At Buildi we’re striving towards bringing about a change in the building industry. As a Building Broker we work as advocates for clients to ensure their best interests are being looked after in the building process. Buildi will work with you from when you decide to build until you get your keys for your new home. We provide support and guidance to help avoid any potential challenges/pitfalls you may face.

What We Stand For

Customer Experience

Building a house can be a daunting process, we work with you to ensure your best interests are looked after.


Cost blowouts or unexpected costs through the building process is the leading reason people are fearful of building a new home. We implement strategies to ensure our clients have all the information upfront to make an informed decision on their home.


We take your requirements out to the market of builders to ensure you are getting the best value from your new home.

The Story Behind Buildi – Nelvin Das

Why I started Buildi

My journey with building a home started in 2016 when I learned firsthand how the process of building works in Australia, my wife and I purchased a renovator with the hope of making it our family home. We started the journey with the highest level of enthusiasm. We had this glossy vision of how we were going to drive up the value of this house with some minor renovations. Without any experience with construction we were in for a rude awakening.

 What am I paying for and is it fair?

We started off with getting quotes on work that needed to be completed on the house. Like many people my first port of call was google. This gave me pages and pages of builders that only did new homes and didn’t want to help. After countless hours of filtering through builders we had 5 builders that were open to helping. We then organised for them to come out and give me quotes…

How Can We Help?

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