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Wondering what is the perfect facade for your new double-storey home? There is a wide range of choices for two-storey house designs including contemporary style, luxurious Hamptons, traditional facades and many more. With so many options on the market, it can quickly become overwhelming. So let’s take a look at double-storey home designs with a balcony, explore how they’re great for modern families and see whether they’re the best choice for you.

What are the key design features of a balcony facade?

Balcony facade materials

Balconies can be made from a wide range of materials including timber, stone, brick, and concrete. It really depends on what design you’re aiming for with your home. Ideally, the material will suit the rest of your home and won’t clash stylistically. Remember every building material has its own pros and cons, so the trick is to find the material that best suits your situation. Things to consider include:

  • Climate
  • Budget
  • Design of home
  • Neighbourhood and surrounding environment.

Balcony facade colours

What exactly are you planning to achieve with your exterior? Are you aiming to make your property have a sense of luxury or a more relaxed atmosphere? There is a wide range of colour schemes for you to choose from, but usually, your balcony will match with the rest of the home.

If you’re not confident with colour schemes, don’t worry! It’s not everyone’s speciality. There are plenty of professionals out there who can assist in choosing the right colours to suit your home.

Balcony facade lighting

Most modern house designs favour open living designs that allow natural light into the home. There are numerous benefits to making the most of natural light including:

  • Cuts down on energy bills by lighting up your home during the day.
  • Incorporates the outdoors into your home in a
  • Thermal benefits. Using the sun’s orientation helps keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Other common balcony facade features

  • Furniture
  • Plants
  • Lighting
  • Guard rails

Double-storey facade with a balcony design inspiration from Australian home builders

Aria – by Brighton Homes

Lennox 325 – by Stroud Homes

Boston series by Coral Homes

What are the benefits of a double-storey facade with a balcony?

  • Impressive Curb Appeal: Double-storey house designs offer an impressive facade that will make a real impression on any passers-by or potential buyers.
  • Double-storey designs have more room for features like spacious bedrooms, ensuites, study, entertainment room, home gym and more.
  • A balcony is great for various things including morning coffee, reading a book, or entertaining friends.
  • A balcony allows you to enjoy the benefit of the outdoors and fresh air while remaining undercover.

What are the drawbacks of a double-storey facade with a balcony?

  • More expensive than smaller house or single storey house design
  • Double-storey house plans have more area to clean: This applies both to the interior and exterior of your home. If you want to clean those gutters, you’ve got to climb twice as high.
  • Too much space for some people: Double-storey house designs best suit a family and may be too much maintenance for couples or a single person.

Are double-storey facades with a balcony sustainable?

Double-storey house designs are going to be more expensive to make eco-friendly than a single-storey house design, simply because you have more buildings to deal with.

How much maintenance and cleaning is required for a facade with a balcony?

Two-storey home designs have unique cleaning challenges that aren’t an issue with single-storey house designs. For a start, there is simply more area for you to clean than there would be with a single-level home. Something like cleaning the gutters is a much taller order when you need to get twice as high in the air.

Are there any specific building codes or regulations for facades with a balcony that I should be aware of?

Whatever type of home you’re building, there are regulations you’ll need to follow. The key sets of guidelines you need to be aware of are:

  • The National Construction Code
  • Local Council Regulations
  • Building covenants

Remember that covenants and local council guidelines can vary a lot depending on where you’re building. Whenever you move, it’s always worth checking. Believe us when we say getting caught down the line is going to be more hassle than it’s worth, as you may have to pay a fine and even fix the offending part of your home.

Our tips for choosing double-storey facade with a balcony for your new home

  • Consider the design of your double-storey home and choose a colour palette to match. For example, a Hamptons house is best suited to lighter, colours that reflect a coastal vibe. Modern home designs may use darker more striking colours.
  • Choose colours that work with your surrounding environment. A country area will work well with earthy tones whereas nearer to the beach will better suit pastels and light colours.
  • Not everyone is a natural with design and that’s okay. You can hire someone or get advice if it’s feeling a little over your head.
  • When painting, make sure to test a sample of the paint on your house first. Paint can look completely different in the sunlight than it did under the store’s fluorescent lights.
  • Talk to an expert. Building a new home is a massive project for anyone, even those who’ve done it before. With regulations constantly changing and the million things you need to keep track of, it never hurts to have someone on your side. Buildi is here to help you every step of the way! We know the construction industry inside out and can help you save time, stress and money when building your dream home!

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