Hamptons-style kitchen design

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The Hamptons-style home has become a popular design for Aussie houses over the last few decades. Though originating as a style for New York’s elite and famous, it has since been adapted for down under. One of the defining rooms of any classic Hamptons-style house is the kitchen area. Usually, a hamptons kitchen design will be part of a larger open living area and can bring a mixture of casual and elegance to your home.

With their spacious, open layout, Hamptons kitchens can be the central hub of your home, ideal for both cooking and entertaining. So, if that all sounds great to you, let’s explore exactly what gives a kitchen that Hamptons vibe.

What are the essential elements of a hamptons style kitchen?

The overall goal of a Hamptons-style kitchen is to create an open, light and relaxed atmosphere. Though aiming to give a relaxed vibe, Hamptons style is meant to convey a sense of luxury and elegant feeling to your home. Let’s break down some of the key features that help create Hamptons kitchens.

Colour palette

Hamptons designs tend to focus on using white and neutral colour palettes, with a focus on creating a breezy, coastal vibe. Light blues and greens can also be used, but bolder colours tend to go against a traditional Hamptons look. That having been said, some people deliberately choose bold colours to create a unique spin on the Hamptons design. Usually, however, decoration, paintings and furniture do the heavy lifting when it comes to splashes of colour.

Materials and finishes

Hamptons designs aim for a natural, beach vibe so natural materials such as wood, marble and stone are all great choices for your kitchen. Tiles and ceramics help with clean-up and should be a light colour or blue to suit the aesthetic.


Wooden cabinetry is a mainstay of any Hamptons design and the kitchen is no exception to this. Shaker cabinetry is a trademark of the Hamptons offering a clean, minimalist look. If you want to modernise your shaker cabinets, you could add a glass frontage.


Countertops are an essential part of any kitchen, both as a functional work surface and for aesthetics. Ideal materials for your countertops include timber, marble or stone. Lighter colours such as white, blue or grey are all good fits.


Though we often think of floors in a functional sense, they also play a huge role in the overall look of room. This is especially true in open areas like you often find in Hamptons-style homes.

Dark wooden kitchen flooring can add an interesting contrast to your kitchen making the area feel more dynamic while maintaining the Hamptons look.

Hamptons-style kitchen design features & details


Oversized, chunky pendant lights are a characteristic found in many Hamptons-style kitchens. There is a wide range of options, so if it’s overwhelming, talk to your builder about the best choice for your layout.


Tile or marble splashbacks are a must for any Hamptons kitchen. What could be a boring space can be livened up through patterns or colours that contrast with white. These contrasting colours should have a coastal vibe to fit in with the Hamptons theme.

Kitchen island

A kitchen island bench provides a versatile work surface that can be used for food preparation, cooking, eating and having a coffee and chat. Bar stools can help make this an area where people can have a quick meal.


Modern appliances are a great fit for a Hamptons-style kitchen. High-end fridges, stoves and dishwashers add a luxurious feel while maintaining the sparse look.

Open shelving & display cabinets

Open shelving adds character, allowing your cutlery, dishes and knick-knacks to serve as both functional and decorative pieces.

Incorporating coastal elements

Natural light

A big part of open floor planning is incorporating natural light into your home. You can achieve this through strong home orientation, large windows, sliding glass doors and skylights all of which will allow sunlight to enter your home. Increasing natural light in your home helps make your house more welcoming and reduces your need to use artificial lighting throughout the day.

Decor and accessories

Decor can be a great way to liven up and add charm to your kitchen. To maintain the coastal vibe, add natural materials such as wood, and glamorous additions such as vases or blue and white ceramics.

What are the benefits of a hamptons style kitchen?

  • A versatile design that suits a wide range of decor.
  • A popular design that should have wide marketplace appeal.
  • Encourages open floor plans, making smaller homes feel larger.

What are the drawbacks of a hamptons style kitchen?

  • Hamptons kitchens can be considered old-fashioned by some and aren’t as trendy as some modern designs. They do have a timeless appeal so this may not be a huge issue.
  • Hamptons-style kitchens obviously work best if the rest of the home is also Hamptons design.

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