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Here at Buildi, we’re passionate about being style savvy. One of the things we’ve noticed lately is that the hugely popular Hamptons style is getting a shake-up. Australia has always had a unique way of doing things, and while we made the Hamptons our own, this time around we’ve drawn inspiration from our own backyard. The next fashion in home design is here: meet coastal luxe.

What is coastal luxe?

Okay, so we know you have seen beachy interiors and whitewashed houses before. The by-the-sea theme has been in circulation for quite a long time — think seashells embedded in resin, off-white furniture and splashes of turquoise. This approach is lovely if you are close to the beach (we’re already jealous), but how do you bring this sense of seaside calm to your new build while keeping it contemporary?

This is where coastal luxe comes in. We’ve got our nose to the ground when it comes to the building industry and we have seen an increased demand for a reinvented seaside touch. Mix this with a touch of Hamptons chic, and… voila!

Achieve a costal luxe interior

Bring the seaside to the city in your current home, or use these ideas as a palette for your new build! Here’s some tips to help you get started:

  • Keep it sleek and sophisticated with clean lines and simple shapes
  • Integrate wood and natural textiles to soften the colours
  • Introduce carefully curated amounts of greenery to draw the eye
  • Swap the whitewash and bright blues for creams, neutral tones and muted blues or greens
  • Keep your patterns to a minimum so that they complement your space without overwhelming it
  • And don’t be afraid to flirt with metallics and dark accents! These can accentuate the crisp, neutral tones — just don’t overdo it

Starting your design

Of course, as a building broker, we know that the outside of a home matters just as much as the inside. Building a new house means making style decisions and hoping your choices integrate seamlessly. This entire process starts with your facade. Luckily for us, there are plenty of builders in Queensland and across the country whose home designs complement a costal luxe theme.

For example, we think this beauty by G.J. Gardner is a perfect way to showcase a contemporary coastal interior.

Hamilton 266 with an Urban facade

If you love the stark appearance but prefer a more traditional shape, this might be more your stride. The Jett facade by Simonds is begging for those breezy shoreside interiors.

Cheer with the Jett facade

Meanwhile, the Angelus facade by Simonds gives us more of a gentle, beachy vibe without being too aged. It suits the Armstrong 34 home nicely and is a great canvas for a costal luxe home.

Armstrong 34 in the Angelus facade

If you’ve chosen to use darker accents and black frames on the inside, then why not bring this aesthetic to the outside as well? The aptly named Coastal facade is from Clarendon Homes. It is sleek, modern and contrasts beautifully with coastal luxe colours.

Coastal Facade
Lilyfield 34 MKII wearing the Coastal facade

So, what do you think? Is the coastal luxe trend exactly what you’ve been looking for? Leave us a comment or check out the Buildi Instagram for these design ideas and more.


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