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Looking to build your dream home with McLachlan Homes? McLachlan Homes are a family-owned, award-winning custom builder with locations on the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane. Their motto is ‘Build around Lifestyle’ and they promise a more personalised experience than other builders. Their other boast is that their customers can be as involved as they like in the building process. Sounds wonderful, but do McLachlan Homes just talk a good game or can they back it up?

In today’s article, we’ll have a look at what people are saying online about McLachlan Homes. We’ll also take a look at what they offer in terms of design, house and land packages, what display homes you can visit and where.

Before we start, here’s a rundown of the good and not-so-good things about MacLachlan Homes.

What we like ✅

  • Flexibility with designs
  • Specialise in building on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane
  • Offer a knockdown rebuild
  • A lot of options and support for first time buyers

What we didn’t like⛔️:

  • Some issues with post-build service
  • One order to rectify defective work on their QBCC record (back in 2018)
  • Some customers said details about the building process could have been explained better.
  • Communication issues during build

McLachlan Home Reviews

Let’s have a look at what customers are saying about their new homes and their experience building with McLachlan Homes.

Positive reviews:

McLachlan doesn’t have any reviews on Productreview.com.au which is unusual. However, we did find some reviews on Google Review. The positive reviews mention that McLachlan is flexible and has good communication. What we liked about the below review is the post-build service shown by McLachlan.

Building a house is a big project, so it can be expected there will be some imperfections found in the final inspection. There’s a lot to be said about how a builder deals with problems and the steps they take to solve them. If you find a lot of negative reviews pointing out a builder’s poor post-build service, you should worry that they might leave you high and dry once after the handover. The above review does mention some issues with communication are a bit of a concern. However, there are plenty of other reviews like the one below that report the communication from McLachlan was excellent.

McLachlan also has a good rap for being flexible with their designs. This is a big advantage over other builders who can be very rigid when it comes to changes. Even if you don’t end up making many (or any) changes, it’s nice to know the option is there.

Negative Reviews:

Let’s have a look on the other side of the coin and check some of the negative reviews out there about McLachlan Homes. Poor reviews often focus on poor communication from the builder and McLachlan isn’t any different. In one short review, the customer complains their site supervisor was changed 4 times. The lesson to glean from these stories is how important it is to have a good relationship with your builder. While you don’t need to become best friends, you do want to feel like you can be honest and trust each other. You’ll want to be kept in the loop about your project, and for your builder to be upfront with any issues that arise. Building a home will be stressful at times, no matter how smoothly it all goes. Having poor communication between builder and client is only going add make things more difficult for you.

McLachlan Homes House & Land Packages

McLachlan Homes have a few house and land packages. Prices start at around $670,000 (these prices always go up. You should expect to pay another 15-25%). Their website states that if you love one of their Display Homes, you can speak to the sales team about purchasing it.

McLachlan Home Designs & Services

Single Storey Homes:

McLachlan Homes offers a range of single storey homes. As with most builders, McLachlan has a wider range of single-storey homes than other designs. When it comes to customising a home, single storey designs tend to be easier than multi-level houses because there aren’t the same structural considerations to consider.

Two-Storey Homes:

McLachlan Homes have a wide range of two-storey homes, including some that would suit narrow lots.

Acreage Homes:

Ideally suited to rural properties, Acreage Home designs are a great way to capture that country living vibe. They’re a popular option for growing families on larger properties, especially those with farm facilities. McLachlan specialises in acreage homes and has a few options on their website.

Custom Homes:

Thinking of creating your own floorplan for your project? McLachlan Homes specialise in custom homes. The price of a bespoke home tends to be higher than a building from a standard design due to the construction challenges and the uniqueness of the design, so make sure your budget can cover this. If you think you might want to make a lot of changes to your design, it’s best to seek out a builder who advertises their flexibility or who offer custom services. Some builders can be very rigid with plans or charge a fortune for any change you want to make.

Small lot:

With properties in the inner suburbs, narrow block houses are becoming more popular with new homeowners. Once you know you’ll need a narrow lot home design, there are numerous ways to make the most of your limited space. This includes multiple storeys, open plan living and split level design.

Knockdown Rebuild:

A knockdown rebuild is becoming a popular move with new home builders. A knockdown rebuild is often a cheaper option than a renovation, which can come with unexpected costs. A good knockdown rebuild provides you with a sound structure and the chance to create the house you want in the perfect location.

Steep Lot Designs

Sloping blocks can be challenging to build on, so you’ll want to make sure your builder is up to the task. A Split Level design can be an innovative way to take advantage of uneven land. Through creative design choices, you can achieve a unique looking home that also provides you more house area than a single level design on the same property.

Tips when building with McLachlan Homes

  • There aren’t a lot of reviews avaliable online, so it’s definitely worth visiting display homes and getting to know McLachlan yourself.
  • While McLachlan are quite flexible with their plans, try to make all your decisions during the designing phase. The later you change your mind, the more difficult it tends to be.
  • Building a house is a big project, so chance are there may be some flaws in your final product. The good news is McLachlan seem to have a pretty good record at fixing these problems. Be vigilant during your final inspection and don’t be shy to bring up any issues. If you have Buildi on your side during this inspection, we can help you with this process.

McLachlan Homes Locations

The McLachlan Head Office 18 Commercial Drive, Caboolture QLD 4510.

Where do McLachlan Homes Build?

Want to see what other home builders are on the Sunshine Coast? Click here to read our guide to Sunshine Coast Builders!

McLachlan Display Homes

McLachlan Homes has various display homes to visit. A display home is a great way to get an idea of what a builder’s finished product will look like. Their website says a lot of these homes may be up for sale as well, so you if fall in love with one of these homes, you might just be able to live there. The advantage of buying a display home is it usually has the best features and fixtures the builder has to offer, not to mention it’ll be in a great location. On the other side of the coin, your house will have had a lot of visitors during its time as a display, so there may be some wear and tear. It also may not feel entirely ‘new’ because of this.

Aura Estate

The Lillywood

House Size: 342.4m2

Land Width: 17.2m

Home Width: 13.67m

Harmony Homes

The Newhaven

Two Stories

House Area: 384.48m2

House Width: 12m

The Ashbury

Home Area: 264.91m2

Design Width: 13m

Lomandra Park

The Azure

House Area: 398.67m2

Home Width: 16.3m

The Zen

House Area: 295.35m2

House Width: 15m

Need help finding a Builder?

Building a new home can be a daunting process. At Buildi, we work with you throughout the entire build process to avoid any pitfalls and make sure your house build stays on time and on budget by following these simple steps

  1. Free Consultation – We will sit with you to understand what you are looking to accomplish.
  2. Due Diligence – We work with you to ensure you’re buying the right block of land at the right price without hidden problems.
  3. Builders tender – We will take your requirements out to the market of builders and they will bid to win your business.
  4. Present solutions – We will compile the top 3 options and present you with a comprehensive proposal on builders’ strengths & weaknesses along with prices and specifications.
  5. Contract Signing – We will work with you and your selected builder to ensure there is full transparency in what you are entering into.
  6. Building your home – We work closely with the builder to ensure all service levels are met and your project is on schedule.

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