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Looking for a larger home design for your next home build? Whether you have a large family, are looking to rent out some rooms to tenants, or live in a multigenerational living situation, a six-bedroom house will provide plenty of room for your needs. However, while most people love the idea of a big house, is it the best choice for you? Let’s go big and take a look at 6-bedroom home floor plans.

What are the benefits of a 6-bedroom home floor plan?

There are many benefits to having plenty of bedrooms in your home. Here are just some of the pros of having a larger house.

Extra Spacious Lifestyle

The most obvious feature of a six-bedroom home is the extra space it’ll provide. Whether you have a larger family, wish to rent out rooms to tenants, or want the option for people to crash at your place when you entertain guests, a six-bedroom house offers the luxury of extra space.

More Flexibility with rooms

Want a study for the kids to do their assignments or a home office for you to work from home? Perhaps you’d like a media room or just an extra guest room or storage room. All the bedrooms you’ll have at your disposal allow you more flexibility with the layout of your home.

Potentially higher resale value.

If sometime in the future, you’ve decided to downgrade or resell your house, a 6-bedroom house could fetch a good price on the market. It’ll of course depend on the features you

Other factors that will help your overall resale value include the property market and the location of your block of land.

Great for multigenerational living

If you have multiple generations of family living under, you’ll need enough bedrooms to house everyone. Whether your parents are moving in to spend more time with the grandchildren, or your adult children need a place to stay while they save up for a place of their own.

There are options for narrow blocks

While you certainly can build a six-bedroom single-storey house on a large acreage property, there are plenty of double-storey options with a smaller footprint which would better suit a narrow lot. If your vacant block is on the smaller side, you can still have a big home with plenty of bedrooms and space.

What are the drawbacks of a 6-bedroom house plan?

No house design is going to be perfect for everyone, so let’s take a look at some of the potential drawbacks to building a 6-bedroom house.

More Expensive

A larger home design is going to cost more to build, both in terms of the amount of materials you need and the hours of labour required. Usually, though not always, six-bedroom houses are luxury homes, meaning you’re not only using more materials, but more expensive materials. Keep in mind, that you’ll still need to budget for living areas, laundry, bathroom and more.

Higher maintenance

More rooms mean upkeep. Remember, that along with the extra bedrooms, you’ll still have the family room, dining room, bathrooms, and more to look after. Even your weekly vacuum will take longer due to more floor space to cover. A larger house will have more fixtures and features from lights to taps to windows, all of which will need repairs and maintenance at some point. Whether you do this yourself or hire help, it’s going to cost you time or money.

It could be harder to sell

While a lot of people would love to buy a huge six-bedroom house, not as many could actually afford to do so. This limits your potential market should you wish to resell your house in the future. It’ll likely appeal to larger families or those in a multigenerational living situation.

What is the average size of a 6-bedroom house?

As there are much fewer 6-bedroom house plans than three or four-bedroom houses, there are fewer statistics to draw. The average is also skewered by the range of houses that have six bedrooms, from budget homes to mansions.

How much does it cost to build a 6-bedroom house?

Again, this is one of those, “how long is a piece of string” type questions. Floorplans for six-bedroom houses are being advertised for as little as $350,000, however, these prices aren’t usually very accurate to what you’ll actually end up paying. Costs will vary on the fixtures your house is equipped with, landscaping, the style, how many separate living areas you have and the materials you build with.

Is a 6 bedroom house suitable for me?

The most obvious candidate for a 6-bedroom house plan is anyone who is in a living situation with a lot of people. This could include having four or more children, multiple generations under one roof, or tenants. Even a family of four may find a 6-bedroom home design to be more hassle than it is worth unless they frequently have guests.

Remember there are plenty of four and five-bedroom house plans that are spacious and full of features. If you don’t need all the bedrooms, you might be able to use that space for something else, like an entertaining area, study or more.

Our tips to help you choose a 6-bedroom floor plan for your new home

  • Consider how big your house actually needs to be. A larger house plan may sound great in theory, but you don’t want to waste extra money on space you won’t use.
  • Consider what you want in the house beyond six bedrooms. Are you interested in specific architectural styles or features for your home? Most builders will offer plans with 5+ bedrooms, so having more specifics in mind will help you narrow down your search.
  • Talk to at least three builders and get a quote from each. This allows you to see what’s available on the market and get the best deal for your build.
  • Get in touch with Buildi. We can help find you the perfect builder for your needs.

Need help to select a floor plan? Talk to an experienced building broker for free advice!

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