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When you think of a home design that encapsulates country living, odds are you’re thinking of a Farmhouse house design. In this article, we’ll look at designs that fit into the farmhouse range, the pros and cons of a rural home and discuss some of the defining features of rural houses.

What is a farmhouse-style home design?

Farmhouse home designs originally came from necessity, rather than as a response to other designs. They were built from available materials and to be practical living areas. The architecture of a Farmhouse style prioritises rustic atmosphere, simplicity and practicality. Modern interpretations embrace modern innovations and comforts while still maintaining the rural feel.

These homes are usually built on larger properties and with families in mind.

Farmhouse Country House Design Considerations

Natural, muted colours.

In keeping with the simplistic, minimalist vibe of Farmhouse homes, the colour scheme focuses on muted colours like white, grey and beige. You can add splashes of colour through decorations or indoor plants, plus if you take advantage of the natural light, your house will still feel bright and inviting.


While you may save money on building materials, rural homes require a lot of upkeep. Like with traditional homes, the use of wood and brick means more wear and tear. A larger home will also mean more cleaning. If you’re on a larger property (which if you’re building a farmhouse, odds are you will be), you’ll need to take landscaping costs into consideration.


Farmhouse houses tend to have a larger footprint so may not be suitable for a narrow lot. For the rural feel, you might want some extra room anyway. If you’ve been living in a smaller house or an apartment, you might want to think about the extra work that comes with maintaining a bigger home (see above).

What are the features of an Australian farmhouse?


A key part of Farmhouse designs is practicality over flourishes. They’re built with family life in mind, so lots of open space, expansive kitchens and large verandahs.

Natural approach

When it comes to choosing what to build, think raw, rougher materials. A farmhouse isn’t the place for overly polished surfaces. Everything has a rustic, down to earth feel. You’ll also want your farmhouse to embrace the surrounding nature rather than working against it, so you can have that authentic, rustic feel.

Embrace Imperfection

Part of the Farmhouse approach is to embrace imperfections as something that adds character to your home. Ideas include a more weathered look. Scratches and knicks in furniture are considered authentic. Your immediate reaction to this idea probably is enough to tell you whether it is for you or not.

Mix and Match Style

The original farmhouses were made up of whatever the homeowner could acquire, and this applied to the furniture as well. This includes a mix of old and new, different chairs. This approach will appeal to those who like to create a unique feel for their home. On the other hand, it will drive the more particular and organised person crazy.

Examples of modern Australian homestead designs

Single storey designs

Here are some single-storey rural home designs.

Acreage Home Designs

Acreage Homes are associated with the rural lifestyle, therefore making them sometimes interchangeable with Farmhouse home designs.

Are farmhouse designs easy to build?

Farmhouse designs use cheaper materials. When buying rural land, your dollar is likely to go further than it would be buying in the city. With bigger houses and more land comes higher maintenance costs (plus the time and effort) so any initial savings will balance out in the long run.

Like with traditional homes, there is more room for error with Farmhouse home designs than there is with more precise designs (Modern Homes, Split-level Homes). While you don’t want any unforeseen circumstances during a build, it is easier to adapt a farmhouse design when these hiccups arise.

Can I build a farmhouse anywhere?

Farmhouse designs are going to fit in more in a rural environment, where the country aspects of the design will fit in better. Most people interested in building a rural home are interested in country living, so aren’t looking to build in the suburbs. Besides, farmhouses usually have a larger footprint so won’t be compatible with narrow lots.

As with any building project, it’s wise to check with council regulations to see what you are and aren’t allowed to do. Believe us, it costs a lot less to avoid a mistake than to fix one, especially when it comes to homebuilding.

Compare Specialist Farmhouse Builders

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Plantation Homes

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