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by | Sep 15, 2021 | builder review

The Coral Homes mantra “Budget from the beginning with no extra costs” is great but as with any builder, it’s never the full picture! Here’s what to expect of the prices when building with Coral Homes.

Base Prices of Coral Homes Designs

Coral homes prices start at $154,200 for their cheapest design with no upgraded inclusions or extras. This will get you started on a home with:

3 Bedrooms

1 Living Room

2 Bathrooms

1 Car garage

The most expensive Coral Homes design is $339,500. Once again this is just for standard inclusions on a floorplan that will get you:

4 Bedrooms

3 Living Spaces

2 Bathrooms and an Ensuite

2 Car Garage

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Inclusions and Extra Costs

Site Costs and Fees

Site costs and fees are unavoidable when building and can often slip your mind. When building with Coral Homes expect to pay:

  • Between $5,000 – $20,000 in site fees. This depends completely on your block size and soil tests.
  • Around $3,515 in council fees. This is another price that isnt baked into the deisgn cost that needs to come out of your pocket. Council fees are pretty standard in QLD so this should be the same for most builders

Here’s an example:

Coral Homes site fee estimate

You will also be charged for the temporary fencing and other infrastructure required while the build takes place. This is subject to change during the build should the estimate be wrong!

Coral Homes Prices for Inclusions and Upgrades

To get your home looking like their display homes you’ll probably looking to pay anywhere between $40,000 and $100,000 in upgrades. These upgrade choices are different for everyone but here are some examples of what Coral Homes charges for their upgrades.

Driveway, Turf, Letterbox and Clothesline – Coral offer to complete your home with the essentials. These are not included in the price as you may have assumed.

Facade – The facade you want may also cost extra. Here someone chose the St Kilda facade but this give you an idea of how much the others cost as well.

Render and Brick – On top of face prices, you will also have to pay for render on your secondary facade if you don’t want exposed brick seen from the street.

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