Curved roof house design

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Looking for distinct ideas for your new home’s roof? Something that’ll make your building project stand out in your neighbourhood. A curved roof may just be the ticket. Curved roofs are fantastic for creating a unique, exciting roof design that will help your home stand out. But are they ideal for all homeowners? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of curved roof house design.

What is a curved roof design?

A curved roof design is a roof that bends or curves rather than being a flat surface like most. This distinct shape is often used by architects to create a unique, minimalist aesthetic. Curved Roofs stand out from other roof types simply due to having bending components. How much of a roof features curved features can vary greatly from just the veranda area to the entire building. So whether you want a stylish patio space in your backyard for relaxing or a home that stands out from other houses, a curved roof can achieve this.

Steel curved roofs are created by sending each panel through a radius machine. This is an expensive piece of machinery and is not a standard bit of equipment for every roofing company. The process, design knowledge and required equipment does make curved roofs one of the more expensive roofing choices.

How much does a curved roof cost?

There’s no getting around it, curved roofs are one of the most expensive roof types to design and build. A way past this is to come up with a roof design that has a curved section but doesn’t encompass the entire roof.

Another issue you may face with metal curved roofs is it is a specialist skill that not every roofer will offer. This automatically increases the price, but what will really make your construction cost spiral is if you need to import materials or hire someone from another area to where you’re building.

What are the advantages of building a curved roof house?

There are a range of benefits to choosing a curved roof for your new home. Let’s take at some of the key advantages of this type of roof.

Unique and stylish look

One of the main reasons people choose a curved roof is for the distinct look they provide to both the inside and outside of the home. Compared to the straight lines and triangular shapes usually associated with roof designs, any rounded edge is destined to stand out. With the guidance of a quality designer, this could be the standard feature of your home’s exterior that will add greatly to your house’s curb appeal.

For those looking to resell down the line, a well-designed curved roof could make your home stand out in the real estate market. The right buyer may be willing a lot extra for this.

Short Installation Time and lower construction costs

Though the design and manufacturing processes of a curved roof complicate your build, the actual installation process is actually relatively straightforward.

Fairly sturdy and durable

When well put together, a curved roof can provide a strong, sturdy cover for your home. Curved roofs can offer more wind resistance than other designs such as skillion or gable roofs.

What are the disadvantages of building a curved roof house?

When making any decision about your new home, it’s important to know the potential issues your choice could have. Here are some of the flaws of a curved roof home design.

An expensive design

A general rule of thumb in the building is that the more unusual and striking a design choice, the more expensive it’s likely going to be. The architecture behind a curved roof requires a skilled design and more materials than most other roof designs and this will put a dent in your finances.

More difficult to design and manufacture

One of the appeals of the curved roof design is the ‘How the heck did they do that’ factor? The answer to that requires careful design and a skilled team to build it. You’ll likely need to hire an architect or building designer to assist with the design and also a specialist custom Onlder to bring it all to life.

On the plus side, once you’ve sorted out the design and manufacturing, the installation is quite simple.

A curved roof can look spectacular when done well, but to ensure its stability and functionality, you must have the right team on your side.

Repairs and maintenance can be difficult (and pricey)

The more complicated design of a curved roof doesn’t just affect the initial building stages and installation. Throughout the lifespan of your roof, maintenance and repairs are going to be more difficult and therefore, more expensive.

What are the most popular curved roof house designs?

There are two main categories that curved roof designs fall into which are concave and convex. The difference between these two categories comes down to the direction in which the roof curves as we’ll explain below.


Almost all curved roofs follow a concave design and dor. This resembles an upside-down U or an arching shape. The fact the middle is the highest point helps with drainage and provides strength against heavy weather.


A convex curve is the exact opposite of the concave and is where the roof is a U-shape or the bend works the roof upwards. This is a much rarer design because it’s harder to make work functionally. The unfortunate downside most designers find with this is the U shape creates a natural gathering spot for water to pool. Finding draining solutions for this can be difficult.

Curved roof vs the competition

Flat Roof Design

Though called a flat roof design, most of these roofs feature even the slightest slant to help with drainage.

Skillion Roof

The skillion design is a type of flat roof design that has a distinct slant. Best suited for modern home designs.

Butterfly Roof

A butterfly roof is a stylistically bold roof design where two sloping sides meet to create a V shape. A popular design for modern houses, it is a more complicated roof to design and build, therefore meaning it comes with a hefty price tag.

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