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Learn more about the steps of demolishing and building your dream home with Brighton:

Have you found the perfect block in the perfect location but it already has a home on it? Want a new house but love the area you’re currently living in? A knockdown rebuild could be the home building option for you. It can be a great way to get (or keep) the property you want and still build your dream house. We’re going to run through the Brighton Homes Knockdown Rebuild process so you’ll know what to expect.

Preliminary research

Before you see a builder (whether they’re Brighton Homes or someone else), you’ll need to find a few things out about your block of land. Review your title documents, and talk to your local council about whether there are any regulations that would prohibit you from doing a knockdown rebuild. Keep in mind, regulations might have changed since you bought the house, so it’s best to double-check what you can and can’t do.

For anyone thinking of selling their house after rebuilding, have a chat with your real estate agent to get an idea of resale value in your area. This will help you decide whether a knockdown rebuild is the way to go and help with budgeting.

Sit down with a Building and Design Consultant

Brighton Homes has eleven display locations in South East Queensland. After touring some display homes, you can have a discussion with a Building and Design Consultant. You’ll discuss which floorplan and home designs you want.

Make sure the builder explains the process in detail. This includes finding out what they’ll take care of and what’s your responsibility during the demolition and construction phases. Not clear on something? Now’s the time to ask. The more prepared you are, the more you’re likely to save in the long run.

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Build site inspected by a Construction Manager

Brighton home will send a construction manager to your build site for an inspection. The purpose of this step is to check the suitability of your land for the proposed project. Things under consideration will include the slope of the site, block depth accessibility for tradies, neighbouring lot conditions, drainage and power supply.

If the land’s deemed suitable, the builder will conduct a soil report, site survey and any other council requirements.

Receive an Initial Quote

After talking with the building consultant, you’ll be provided with an initial quote. Keep in mind this number will likely change later in the process.

Sign Agreement, pay Deposit and review Consolidated Tender

This is where you’ll be required to pay a deposit fee of $3000. This is non-refundable so make sure you’re sure you want to go ahead with Brighton Homes. The deposit secures your quoted price for 180 days. If you decide to make any changes to your house design, the quote can be amended.

You’ll also need to provide paperwork such as a copy of your Land title or proof of land ownership and the land contract.

Plans Drawn Up

During this stage, a meeting will be booked with your Building and Design Consultant during which you’ll review the Consolidate Tender. Once the paperwork has been agreed upon and signed, you’ll need to choose design details. After this has been done, the plans for your home will be drawn.

Presentation of Plans and Sign Off

This is when the plans will be ready to review. If you’re happy with everything, the plan can be signed off on.

Personalisation of Home with MyChoice Design Studio

Interior design work is done through Brighton Homes’ MyChoice Design Studio. You will have a few appointments during which you’ll meet with an interior designer who’ll guide you through the process. After your initial ‘Walkthrough/Guided Tour’ you can have open studio appointments. During these sessions, you can ask questions, put together schemes, and get an idea of inclusion packages and prices. The Selections appointment is where you’ll make your final choices.

You will also need to make electrical selections. Brighton Homes will organise an Electrical Selections Appointment where you can choose your electrical fittings for your new Brighton Home, including lighting and power points. This meeting will take around 90 minutes.

Sign Contract and Finalise Electrical

During a meeting with your Project Coordinator, you’ll review and sign your contract. On the same day, you’ll have an electrical appointment to finalise any electrical upgrades.

Lodging of Building Approval

After finalising the contract, interior design and electrical components, the plans need to be lodged. A private certifier will obtain Building Approval for your project.

Home Demolished By Independent Company

Like a lot of builders who offer a knockdown rebuild process, Brighton Homes won’t organise the demolition for you (though they may recommend some companies). It’ll be up to you to find an independent company to demolish your house and clear the site.

You’ll need to disconnect your power and gas. It can take your utility company time to process your request so you’ll want to organise this in advance of the demolition.

Brighton Homes Receives Demolition Documents

After your house is knocked down, you’ll need to take the demolition certificates given to you by the demolishing company and pass them onto Brighton Homes.

Build site revisited for Site Reports

The builder will revisit the site for soil testing and contour reports. This is a requirement even if you did a soil test before the knockdown as the process may have altered the block. Your builder will take any changes or additional findings into account and will finalise your plans, making any necessary adjustments to site costs.

Authority is given to begin construction

You will need to send your Building Approval to your chosen financial lender who will then provide you with an Authority to Commence Construction letter. Within twenty days, Brighton Homes should begin building your new home.

And there you have it! The Brighton Homes Knockdown Rebuild experience step by step. If you want to see another builder’s approach, click here to read our guide to Metricon Homes Knockdown Rebuild.

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