Coral homes advertise knockdown rebuilds so you’d assume they made it an accessible option for people looking to build. However, a knockdown rebuild with Coral Homes is no different from any other. In reality, the builder offers no real assistance when it comes to the demolition of your old home. So how much does it cost to knockdown and rebuild with Coral Homes?

How Coral Homes do Knockdown Rebuilds

The knockdown part of a knockdown rebuild is one of the riskiest components of building a house. This is why the responsibility of the demolition is pushed back onto you! Unfortunately, this is the case with most builders, very few offer a streamlined process.

Usually a demolition costs between $12,000 and $40,000 in Brisbane. This depends on a range of factors including build shape and size. The presence of asbestos and other hazardous materials is also factored in. If hazardous materials are found expect to be paying on the higher end of that estimate.

Coral Homes Knockdown Rebuild

Coral Homes may give you some recommendations on demolition companies, however, it will really be up to your to chose someone you trust. Once the demolition is complete Coral Homes will retest your soil now that they have better access. Coral won’t set site fees until they know the exact soil type (something that can’t be determined until after demo) this can lead to an increase in site fees.

The final cost of a Coral Homes knockdown rebuild will end up being the standard cost of a house build with them with the addition of the demolition that comes at your expense. This is the case with most builders as they want to minimise their risk of financial liability should problems during or after the rebuild arise.

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