Best Suburbs to Invest in Brisbane 2023

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Location! Location! It’s one of the oldest cliches in real estate, but like a lot of these sayings, it’s a cliche for a reason. Compared to other capital cities, like Sydney and Melbourne, the Brisbane property market actually remained quite steady during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic during 2020-21. This can be attributed to a few factors, including less time in lockdown, less overall impact from COVID-19, more affordable house prices (especially when compared to Sydney and Melbourne), and more availability in general. Today’s article is all about looking at some of the 12 best Brisbane suburbs to invest in, including established and growth suburbs and providing a general idea of Brisbane house prices.

As the third-largest property market in Australia, Brisbane is one of the hottest places to buy in the country and is attracting property investors from within Queensland and interstate. With this in mind, we’ll look at some of the best suburbs in Brisbane for an investment property. So, whether you’re planning some interstate migration or want to invest somewhere in Brisbane, this article will have something for you.

Does the suburb make a difference?

When it comes to influencing a property’s price, location is the single biggest variable. A near-identical design can skyrocket in price, entirely based on where you choose to build. Naturally, the ultimate reward in investment property is buying in a suburb that will soon experience high growth. However, this is easier said than done. We’ll have a look at the range of the Brisbane suburbs and the Brisbane market, to provide you with some promising places for you to investigate further.

Southeast Queensland is one of the fastest-growing areas in Australia, but if you’re new to the area, you might not realise how much Brisbane has to offer. If you’re looking to invest in a Brisbane suburb, why not check out our Living in Brisbane guide to get a complete rundown of Queensland’s capital?

Some Quick Tips

We want to be upfront and say there is no guarantee when it comes to investment property. All investments have an element of risk, but the trick is to make educated decisions based on research and preparation. Having a property investment strategy will at the very least put you in the best position to make a strong investment.

Be suspicious if someone says an investment is a sure thing as they’re either naive or trying to swindle you. The best investments tend to have long-term growth, so you’ll need to be ready to play the long game. You may need to accept it’ll be a while until you make your initial investment back, however, with some patience and good choices, you will hopefully be rewarded.

Inner-city suburbs are more likely to have an immediate profit, however, are more expensive to purchase in the first place. This is hardly a well-kept secret so anyone with inner-city property isn’t going to give it up without a hefty price tag, which is great news for them, but possibly not so much for you. Depending on your current financial situation, you may want to take a slow and steady approach by purchasing in an outer suburb and aiming for long-term growth over a quick turnaround.

Speaking of money, before looking at investment properties, we strongly advise having a good look at your finances and speaking to either a mortgage broker or other credit provider about what you can afford and tailoring a plan that suits you and your situation.

It’s also important to remember that what’s a great investment for one person won’t necessarily be good for someone else. Everyone has different circumstances, and you need to find an investment that is financially feasible for you.

Our final tip is a simple one: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Unfortunately, not everyone out there is on the straight and narrow, so you need to be aware of any dodgy dealings. It’s also vital to keep your own perspective and make sure your projections and hopes are based on a solid foundation of research and preparation. Buildi knows the red flags to look out for. We can spot a dodgy deal from a mile off, and can help you avoid making a huge mistake.

What Makes an in-demand suburb?

There are a variety of factors that can create a high-demand market for a particular suburb. Some can be because of name recognition or employment-based (mining for example can create real estate in the middle of nowhere). While there isn’t an exact, fool-proof formula (we wish!), the following factors are pretty reliable indicators that there will be a market for property in your chosen suburb.

  • Easy Access to public transport, especially a train station or bus line.
  • Quality Schools nearby a desirable school catchment
  • Green Space and parklands
  • Convenient access to shopping centres
  • Neighbouring Suburbs can play a role. Expensive suburbs in Brisbane are often in close vicinity and likewise with cheaper areas. Likewise, being near a suburb notorious for criminal activity can deter potential buyers.

