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No home is complete without a bathroom. It’s one of the essential rooms in any home, and as an everyday necessity, a good bathroom floor plan will make life easier for you and your family. But there lies the question: what is the best layout for you? What are the options available? Let’s take a look at the most common bathroom layouts on the market, weighing up the pros and cons of each layout.

Why is it important to choose the right bathroom floor plan?

The main reason it’s important to get your floor plan right for your bathroom is that renovating is expensive. This is especially true in a bathroom because so many fixtures are plumbed in. For example, just moving a sink from one wall to the other can cost you as much as $2,000. Planning allows you to iron out the details early and it’s much easier (not to mention cheaper) to make changes on paper.

Most popular bathroom shapes

Bathrooms tend to have a traditional shape in most situations, as it makes them easier to plan and build.

  • Rectangular bathroom
  • Square bathroom
  • Narrow bathroom

Sometimes bathrooms have unusual shapes like an L shape or non-rectangular. Keep in mind this will likely add to the costs, as the more customised and unusual something is, the more work it’ll be to bring it to life.

One-wall bathroom layout floor plan

This is the basic bathroom floor plan where all your plumbed-in features (shower, sink, toilet, etc) are set against one wall. Along the other wall, it is common to have towel rakes or other features which don’t need water. It’s a popular design in a wide range of house designs.

Pros of a One Wall bathroom floor plan

  • A simpler design, but also very efficient and functional.
  • Can make great advantage of a long wall.

Cons of a one-wall bathroom floor plan

  • Can be a little dull.
  • If more than one person will be using the bathroom, it might struggle to accommodate.

How to get the best of this design

The great thing about this design is its simplicity makes it versatile and workable in a range of places. Ideal for most purposes including a primary bathroom, and guest bathroom.

Opposite walls layout

When we say opposite wall layout, we’re talking about fixtures that need to be plumbed in. For example, the sink is on the opposite wall to the shower. Why is this a big deal? Because, unlike a one-wall design, an opposite-wall layout will require extra plumbing requirements, which can be a pricey addition. However, there is more versatility with opposite wall layouts, with more countertop space and when done well, you can end up with a stunning bathroom layout that will turn heads.


  • A more generous layout, with more counter space.
  • More versatile design options, making the most of two walls
  • Easier to renovate (or at least cheaper) due to plumbing requirements are already sorted.


  • Cost more due to plumbing fixtures and requirements.
  • Need space and in smaller rooms, this design could get crowded.

How to get the best of this design

The big factor in this design is the extra plumbing costs that come with having fixtures on both walls. It’s also a layout that demands a little extra space.

Master Bathroom Floor Plan

Master bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, but tend to live up to their name as being the best bathroom in the house. Popular features include two separate vanities for each partner, a walk-in shower, a pocket door to separate the toilet, and a soaking tub.


  • Provides privacy for parents
  • Closer to the master bedroom
  • Provides a second option for more than one person


  • Will cost more, especially if you choose to have a double vanity, full bath or other more luxurious features.

How to get the best of this design

Suits a larger home and works best when you have a family. If you live alone, or just a couple, it might not be a necessity. It can be expensive, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Hotel Style Bathroom Layout

We’ve all been to a hotel with a compact bathroom layout. This is often used as a layout for smaller homes or as a second bathroom in a larger house.


  • Great for small bathroom layout
  • Better suited for units and rentals


  • Very small and may feel crowded
  • Not ideal for anyone looking for a fancier bathroom

How to get the best of this design

We would only recommend this if you have a narrow bathroom space. Even then, a one-wall layout may work better for everyone.

Corner Shower Bathroom Layout

As the name suggests, this is a layout built around the shower being built into the corner. Corner showers are a divisive feature with some people loving them, and others hating them. They can be a creative way to deal with limited space.


  • Can be a creative solution for a tight space.
  • With glass walls, they provide an open floor space feel to a small bathroom.
  • Work well in the square bathroom


  • Corner showers are often quite small
  • Walk in shower is tough to pull off in a corner shower
  • You’ll need a higher curb to avoid overflooding.

How to get the best of this design

Powder room layout

A powder room is a limited space with a toilet and vanity for hand washing. It’s what many people would simply refer to as the ‘loo’. Obviously, not meant to be a primary bathroom, they’re great for providing another restroom for family and guests.


  • Provide a toilet in a separate room from the bathroom
  • Sink and toilet in one room.


  • Extra expense
  • May not work in a smaller home.

Best use for this design

Powder rooms are best used as an extra toilet facility in your home, or as the main toilet option if you wish for it to be separate from your bath and shower area.

Our tips to help you choose a bathroom floor plan

There’s no universal answer when it comes to the ideal bathroom floor plan. However, there are steps to can take to ensure

Consider the space you have to work with

Save for a lucky few, most people will only have a certain amount of space to work with when it comes to designing your bathroom. Once you have a rough idea of how big your bathroom can be, it could narrow down your options or give you a more concrete idea of what’s possible.

Consider your storage solutions

Bathrooms come with a range of accessories, such as towels, beauty products, and toiletries. For example, would you like a storage cabinet for bath linens and towels in your bathroom or in another area? Cabinets tend to go under the sink in many bathrooms, but like any room, you’ll always end up needing more storage space than you think.

Where in the house would you like the bathroom?

Again, much of this decision will come down to what else is in your home and the space you have available. Room placement is more than an aesthetic thing, it can have a significant impact on the functionality of your home. Rooms like your living room will benefit more from natural light than your bathroom, so to you’ll want consider the needs of each room and find the best overall balance for your home.

What is the bathroom for?

This might sound like an obvious question, but what we mean is the bathroom you’re planning the primary bathroom, a master bathroom, a bathroom for the kids, or a second bathroom for the occasional guest.

Is it worth getting a tub?

For some people, nothing beats a long bath to unwind. Others buy a house with a freestanding bath included and then never use it. There’s also the option of a separate shower and bathtub or combining the two. The price of a bathtub varies a lot depending on what you’re after with the starting price being $200 and more extravagant models costing upwards of $14,000. Baths can be a selling point if you’re building an investment home, so it may be worth it from that perspective.

Would you like a full bathroom or the toilet separate

People tend to be split on whether they prefer to have the toilet in a separate room or as part of the bathroom itself. The pros of having a separate toilet are it allows people to use it while someone is in the shower. The con is it will take up more space, with could be an issue in a smaller house.

Do you require any accessibility features?

If you or anyone in your family have mobility issues, you’ll need to install features like grab bars, handrails, and shower support will need to be factored in. A little more room will be needed for anyone with a wheelchair or walking frame.

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