If you’re thinking of building with Clarendon Homes, it’s worth visiting a display home to gain a real-life experience of what their homes are all about. While floorplans, design and information from research all are valuable, there’s something about being in a finished house that provides a great visual as to whether a design is for you. So, let’s have a look at where you can find a Clarendon Display Home near you!

Clarendon Single Storey Home Designs

On their website, Clarendon has 41 different home designs for you to view. They’ve also labelled which designs are on display which is a handy feature. They’ve got homes better suited for families, which include large living areas and open planning so you can see what’s happening. The key to a good single storey design is making the most of the space you have, whether that’s through open plans or careful consideration of room placement.

Clarendon Double Storey Home Designs

There are 70 different home Double Storey Home Designs on Clarendon’s website, so you won’t be short on options. A lot of these are similar designs in different sizes (for example, the Bronte 29 and the Bronte 33), which gives you some flexibility with each design. Below are some examples of some of Clarendon’s Double Storey range.

Clarendon Narrow Lot Home Designs

Clarendon Homes have 15 double-storey homes specifically advertised as being ideal for narrow lots. With popular urban suburbs tending to have small lots, Clarendon has clearly identified a demand for narrow lot homes.

Clarendon Acreage Homes

Sprawling designs designed for larger, rural properties, Acreage Homes are perfect for families who want to embrace country living. Clarendon Homes has three Acreage House designs, though if you live on a larger property, you don’t necessarily need to have an acreage house.

Clarendon Display Home Locations

Baringa – Aura

Aura is located in Caloundra in the Sunshine Coast region and has two Clarendon Homes for you to visit


4 Bedroom

325.43m2 (35.03sq)

Width: 11.68m

Lot Width: 14.00m

Sorrento 30 MKII

281.8m2 (30.33sq)

House Width: 14.29m

Lot Width: 16m

Bridgeman Downs


5 Bedrooms

House Area: 528.61m2

Width: 17.25m

Lot Width: 20m


5 Bedrooms

House Area: 357.67m2

Width: 11.25m

Lot width: 12.50m

Capestone Display Centre

The Capestone Display Centre is in the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane, near North Lakes and Mango Hill

Boston 43

5 Bedrooms

House Area: 400.41m2

Width: 12m

Lot Width: 14

Hawthorne 33

4 Bedrooms

House Area: 306.58m2

House width: 8.75m

Lot Width: 10m


Bayside 39

362.9m2 (39.06sq)

Width: 11.70m

Lot Width: 14m

Manhattan 26

240.03m2 (25.84sq)

Width: 13m

Lot Width: 16m


Ashgrove 29

4 Bedrooms

270.6m2 (29.13sq)

Width: 13.25m

Lot Width: 16m

Brookwater 33

4 Bedrooms

306.58m2 (33sq)

Width: 11.25m

Lot Width: 12.50


Newport is located near Redcliffe in the Northern Brisbane Suburbs.

Bayside 39 MKII

363.2m2 (39.09sq)

5 Bedroom

Width: 11.55m

Lot Width: 14.00m

Parkhill 34

310.24m2 (33.4sq)

Width: 11.29m

Lot Width: 12.50m

Springfield – Kalina

Springfield is on the Southern side of Brisbane.

Fairmont 40

5 Bedrooms

374.34m2 (40.29sq)

House width: 13.19m

Lot Width: 16.00m

Sheridan 37 MKII

5 Bedrooms

345.2m2 (37.16sq)

Width: 11.87m

Lot Width: 14.00

Springfield Rises- Springfield Mountain

Boston 37

4 Bedrooms

340.26m2 (36.63sq)

Width: 11.45m

Lot Width: 12.50m

Capri 28

257.34m2 (27.7sq)

House Width: 11.95m

Lot Width: 14.00m

Crestmead 45

427.78m2 (46.05sq)

Width: 12.19m

Lot Width: 14.00

Rochedale – Arise

Rochedale is a outer, southern suburb of Brisbane. It’s home to the most Clarendon display houses with 5. There’s a mixture of single and double storey designs for you to visit.

Boston 43

5 Bedrooms

400.41m2 (43.1sq)

Width: 12m

Lot Width: 14m

Lilyfield 34 MKII

318.6m2 (34.29sq)

Width: 8.65

Lot Width: 10m

Paddington 32 MKII

299.5m2 (32.24sq)

Width: 11.19m

Lot Width: 12.50m

Samford 32

297.29m2 (32sq)

Width: 14.25m

Lot Width: 16m

Sherwood 43

394.9m2 (42.51sq)

Width: 11.95m

Lot Width: 14m

Willawong- Paradise Lakes

Crestmead 44 MKII

407.84m2 (43.9sq)

Width: 12.25m

Lot Width: 14.00

Madison 38 MKII MR

5 Bedroom

355.82m2 (38.3sq)

Width: 11.25m

Lot width: 12.50m

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