It’s worth remembering that different suburbs will be in demand for various reasons. Following this logic, different areas will have unique aspects that will make them good investments and will have different levels of risks. While investment shouldn’t be left down to luck, having things go in your favour certainly doesn’t hurt.

Median Property Prices

According to predictions from Westpac Bank, they forecast that Brisbane’s price growth could surge by 20 per cent between 2022 and 2023. If this happens, it will make Brisbane one of the best-performing property markets over the next few years. There are some predicted major infrastructure projects due to the Olympics which could see the market rise even more. However, if the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that the world can be an unpredictable place, so always keep in mind that none of this stuff is a lock. Your best bet to avoiding your investment going belly up is preparation and research. At the very least, it’ll help you identify and avoid a few pitfalls along the way.

Top Suburbs in the Brisbane Property Market

So, let’s have a look at some of our picks for the best suburbs worth considering for investment property. The below aren’t listed in any particular order.

Note: Population numbers come from the last census in 2016 and the latest median prices are sourced from realestate.com. Population growth has most likely occurred in all these suburbs. The property market also changes consistently so use the below as a general guide.

#1 Ascot

Property Prices

Population: Around 5,777

Median House Price: $1,982,500 (27.9%)

Median Unit Price: $525,000 (7.1%)

Rent median: $956 PW

Rental Yield: 3.0%

About Ascot

For a while now, Ascot has been the inner-ring suburb that’s one of the most highly sort after areas in Brisbane. One of the most expensive suburbs in Brisbane, this one certainly isn’t for anyone trying to break into the property market. However, as safe investments go, Ascot is unlikely to lower in value anytime soon.

Close to both the CBD and the airport precinct, which are the city’s two largest employment hubs, you’ll have a great chance of finding work close to your new home.

#2 Everton Park


Median House Price: $910,000 (29.1% growth)

Median Unit Price: $476,000 (12.8%)

Rent: $550 pw (house), $440 pw (unit)

Rental Yield: 3.5%

About Everton Park

Some property development experts are predicting Everton Park could be the next Paddington in the Brisbane housing market. Located around 15 minutes from Brisbane’s CBD and home to a range of trendy restaurants, Everton Park’s star is certainly rising. It also has educational options, and in terms of renting, is close enough to both QUT and UQ to make it enticing for students.

#3 Kippa-Ring

Population: 9,790

Property Prices

Vacancy rate: 0.48%

Rental Population: 32.11%

Median House Price: $595,000

Median rent per week: $450

Rental yield: 3.93%

About Kippa-Ring

The Moreton Bay Region, around 35 minutes north of the Brisbane CBD, is one of the fastest-growing areas in the area. Kippa-Ring is a suburb in the Moreton Bay Region. The benefits of plenty of coastal and green areas, make it a great area for families and those who love the outdoors. About 40 minutes from the Sunshine Coast. The Moreton Bay Region is one of the fastest-growing districts in Brisbane, attracting people with its beaches, more laid-back lifestyle, and relative closeness to the Sunshine Coast.

#4 Ashgrove

Population: 13,039

Property Prices

Median House Price: $1,401,000

Median unit Price: $530,000

Rent Average: $660 pw (house) $430 pw (unit)

Rental Yield: House 2.8%

About Ashgrove

Known for being a leafy suburb, Ashgrove is an in-demand inner suburb located only 4km from the CBD, making it very attractive to professionals, students, and younger people. It’s also a popular location for Featuring multiple restaurants from various cuisines including Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Modern Australian, and Italian. A popular area for families and established professionals who don’t want to live too far away from the city centre

#5 Keperra

Property Prices

Population: 6,807 people

Median Price: $830,500 (34.9% up)

Rent average: $500 pw (house) $435 (unit)

Rental yield: 4.3% (house) 3.5% (unit)

About Keperra

There are arguments being made that Keperra is one of the Brisbane suburbs with the best value, still having a low-key vibe compared to other suburbs in the city. This suburb had risen in popularity since the announcement of a number of planned stations that’ll put Keperra on the train line.

