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Indoor Motion Sensor Lights Guide

I want free, impartil advice on choosing the best features for my home Let there be light! No-one wants to spend their first night in their new house in pitch dark. Motion sensors are popular for residential and commercial applications and while outdoor lights have...

Modern french provincial facades design review

I want free, impartial advice on choosing the right facade for my dream home. Looking to bring a European feel to your brand-new Australian Home? French provincial style is inspired by the architecture of Europe, specifically the home designs in the countryside of,...

The Benefits of a Smart Home

I want free, impartial advice on choosing the right features for my home. Over the last couple of decades, smart devices have gone from something only the tech-savvy had to something even your grandma uses daily. Smart home technology is becoming increasingly...

Acoustic building regulations in Australia

I want free, impartial advice on building code and regulations We've all had to listen to our neighbours' questionable choice of music or have wondered if more people heard a colourful conversation among friends than originally intended. There are also times when...

Coastal Facade Design Review

I want free, impartial advice on choosing my perfect facade Are you someone who loves nothing more than a day at the beach? Would you love to bring those coastal comforts home and make them an integral part of your new house's design? A coastal façade is all about...

Hamptons Facade design review

I want free, impartial advice on choosing the right facade for my home's exterior. Originating as the style of choice for New York's elite, the Hamptons style home has since become a mainstay in Australia. With a few tweaks to suit the Aussie climate, Hamptons-style...

Colorbond house colours: Colour Schemes & Options

I want free, impartial advice on colour schemes for my dream home. You've heard about the importance of making a good impression, and that's one of the roles your home's exterior plays. Colorbond steel is one of the most popular building materials in Australia, due to...

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