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What is a Hamptons style home design?

This style originates from the luxurious holiday homes in the Hamptons in Long Island, New York. Known for its laidback, luxury and beachy tones, it’s popular for the elegance associated with its designs. A lot of new Hampton home designs add a modern twist to keep things fresh.

Australian Hamptons Style does differ from the American originals. While the style is associated with rich and famous, it can be recreated at a reasonable price, meaning you can have the luxury feel without blowing your budget. In Australia, the Hamptons look has transcended its coastal origins and can be found in many different locations including the suburbs and in rural areas.

Hamptons House Design Considerations

Popular style

The style is very popular and risks becoming a fad. This could hurt resale value later down the track. When there’s a lot of something out of style, that won’t be good for selling. On the other hand, things are often popular for a reason. If the Hamptons Style suits a lot of Australians, there’s a chance it might be right for you too.

Bigger footprint

In keeping with the luxurious, open feel, the Hamptons look does lend itself to larger homes. While it can work for small homes, this may sacrifice a lot of the spacious feel people prefer about Hamptons design.

Traditional Look

Some find the Hamptons to look quite traditional, which can be part of the appeal. For those wanting to live the coastal life, for example, a Hamptons home is a great option. If, however, you’d rather have something more modern or unique, there are other styles that would suit you better. Like a lot of design choices, a lot of it will come down to what suits your lifestyle and what matches your taste.

What are the features of a Hamptons style house in Australia?

High pitched roofs

One of the most striking trademarks of a Hamptons home is the distinct high pitched roof. Exposed beams are a common design feature in Hampton house designs.

Natural Textures and Materials.

Hamptons homes are made from timber and lighter materials. The interior design focuses on a light, relaxed touch, using decorative features that are made of natural materials or have a natural feel. Think along the lines of floral arrangements, seashells and jute rugs. Stone benchtops are another trademark of Hamptons styling along with soft furnishings in living areas.

Weatherboard Cladding

After pitched roofs, weatherboard cladding is one of the key features of the Hamptons style home. With its clean lines and classic look, it’s a popular look in Australia and will add to the relaxed vibe of your home.

Along with being relatively inexpensive to purchase, simple to install and easy to clean. Plantation shutters go hand in hand with this cladding.

Shaker Style Cabinetry

Shaker Style Cabinetry is a classic design where there is a rise in the cabinet door. It’s a simple, classic design that continues to remain popular. Things like an island bench, stone benchtops and breakfast bars are common features of a Hamptons style kitchen.

Neutral colours

Hamptons Homes use a neutral colour palette to add warmth to your interior. White is a traditional choice (think whitewashed walls), but lighter colours, like a very pale blue, are also good choices. Less is more is a great motto to follow when trying to capture that relaxed, coastal vibe. One of the design tips we’ve seen is to use accessories to add splashes of colour to your room, things like floral features. Soft furnishings are a perfect match for Hampton style homes.

Light and space

Relaxed, beach style home and dark, gloomy rooms just don’t go together. Any Hamptons inspired home should have large, well-placed windows to fill those open spaces with natural light. Not only does it give your home that natural, coastal feel, but it could also help you save on your energy costs.

Swimming Pool

While a swimming pool is by no means essential to Hamptons Style Homes, it definitely is a common feature. A pool is great for summer days and when you have gatherings but remember they require a lot of maintenance. Think about how much you’ll actually end up using the pool before installing one.

Modern single storey Hampton style homes

Two storey Hampton style houses

Hamptons duplex designs

Hamptons Style House Plans

Are Hamptons style houses easy to build?

Hamptons Style Homes are very popular, so you won’t struggle to find a builder who can build this type of house for you. Hampton Facades are a common option for builders to offer, which (hopefully) indicates they’ve done this many times before and know what they’re doing. Depending on which builder you work with, floorplans (especially single-storey homes) can be pretty flexible.

Compare Specialist Hampton Home Builders

Due to its popularity, most builders will have a Hamptons inspired design of some sort.

Buildi has done Builder Review blog articles on each of the following builders. Just click the provided links to find out more.

Brighton Homes

Brighton Home Logo

Founded in 2018, Brighton Homes is a South-East Queensland focuses builder. They are part of the MJH Group. They offer a Hamptons Facade on many of their designs.

Coral Homes

Coral Homes

Coral Homes have been building homes in Brisbane since 1990. They have display homes that have a Hamptons design including one in the Pallara Village Display. Their website also advertises ‘affordable Hamptons style homes’, so could be worth a look if your budget is tight.

McCarthy Homes

McCarthy Homes were founded in 1999. They label themselves as specialists in the Hamptons Style, even an entire section of their webpage dedicated to it. All their homes are available with a Hamptons facade.

Metricon Homes

Metricon Homes

Metricon Homes is one of Australia’s biggest builders. They have a wide range of both single and double-storey homes for you to inspect on their website.

Many of these designs also are available with a Hamptons style facade.

Plantation Homes

Plantation Homes

Plantation Homes are a Queensland based builder who strongly advertises their pride in building homes suitable for the Sunshine State.

Need help finding a Builder?

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