corner block will have a big influence on its appeal to buyers.


A setback is the distance from the property boundary from which you’re allowed to build. In most cases, the setback from the street will be greater than from other boundary lines. As a corner block had two facades facing the street, this creates a unique situation when it comes to setbacks.

A corner block presents a unique challenge in this regard, as it may lead to you having less land to build on. This can be especially challenging for smaller blocks, and corner block home designs need to be clever to use the space wisely.

What are the benefits of building on a corner block?

Access points to two streets: While you’ll likely only be allowed to have one driveway, you can still have access points to both streets on your corner, whether this is a gate or an open lawn area.

Two street-facing facades: The street-facing facade has a powerful impact on passersby as it is the first impression your home will make. Having two street-facing facades provides your home with twice the opportunity to make an impression.

Higher resell value: If you’re looking to invest or just think you may resell at some point in the future, odds are a corner block house will fetch a higher price than a regular block, especially if it’s in a desired location.

Can sometimes be cheaper: Depending on where you’re purchasing land, a corner block may actually be cheaper than its neighbouring blocks.

Could make the most of a great view: Depending on where your block is situated, a corner block could make the most of spectacular surroundings. Whether this is a city landscape or the beauty of nature, a well-placed corner block could really help you get your money’s worth.

More natural light: A well-designed corner block house design can make the most of the natural light which will help you cut down on your energy bills.

Potentially better for solar panels: Depending on your home’s orientation, a corner block could be perfect for capturing UV rays for solar panels. Solar panels not only cut down on bills in the long run, they also increase the value of your home.

What are the drawbacks of building on a corner block?

Larger Setbacks: Due to being near two streets, setback rules can be more strict with corner blocks, which may mean you’ll technically have less land to build on.

Busy areas: In a busy area, a corner block could be noisy, and difficult to get in and out of. For example, living on a corner near traffic lights means you’ll constantly be waiting for a line of cars to move.

Cost more: If there’s a higher demand means they’ll sell for a higher price, which is great news if you’re selling, but not so ideal when trying to buy.

More difficult to sell: Depending on the location, a corner block may be more difficult to sell, especially if it accentuates the area’s less desirable elements (for example, traffic).

Security concerns: More access points could lead to more opportunities for unwanted guests.

Does a corner block of land cost differ from other blocks of land?

A corner block may be cheaper or more expensive, depending on the location you’re buying in. If the corner block offers more advantages than downsides, it’ll add to the price. Some of these benefits include:

  • Better views.
  • Desirable street appeal
  • More access points
  • Opportunity to take advantage of natural light.

In certain locations, the negative impacts of a corner block include:

  • More exposure to busy neighbourhoods (traffic, noise from the street, etc).
  • Difficulty leaving the property during peak hours.

Are there any specific council regulations that relate to corner blocks?

There are some regulations that apply to having a corner block. For example, just because you have two access points, doesn’t mean you can have two driveways or mailboxes. You’ll have a set address which you cannot change on a whim (for example, if you live on the corner of Smith Street and Jones Road, your address might be 92 Jones Rd).

What to look for in a corner block of land?

  • Location: As is the case with any block of land, the block’s location will play an essential role in its market value and personal value to you.
  • Soil Condition: No matter what type of block you’re purchasing, it’s essential to have an independent soil test performed on your land before purchasing. This will test the soil condition and provide you with invaluable information that can save you from buying a lemon.
  • How busy the roads are: Be sure to visit the block numerous times and make sure these visits are at different times of the day. Just because a block is quiet at 11 in the morning, doesn’t mean it won’t be chaos when school lets out or during peak hour.
  • The slope of the block: Many blocks will have a slope of some sort, especially throughout South East Queensland. However, it’s important to understand that the steeper the block, the more challenges there may potentially be when building.

5 home designs that would suit a corner block of land

There are plenty of options offered by builders for those looking to build on a corner block. Here are just five examples.

Ashton by Brighton Homes

A striking, contemporary design, recommended by the builders themselves for corner blocks. The Ashton provides plenty of space for families.

“Monash” by “G.J. Gardener Homes”

“Santorini” by “Metricon”

One of the most popular designs from Metricon, the Santorini is a design that is perfect for when families are upgrading to a bigger home.

“Ruby” by “Hontondo Homes”

One way to make the most of a corner block is by building a duplex on it. Through some alterations, you can make the most of having two access points. Next time you go out for a drive, you’ll notice a lot of corner blocks are used for units or dual living situations.

“Monte Carlo” by “McDonald Jones”

The Monte Carlo is an ideal corner lot house design that will provide plenty of room while providing street appeal from various angles.

Corner block home design pre-build consideration

  • Consider the location: Where your block of land is located is one of, if not the, biggest determining factor on how much it will cost.
  • Soil Classification: Always get an independent soil test to ensure your block doesn’t have any issues.
  • Slop of the land: Knowing the slope of your land will help will design choices, including whether you wish to excavate or work with the slant.

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