#6 Cannon Hill

Property Prices


Median House Prices: 1.08 million

Average rent: $563 per week, $450 per week for units.

Rental Yield: 2.7% (house) 5.0% (units)

About Cannon Hill

Cannon Hill is a well-regarded suburb, known for being close to the city and being a popular family-friendly area to live. With a mixture of new and old homes, you’ll have a few options if you’re planning to buy. It could be a great option for a knockdown rebuild if you like the location of an existing home but want a new building.

#7 Chermside West

Property Prices

Best suited for budgets starting at $650,000

Population: 6,458

Median Home Price: $910,000 (35.8%)

Unit Median Price: $591,000 (13.7%)

Rent average: $520 per week

Rental Yield: 3.3% for houses, 5.1% for units

About Chermside West

Located in the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane, the suburb, as the name suggests, neighbours Chermside. Parts of the suburb were originally known as Craigslea. Located a little out of the CBD but still with ample shopping options, such as the Chermside Shopping Centre. In terms of education, there’s Craigslea State School and Craigslea State High School in the area.

#8 Nundah

Property Prices

House prices: Median house price of $1,132,500 (up 35.6%) for houses, $430,000 (up 10.3%) for unit.

Rent average: $498 (house), $400 (unit)

Rental yield: 2.7% for house, 5.0% for unit

About Nundah

Formerly known as a sleepy suburb on the north side of Brisbane, Nundah has since become a growing area with a lot of investment potential. Provides easy access to the airport, which isn’t just great news for travellers, but also job seekers. The airport district is one of the largest employees in Brisbane so there’s definitely a market for rental properties in the area.

#9 Holland Park


Holland Park is a southern suburb less than 15 minutes away from the Brisbane CBD and closes to a couple of shopping centres while retaining a suburban feel. Close to Greenslopes Private Hospital, Cavendish Road State High School, and Pacific Golf Club, there are a lot of quality facilities.

Property Prices

Median House Price: $1,176,000 (up 33.6%)

Median Unit Price: $507,500 (up 17.3%)

Rent: $550 pw

Rental Yield: 2.8%

#10 Stafford

Stafford doesn’t have the well-known prestige of some other inner-city suburbs, but the fact it is underrated could be spun in your favour. For a start, it’s not as expensive as other suburbs with the home median house price of around 950,000. Quite close to a range of shops, schools, and hospitals with good access to public transport. Neighbouring suburbs include Everton Park and Kedron, which have their own features that will be on your doorstep.

Property Prices

Median Price: $980,500 (32.5%)

Median Unit Price: $455,000 (30.0%)

Rent median: $500 per week (house), $400 pw (unit)

Rental Yield: 2.9% (house), 5.1% (unit)

#11 Taringa

About Taringa

Taringa is very close to the Brisbane CBD and Southern Suburbs. Despite its close proximity to the hustle and bustle of the city, it still has a strong community feel. In terms of renting market, Taringa is very close to the Saint Lucia campus of the University of Queensland, so there’s a student market if you wish to go in that direction.

Property Prices

The median house price is $1,411,000 (27.7%)

Median Unit price: $497,500 (12.4%)

Population: 8,376

Average rent: $580pw (house) $410pw (unit)

Rental Yield: 2.4% (house) 4.9% (unit)

#12 Paddington


Originally a cheaper, working-class suburb Paddington has come a long way to become one of the most sought-after suburbs in Brisbane. Paddington has a reputation for being trendy and affluent, with lots of restaurants, shops, great public transport, and a friendly neighbourhood. It isn’t a cheap area, with the median house price being $1,600,000 (645,000 for a unit). Close to Suncorp Stadium, which is great news for footy fans, and very close to the Brisbane CBD making it easier to have a night out and still find transport home.

About Paddington

Median house Price: $1.7m (25.4%)

Unit Price: $640,000 (9.0%)

Rent median: $720 pw (house) $440 pw (unit)

Rental Yield: 2.5% (house) 4.4% (unit)

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