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You’ve heard about the importance of making a good impression, and that’s one of the roles your home’s exterior plays. Colorbond steel is one of the most popular building materials in Australia, due to its durability, affordable price and it’s proven track record in this country’s weather conditions. It is produced in Australia by BlueScope Steel Limited and is specifically designed to suit the challenge of the extreme conditions our country can produce. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the Colorbond house colours options available in the Colorbond steel range.

Introducing the colorbond colour range

Colourbond offers a wide range of colours to suit various houses. They’re options are available in three main categories, Classic finish, matt finish and colorbond ultra steel. Below are just are

Classic colorbond house colour options

Warmer colours will create a softer look, ideal for traditional house design or a coastal facade. Shale Grey, Dover white, Classic Cream, Surfmist, Windspray, Woodland grey or Southerly all provide roofing with a classic feel.

Contemporary Colorbond house colour options

What separates modern and contemporary house colours from traditional palletes is modern homes tend to have more striking colours. Schemes such as black and white, monochromatic and grey and grey all work well with a modern design. Shale Grey, Monument in matt finish, and surfmist are just some of the colours that will suit a contemporary house.

Bold Colorbond house colour options

Looking for ideas to make your new home stand out from it’s surroundings. Contrasting colours or a bold main colour can provide your house with a striking tone. Colorbond night sky, Ironstone, Surfmist, or Manor Red are all colours that can make your home bold and beautiful.

What are the benefits of Colorbond steel for Australian homes?


Steel is an incredibly durable material and can handle a wide range of weather conditions. It is less prone to wear and tear, and isn’t vulnerable to issues such as rot, termites, and is non-combustable.

We can’t promise bullets will bounce off your colorbond roof, but it is still very durable.

Low Maintenance

Colorbond steel requires very little maintenance. Whereas other materials require regular painting, treatment and other upkeep, Colorbond steel can last a lot longer without the paint chipping, peeling or flaking.

Colorbond won’t require much effort from you.


Colorbond Steel is available in a wide range of colours and chances are you’ll find something that will match your colour scheme. If you’re building a new home, there are enough colorbond colours that you’re unlikely going to have to adapt the rest of the colour pallate to match the colorbond.

Weather Resistant

Colorbond steel is built to withstand Australian weather conditions, including rain, hail, heat, and wind. Having your roof professionally installed should reduce the risk of leaks or poor performance during storms.

Strong Thermal Insulation Qualities

Remember, your roof colour can influence your home’s overall thermal performance. In warmer climates, lighter roofs will attract less heat, while the opposite is true in colder areas.

Australian Made

BluScope Colorbond Steel is made in Australia. Along with supporting local businesses, purchasing local building materials means it is more likely designed for the local climate and conditions.

Environmentally Sustainable

Steel is one of the most re-usable building materials in the world, and Colorbond Steel is 100% recyclable. It’s lightweight nature cuts down on emissions required for transportation, and when installed, Colorbond steel helps with insulation helping cut down on heating and cooling costs.

Our tips for choosing the right colour scheme

  • Consider where you’re building. What works for a beachside home might look out of place in the country and vice versa.
  • Your home design will suit certain colours and not others. Monochromatic colours work well for a modern home design for example, but not so much on a traditional home.
  • Try a sample of your chosen colour. Colour swatches in the store can be misleading, especially considering the bright lighting in the store won’t resemble the outdoor light your exterior will be in. This can make paint look completely different as light can affect colour tones.
  • Did you know the colour of your home plays a role in the thermal insulation of your home? Darker colours will attract heat while lighter colours will help keep your home cool. Consider where you’re building and choose colours which will help keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Colorbond steel have recommended colours depending on where you’re planning to build.

Buildi is here to help you

Choosing the right colour of your home is just one of the many important decisions you’ll need to make during your home building journey. Our team is here to provide expert advice that will put the power back in your hands. We can take your project to our panel of builders and have them bidding to build your home. Once you’ve selected a builder, we’ll be there to provide support and advice from getting building approvals to the final inspection. Get in touch today to find out how Buildi can help you save time, stress and money on your new home.

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