Modern Raked Ceiling Designs

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In this article, we’ll be looked at modern raked ceiling designs. We’ll tell you what they are and show you what they look like. We’ll also take a look at some of the benefits and downsides of this design choice.

What is a raked ceiling?

A raked ceiling design is an inclining ceiling that follows the beams and trusses in the house, rather than being flat. You might’ve heard them referred to as pitched ceilings, vaulted ceilings or cathedral ceilings. They often peak like a cathedral and though sometimes associated with older homes, are becoming more popular in modern designs.

Nowadays, they’re most commonly found in open plan living areas as it’s a great way to make a room feel bigger by adding additional space with higher ceilings.

Benefits of a modern raked ceiling design

Better air flow

High ceilings allow more airflow in the open living areas of your home. More air means less stuffy rooms and a nice airy feel to your home. For those in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, it’s a great way to catch the cool breezes during the hot summer months.

Make your home look bigger

Along with an open plan living area, the ceiling height you get from a raked ceiling will make your home feel more spacious. This could be a great touch for rooms with furniture, such as the living or dining room, or any room where you want to create a sense of space.

More Natural Light

Raked ceilings provide you with more options when it comes to using natural light to your advantage. Well designed raked ceilings provide more surfaces for natural light to bounce off of, making your home more bright. To achieve this, it’ll help if your new home has large windows to let light in.

Features like higher ceilings and large windows can bring natural light into your home.

Design Choices

A vaulted ceiling could be your design centrepiece and serve as your internal decorating inspiration. The extra ceiling height and the feeling of extra space give you a chance to bring some ideas to life. With more space on the walls to display art, you can choose oversized furniture with your floor feeling cluttered. The distinct features of a raked ceiling along with your decorating ideas will create a wow factor for your house.

Better Resell Value

The wow factor that comes with raked ceilings could add resale value to your home. High ceilings are popular in display homes (especially in areas like the Sunshine Coast). The precision and care needed to build a raked ceiling make them an uncommon feature, therefore your home will stand out.

This could backfire though, as raked ceilings aren’t for everyone. Your tastes might be more grandeur than other homebuyers.

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Raked Ceiling Design Examples

A raked ceiling can take shape in a few different ways. The two main options are:

A Double Raked Ceiling

In the more traditional style, the slanting surfaces of the ceiling will meet in the middle of the room like a tent. This is a popular look in traditional or country-style houses.

A Singular Rake

The more modern raked ceiling style can peak in different areas of the room. In the example below, you can the ceiling is slanting for most of the room, only peaking on left.

Other considerations of raked ceiling design

Like any design choice, there are a few things you should consider some of the possible downsides before choosing a raked ceiling:

  • They are more difficult to heat and cool with air-con. More space means more work for air-conditioners. Raked ceilings are more difficult to insulate, especially if you want the exposed beam style.
  • Construction costs: Raked ceilings will cost more to design and build. If your planning on creating a vaulted ceiling as part of a renovation, your builder will need to check the foundation and structure of your home to make sure a pitched ceiling is feasible. Unlike many elements or features of a house (such as walls, fittings, etc) once you have a high ceiling, you can’t change it.
  • Everyday practicalities: Cleaning higher ceilings is more difficult than standard ceiling heights. Changing light bulbs will also be a pain.
  • Warmth: Larger rooms aren’t going to maintain heat which could be a problem in the winter months. Good insulation and double glazed windows could help compensate for this.
  • The illusion of extra space is just that… an illusion: Consider what your goal is. If you’re after an open feel or a style, then a raked ceiling could be for you. If you’re looking for literally more floor space, then ceiling heights won’t help much. It could be an expensive option with not enough reward to justify it.

In summary, whether raked ceilings are for you will come down to how you want to feel. While some people are a family home with higher ceilings, others prefer a cozier space.

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