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Thinking of living out the dream of having a lovely retreat or holiday home? Perhaps you love the idea of living in a home with the picturesque storybook charm that comes with the cottage-style house. In this article, we’re going to take a look at cottage-style homes and cottage house plans. We’ll examine what exactly a cottage is and the uses a cottage could have.

What is a cottage?

A cottage is a small house, often found in the country and associated with rural living. What we traditionally think of when we think of a cottage can be traced to England. They gained popularity in the 19th century as part of the arts and crafts movement where people wanted to embrace more traditional architectural styles over the modern industrial movement. Cottages are typically constructed from natural materials such as wood, and stone, and have a warm inviting appeal.

Though Australia is quite a different landscape than the UK, many cottages in Australia are inspired by traditional English homes and try to capture a similar rustic charm. However, you can also incorporate other design choices into your cottage, such as Hamptons Style for a beach house or more of a cabin look for forest areas.

Signature Design Details

  • Rustic architecture
  • Built from natural materials such as stone, wood,
  • An open floor plan connecting the living areas, kitchen and dining area will make cottage floor plans feel more spacious.
  • Traditional architectural styles and choices like gable roofs and a cosy living area.
  • Small porches/verandahs and outdoor living spaces for entertaining.

While you can choose to go with the classic storybook cottage, you can favour more of a farmhouse aesthetic or a beach house vibe for coastal areas.

What are the benefits of a cottage home design?

Affordable living option

One of the big advantages of cottage floor plans is how affordable they are compared to other house designs. Due to being smaller in overall size, you can expect there to be less material and labour costs when building a cottage. Furthermore, depending on where you buy, land may be cheaper, especially if you’re building in a rural area.

Cozy cottage atmosphere

Cozy interiors are one of the defining features of a cottage house, and they can be made to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking to capture the classic picturesque storybook charm of a classic countryside dwelling or want to give your place more of a modern Hamptons look to match the nearby beach, you have a range of options.

Great when surrounded by natural surroundings

If you’ve bought land in a rural area near the beach, a cottage could be a perfect accommodation option. Part of designing charming cottages is ensuring they work with their surroundings. For example, if you’re building near a forest area, you may want to build with wood and design your interior accordingly to suit the outdoor feel.

An excellent option for vacation homes

One of the more popular uses for cottages is as a vacation home for families. Whether it’s for weekend getaways, family gatherings or just for a place to get away, a cottage can be a beloved place where cherished memories are made.

Rent out to holidaymakers.

If you’ve bought land in a desirable location for tourists, a charming cottage could be an appealing place for travellers to stay. By playing your cards right, your cottage can be a memorable part of people’s holiday.

What is the average size of a cottage floor plan?

Most cottage floor plans are roughly half the size of the average Australian house. This means you’re looking at around 90 square metres in floor area.

How much does it cost to build a cottage?

The price of a cottage house will depend on the material you use, your location, the builder you choose and the overall design. Cottage floor plans are available from as little as $84,000, however as with all advertised prices, it’s best to take this with a grain of salt.


Is a cottage suitable for me?

Whether a cottage-style home is the best choice for you comes down to what you’re after. While a cottage can provide a charming living space, it may be too small for a lot of people, especially in the long term. For vacation homes or a holiday location to rent to tourists, a cottage house can be a great escape or way to make extra income.

What are some alternative options to a cottage?

If you’re looking for smaller house plans or more manageable living options, there are a few alternatives to a cottage including:

A Granny Flat: A second dwelling you can build on the same land as your existing house. Perfect for accommodation for family, a guest house or for renting. Saves a lot of money as you don’t need to purchase land.

A Tiny House: A smaller dwelling that technically falls under the categorization of a caravan. Smaller than most cottages but also cheaper. Again, you won’t need to purchase land with this option.

Smaller houses: If you’re looking for a permanent place to live, or want small house plans, many builders offer two or three-bedroom houses.

Our tips to help you choose a cottage floor plan for your new home?

  • If you’re looking to get into the rental market, research the area you’re considering buying land in. Seek out other rental properties in the area and see which are successful and why.
  • Determine why you’re building a cottage and design your plan around this. For example, a cottage that will be built near the beach and used for an Airbnb will have completely different design needs to one that will serve as someone’s home.
  • Talk to a financial advisor to help better understand your loan options and your overall financial capabilities.
  • Talk to a building broker, like Buildi. We’re client advocates who can help you find the perfect builder for your project. From there, we’ll be by your side, helping you avoid costly mistakes, ensuring your builder delivers everything promised and making sure your dream home becomes a reality.


Get free advice on selecting a new floor plan for your new build – talk to an experienced building broker today!


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