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For anyone thinking of building in Logan, it’s worth considering visiting some of the local display homes for inspiration and to get an idea of what the local builders have to offer. With that in mind, the Display homes in Yarrabilba are a great place to start! Yarrabilba Display Village is part of a Masterplanned Development Estate, and there is a lot of competition to secure property. Even if you don’t wish to live in the estate itself, you can still visit the display village if you’re interested in the house design.

Today’s article will help you navigate what you can find in Yarrabilba as well as some info on the estate itself. Like most of these developments, it promotes a community great for families to live in and spend their future. The estate has the natural beauty of Mt Tamborine as a backdrop and is located about 45 minutes from Brisbane’s CBD, and roughly an hour from the Gold Coast, making it a nice middle ground between the two cities. There are 13 homes on display, so let’s take a closer look at Yarrabilba display village. Who knows, you may just find your new home inspiration.

Visiting a master builders display village

There are a few options when it comes to purchasing a home at Yarrabilba Estate. They are:

Buy a Block of land and build

The most flexible option and the one we’d recommend going with. It provides the option of choosing a builder associated with the developer or looking elsewhere as well. It’s also possible to buy land to get your foot in the door, and then hire a builder when your budget will allow it. With some guidance from Buildi, you can have builders competing for your business. We’ll discuss with you what you see as essential to your dream home and find a builder who ticks all the boxes.

Home and Land Packages

For this option, the builder has already secured a block of land and has chosen a house design specifically suited to that block of land. The big selling point of house and land packages is they’re a more streamlined process. The downside of this is you’ll have less say during the build, and the builder will have all the cards. You can change finishes and features in some cases but the floorplan will be locked in. Something like adding another room or other major changes is likely off the table with a home and land package.

Turnkey Packages

With a turnkey package, you can purchase a home that’s planned to be built, before it’s been built. This option provides the least flexibility as pretty much all decisions will be pre-made by the builder. Another downside is you’ll likely end up paying more due to the convenience, however another way to look at it is that you’re paying more to have less choice.


Yarrabilba Display Village is located on Expedition Road, Yarrabilba

Opening times 10am-4pm. Will Vary on public holidays.

Facilities at the Estate

There are a range of facilities at the Yarrabilba estate including

  • Education facilities: Four schools, four childcare centres, a kindergarten with more schools to come.
  • Ten parks with more to come
  • Shopping centre
  • Two Sports and recreation hubs with more to come.
  • Public Transport options


Builders on Display

There are 13 display homes you can discover on location at Yarrabilba on Expedition Road. To organise a display home visit, your best bet is to contact the builder themselves to book an appointment, confirm their opening times or lodge an enquiry. Remember that display homes often depict fixtures and features that may not be standard inclusions.

So with that in mind, let’s have a look the display homes you can visit in Yarrabilba.

Australian Building Co.

Hamilton 23 Vista

Home Size: 212.22m2

Lot Size: 417m2

Bella QLD Properties

The Portsea

Home size: 230.19m2

Lot Size: 406m2

Burbank Homes

Aintree 280

Home Size: 300.14m2

Lot size: 609m2

Balmoral 220

Home Size: 233.65m2

Lot Size: 455m2

Coral Homes

Noosa 23 MKII

Home Size: 221.78m2

Lot Size: 400m2

Milan 25 MKII

Home Size: 239.37m2

Lot Size: 400m2

Domaine Homes

The Monterey 33

Home size: 309.1m2

Lot Size: 400m2

The Nevada 28

Home 263.9m2

Lot Size: 512m2

Hallmark Homes

Hallmark Homes has two home designs at Yarrabilba Display.

Infinity 319

Home Size: 316m2

Lot Size: 640m2

Serene 196

Home Size: 195.7m2

Lot Size: 400m2

Homecorp Constructions

Eidson 26 Urban

Home size: 240.8m2

Lot Size: 710m2

Invision Homes

Kakadu 217

Home Size: 217.7m2

Lot Size: 325m2

Simonds Homes

Milton 22

Home Size: 217m2

Lot: 406m2

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