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Human beings spend around one-third of their life sleeping, so it’s important your bedroom provides the restful, comfortable environment you need to get some quality shuteye. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, where you come to unwind so it’s an essential consideration in your design process. So we’re here to show you how to master master bedroom floor plans, with tips on what you need to consider and some examples of the most popular master bedroom layouts.

Why is it important to choose the right master bedroom floor plan?

Your master bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s where you rest after a long day and it’s probably the room you’ll spend more time than any other. You want to create a space where you can be comfortable and reliably get a good night’s sleep. This requires considering both the bedroom itself and how it interacts with the outside world.

From a selling point of view, a master bedroom can be a key feature to potential buyers. After all, the ones actually purchasing the house are likely the ones who’ll be sleeping in the master bedroom.

What are common features in master bedroom floor plans?

Ensuite/Master bathroom

One of the key features that separates a master bedroom from the others in the house is the inclusion of an ensuite. How elaborate this is is up to you. They can be as elaborate as the main bathroom may have features more tailored to your needs or can even be a simple toilet room with a sink.


  • A second bathroom can be a blessing. We’ve all really needed to go but had to wait because someone else was in the loo.
  • Private bathroom for you and your spouse. Have all your toiletries, shampoos and towels set up how you like them.
  • Perfect for morning grooming activities.
  • Can add value to your home
  • No need to walk across the house to get to your bedroom to get dressed.


  • Takes up space: Depending on how much room you have to work with, an en suite bathroom could take up space you have a better use for.
  • If there is only one or two of you in the house and you don’t want kids, one bathroom in the house may be enough.
  • It’s another room to clean
  • Having two showers at once can push the limits of your hot water heater, depending on the type and size.

Walk-in closet/Dressing room

Walk-in closets are the ultimate clothes lovers’ dream, as they provide a small room in which to store all your most precious fashion items. Usually starting at around 1.8 metres in depth, a walk-in closet is a popular option for master bedrooms looking for extra closet space.


  • Extra storage space for your belongings
  • Can double as a dressing room
  • Great day to reduce clutter and clothes around the bedroom itself.


  • Depending on the available space, a walk-in closet might not be feasible in some floor plans
  • Not everyone really needs a walk-in closet, or at least, not over other possible features. Consider whether the money could be used elsewhere

Sitting Area

A sitting area is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your home. Like a mini lounge room area in your bedroom, it’s great for somewhere to sit and read, watch TV, or even provide the kids somewhere to sit when they want to chat.


  • Makes your master suite layout feel spacious and luxurious.
  • Extra area for activities like reading, watching TV or just relaxing.
  • Furniture for other family members when they’re in your room.


  • Is an unnecessary addition for a lot of people. If you only want storage space, a built-in closet may be a better option for your home.
  • More expenses such as furniture.

Built-in Closet

A built-in closet provides essential storage space for your clothes and knick-knacks. As it is an incorporated part of the house plan, it won’t take up noticeable space the way a stand-alone closet will.

Pros of a built-in closet

  • More affordable than a walk-in closet
  • Takes up less overall space
  • They’re often easier to organise than walk-in closets and things are less likely to get lost.


  • Offers less storage space than a walk-in closet
  • Once it’s there, you can’t replace or expand it without a renovation.


While adding at least one window to your bedroom may seem like a no-brainer, details such as the size of the window, the location and the type of glass you use can have a huge influence on the ambience of your room. It’ll play a role in how natural light enters your room which can determine the temperature of the bedroom throughout the year.

Tips for windows

  • Your window should be placed where it can make the most of the natural light.
  • Double-glazed windows are great for both sound insulation and to help control the temperature in your home.
  • It’s great to be able to see the world, but be sure you have the right curtain to provide privacy when needed.


Curtains before more tasks than blocking your bedroom from view. They can keep out the sunlight and help insulate your room. The style of the curtain also needs to match the rest of your decor.

Tips for choosing a curtain

  • Choose a colour or pattern that suits the rest of your bedroom. A curtain takes up a large area so it will stand out if it doesn’t fit in.
  • Don’t forget the hardware. We get the curtain rod isn’t the most exciting part of buying curtains, but it does serve as the literal backbone of the feature. Be sure that whatever curtain rod you have can sustain the weight of your desired curtains.
  • Choose curtains that block noise and light. Good curtains should help you control how the outside world affects your bedroom

What are the most popular master bedroom layouts?

There are plenty of master suite layouts available on the market, so let’s take a look at some of the more popular ideas.

In and Out Primary Bedroom

This layout has multiple entry points into the master bedroom area. Creates a more open, flexible space, it’s best suited for a master bedroom with multiple doors surrounding it.


  • Great way to incorporate the outdoors with a verandah area.
  • Creates a more open, inviting space.


  • May lead to less privacy
  • Difficult to incorporate into some floor plans

Open Concept Master Bedroom floor plans

Take the concept of an open floor plan and apply it to your bedroom. You can have a gym area, a sitting area, or an open space in the bathroom. The choice is yours!


  • Makes the room look more spacious.
  • Could save money on walls.


  • Lacks privacy: As much as you love your spouse, you might want some privacy while in the shower or doing whatever.
  • Takes up more space than smaller bedroom designs.

Primary Suite with sitting area

This layout offers a bedroom with a sitting area. This creates an area for reading, catching up on work, watching television, or just having a chat.


  • Adds value to your home.
  • Like having another lounge room
  • Great for a sitting area private from the rest of the family.


  • Not everyone will use a sitting area, making it an unnecessary expense
  • You may have a better option for the space than a sitting are.

Our tips to help you choose a master bedroom floor plan for your new home

  • Start with the position of your bed. This will be the central piece in the room
  • Furnish with a sense of purpose and what you want to achieve. Choose furniture you’ll actually use, such as a bedside table. This will help cut down on clutter. Ideally, the furniture will have some unifying theme, like it’s all made of wood.
  • Consider your lighting carefully. The placement of your lighting is one of those things that when done well, you won’t notice, but if it is slightly off, it’ll bug you every time you turn it on.
  • Less is often more. Clutter can make even the most spacious room feel claustrophobic which is a vibe that doesn’t lend itself to a relaxing atmosphere.
  • The right indoor plants can add a touch of nature to your master bedroom. It’s also a decoration that can be easily changed or moved to another section of the home.

Get free advice on your master bedroom floor plan today

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