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In this article, we are going to look at Brighton Homes’ Prices. We’ll go through all the designs and give you an idea of how much your new Brighton Home will likely cost you.

When it comes to prices you see advertised on the website, we’ll just come right out and say it: You’re going to spend more money than that. This is something to keep in mind with all builders, not just Brighton Homes. These prices don’t include upgrades or even features like driveways, letterboxes, clotheslines etc. It also doesn’t account for the price of your block, necessities like a tree and rock removal, or council fees.

Like a lot of builders, Brighton requires a $3000 drafting deposit before you’ll receive all the details of a new build, including an accurate quote on your build. Therefore, each build will be a little different, and this in turn will affect the final price. With all that in mind, we can only reiterate it’s best to take any prices (especially if they start with ‘from’) with a grain of salt.

Brighton Homes prices by home design

In this section, we’ll do a rundown of the home designs offered in the Brighton Homes Range and the prices offered on the website. These prices are unlikely to be exact as elements such as the land you’re building on will influence the price. Expect to pay at least 15-25% more than the price listed on the website. Also keep in mind that if a design comes in different sizes, the first price you’ll see will be for the smallest option.

The Brighton Homes website allows you to create an account to save your favourite home design options, which is a handy way to compare floorplans and their prices.

Single Storey Homes

The cheapest Single Storey Home is the Serenity with a base price of $194, 400. The design is part of the Studio Collection and is available in 10 facades. As you’d expect of the cheapest home design available, the Serenity is a small house, with only two bedrooms and a house area of 150m2. For the right buyer though, such as someone who wants a low-maintenance but functional house, this could be a good thing. With a width of 8.95m, it can fit on lots as small as 10m wide.

The most expensive single-storey design that isn’t an acreage home (we’ll cover those shortly), is the Mika.

The Mika is available in six different facades. The four bedrooms are towards the front of the home, with the open plan living area and outdoor area towards the back. Good for growing families looking for some extra space without the hassles of a second storey.

Acreage Homes

For those living on larger properties, an acreage house design may just be the ticket. Brighton has 7 acreage designs on their website with the most affordable being the Happiness design which starts from 265,000. Though a little smaller than other available acreage designs, it still has 4 bedrooms, open plan living areas.

Ashton is a $364,900, 4 bedroom, two-storey house design, and is the most expensive acreage home. It has some interesting layout choices, such as the master bedroom being on a separate floor from the other bedrooms. This could suit some families, especially parents who want the option of entertaining once the kids have gone to bed.

Double-storey Homes

There are twenty-one double-storey home designs. The Shine has the cheapest advertised price on the Brighton Homes website, starting from $295,400. With a width of 8.70m, this design could suit families working with a narrow block but still want a larger home. Like a lot of double-storey designs, the bedrooms are on the top floor while the main living areas are on the ground floor, creating a buffer zone.

Narrow block Homes

Brighton Homes has five different narrow block designs, which is less than other builders.

When it comes to single storey house design for a narrow block, Brighton only offers the Serenity (which we’ve covered above in the single-storey section). If this is what you are looking to build, we’d recommend checking out a few other builders just so you have a few designs to compare. For a narrow block, this is the most affordable option we could find from Brighton.

Brighton Homes does have four double-storey narrow block designs. The most expensive design is Harper. With four bedrooms, and a house area 273m2, it’s a great way to get a decent-sized house on a smaller block.

3 Bedroom Homes

There are 12, three-bedroom homes.

Bliss is the cheapest at $219,300. It has a 173m2 house area and can fit on lots with a width of 12.50m

Pride is a double-storey design that starts at $328,900. It has a house width of 7.55m and could be a great option for those wanting to make the most of limited space.

4 Bedroom Homes

Four bedrooms are by far the most common amount offered by Brighton homes looking to pay between 230,000 to 410,000 for a design. There are a wide range of different home designs with four bedrooms, from narrow lots to acreage houses.

The cheapest four bedroom home is the Misty with a base price of $225,300.

The Piper is the most expensive four-bedroom home. Expect to pay over 405,900 for this floorplan.

5 bedroom Homes

Brighton Homes has two 5 Bedroom Homes to choose from, both double-storey homes.

The Lotus has a width of 11.28m and a length of 20.20m with a house area of 322m2. It can fit on a lot width of 12.50m so could be ideal for families looking to make the most of a smaller block. For smaller families, consider how often you would use an extra bedroom before paying the extra money for it.

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Brighton Homes Range Pricing

Brighton Homes has organised their home designs into three collections. In this section, we’ll give a brief rundown of the price range of each.

Gallery Collection

The Gallery collection has the widest range of the three, with 33 designs available. Most of the houses in the Gallery range can be viewed through either a display home, virtual tour or both.

Home design base prices range from $248,900-405,900 (Piper).

This collection is worth looking at for those interested in acreage, double-storey and/or narrow lot homes. We’d recommend anyone looking at luxury designs or Brighton’s largest homes to start here.

Studio Collection

The Studio Collection features a wide range of designs including narrow lots and acreage. These designs tend to be more affordable than the Gallery Collection (for example, the two lowest-priced Acreage houses offered by Brighton are part of the Studio Collection).

These homes are a good middle ground between the Gallery and Elwood designs. Perhaps for a family looking to upgrade.

Elwood By Brighton

The Elwood By Brighton is a more affordable option for homebuyers. The Brighton Homes website uses words like uncomplicated, effortless, and easy living a lot when describing the Elwood range. This category would best suit those looking for affordable family homes. This range doesn’t include any acreage or narrow lot designs so it won’t be for everyone. Elwood homes are best suited for those looking for a traditional, standard design, with more options for single storey homes than double. Worth looking at for families and/or first home buyers.

When it comes to price range, Elwood by Brighton comes in between 225,300 (Misty) – 354,600 (Fern)

Costs for inclusions and upgrades

Brighton Homes website isn’t super transparent with how much their inclusions cost and it can be a little confusing how much what costs. They do offer what they call their ‘Already Yours Inclusions”. These are inclusions covered by the base price of your home which includes:

  • 4 Zone Reverse Cylce Air Conditioning
  • A choice of tile or timber look laminate flooring in your living areas, and carpeting in bedrooms and entertainment areas.
  • TrueCore steel frames
  • A choice of Austral Bricks

Brighton does have promotions. For example, if you’re looking for an alternative finish to your Elwood home, Brighton Homes is offering an introductory offer of $4,990.  You can also upgrade to face brick for $1,500

We’ve found a few reviews online mentioning customers were unclear on what is included and what would cost extra. This can be a common problem a lot of homebuyers have with lots of different builders. If you’re unsure whether Brighton Homes is the right builder for you, get in touch with Buildi. Let us take the guesswork out of buying a home and ensure you know what to expect, how much you’re paying and what you will receive at handover.

Looking for advice when it comes to prices? Need someone on your side who can navigate building contracts and can help you understand inclusions.


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