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The front door plays an essential part of any home. It’s the first thing you or your visitors see as they enter your home and serves as the main entrance door. On top of this, it needs to be a secure and reliable means of protecting your home. The front door of your house can be an essential part of your home’s exterior facade, being a key element in increasing your house’s overall curb appeal. So let’s open the door on front door ideas and look at what options are available for your new home.

What is the best option for a front door?

The best option for your front door will vary depending on your home design and what you’re hoping to achieve. Some key factors to keep in mind when deciding on your new door include:

  • What size door would you like?
  • What building materials would you like to build your door out of?
  • Security features include the strength of the materials, locks, alarms and cameras.
  • How will the door fit in with the rest of your home design?
  • What role does the door play in your facade and overall street appeal?

What is the most popular front door style?

Though the range of front door ideas has grown over the decades, the classic timber door design remains the most popular front door style in Aussie homes.

What front doors are in fashion?

Though classic timber doors are still the standard in Australian homes, many new builds are incorporating modern designs, using a mixture of materials including glass panels, metal, timber and more. Doors often deviate from the traditional design of a front door with modern doors.

Front Door Design ideas for your New home

Traditional Front Door Designs

Classic Wooden Doors


  • A classic style that is universally liked. Great for resale.
  • Suits traditional home
  • Timeless Elegance and Warmth
  • Various Wood Types and Finishes


  • Require maintenance
  • Will begin to sag over time. Upkeep will delay this, but it will happen eventually.

Panel Doors

  • Simple and Versatile Designs
  • Add Texture and Dimension to Entryways
  • Offers a simple clean look to your home.


  • Durable
  • Classic, pleasing look.


  • Some may find this an unadventurous aesthetic choice.
  • More expensive than traditional doors.

Craftsman Style Doors

A craftsman differs from a classic wooden door. Known for some tell-tale signs including decorative glass panels across the top that are often opaque and stained glassed.


  • Arts and Crafts Inspired Details adds a unique touch to your home
  • Incorporating Glass Inserts and Decorative Elements
  • Increased insulation


  • Can be slightly more expensive.
  • Can be an acquired taste.

Modern Front Door Designs

Contemporary Metal Doors


  • Sleek and Minimalist Aesthetics
  • Durable and Low-maintenance
  • Add to energy efficiency
  • Extra security
  • Lower maintenance requirements, especially compared to timber.


  • The potential for denting and rust.
  • More expensive than other
  • Harder to customise and cut to size when compared to timber

Glass Front Doors

Whether it’s a few panels, or an entire door, a glass front door offers a distinct, classy look to your home.


  • Allows natural light into your home
  • A glass front door adds a stylish focal point for your facade.
  • Light and comfortable for your home.
  • Frosted or glazed panels help offer more privacy


  • If not frosted or glazed, a glass door will offer less privacy.
  • Potentially less secure, with windows being a target for thieves. This can be helped with re-enforced glass and added security features.

Pivot Doors

A pivot door is a front door that operates on a central point or mechanism and opens by swivelling on this point.


  • A dramatic statement for your house
  • Creates a Grand Entrance
  • Make great use of limited space


  • Weatherstripping is not as good as with hinged doors.
  • More expensive to install and repair
  • Won’t suit all designs.

Unique Front Door Ideas

Double Entry Doors

Similar to a single front door, a double entrance door offers a larger entrance to your home.


  • Adds Drama and Grandeur to your architectural style
  • Practicality for Large Entryways: Great for when you need to move into a new couch.


  • Need space for this door design: Double doors are large and it will look a little strange on a smaller home.
  • More expensive due to extra material, labour costs and possibly design costs.

Dutch Doors

Dutch doors offer a distinct single door design which is divided in the middle. This allows you to open the top half of the door while the bottom remains closed.


  • Charming and Functional Half-and-Half Design
  • Enhancing Ventilation and Interaction
  • Great for being able to see outside while keeping pets and children inside.


  • An acquired taste.
  • More expensive
  • more complicate design

Carved or Customised Doors


  • Personalised Touches and Artistic Elements.
  • A chance to showcase Homeowner’s Personality and Style.
  • Can get the exact door idea you want brought to life.


  • Anything custom-made tends to be more expensive.
  • Risk of style of substance. Your front door first and foremost needs to serve its functional requirements.
  • The more unique your door design

Front Door Design Key Considerations and Tips

Security and Functionality Features

Your home is where you and your family sleep and you want to know it’s going to be secure whenever you leave. For potential intruders, the front door is one of the first places they’ll try to gain access to your home. Different materials will offer different levels of security.

Additional features such as door locks, door knockers, screen doors, security mesh and cameras are all ways to increase the level of security.

Energy Efficiency Considerations

Your front door plays an important role in the insulation of your home, so your choice of materials and design can be influential in lowering energy bills. Features like weather stripping, your choice of material and your design will all contribute to creating a green front door.


Your front door plays an essential role in both the functionality and overall curb appeal of your home. It’s an opportunity to reflect your personal style and enhance the overall look of your facade. Whether you’re looking to impress guests or potential buyers, the front door is the first feature they’ll likely use in your home and therefore plays a major role in creating an impression.

The right choice in the front door for your home will help give your home the perfect entryway that is welcoming to both visitors and will make you feel at home.

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