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Are you a home buyer looking to build with Fairhaven Homes, but want a better understanding of their prices? In today’s article, we’ll be looking at just that. Fairhaven Homes is a Melbourne based home builder, which build around Melbourne South-East, North, West, Inner Melbourne and the Geelong area and promote themselves as affordable, quality builders.

Discovering the exact cost of your build is impossible to guess without your specific details, such as land size so use the below information as a general guide rather than concrete information. Prices also fluctuate depending on the property market, supplies and the eccentricities of different properties (sloping land, etc). You also need to understand what isn’t covered within your quoted price, such as certain site costs, landscaping, letterboxes, driveways and swimming pools. New houses aren’t cheap, so don’t be shy to clarify exactly what is covered in your quote.

For the most up to date information regarding prices, offers and deals, your best bet is to speak directly to a sales consultant. Another option is to get in touch with Buildi. We find the perfect builder for you and help you get a good price for your dream home.

Initial Deposit

To reserve a place in a promotion or to secure the builder’s services, expect to pay a $1,500-3,000 initial deposit.

Single Storey Homes

Fairhaven Homes has 18 single storey designs on display on their websites. Single storey designs are the most popular, due to their wide range of sizes, flexibility with changes, and affordable options. Great choice for the first home buyer,

From $169,900-$264,900.

Most Affordable: City

Most affordable price: $169,900

Width: 10.5m

Most expensive: Tahlee

Price: $264,900

Width: 14m

Double-storey Homes

Fairhaven Homes have 8 home designs available on their websites. All designs fit on lots 16m or less. While more expensive on average than a single storey, there is still some range to compare. From designs with a more affordable price tag to luxury house designs, there will be a double-storey home to suit your needs. Perfect for growing families or for larger groups living together. The only downside is for anyone with mobility issues or those who’ve overestimated how much space they need.

From $267,900-489,900

Most Expensive: Breamlea.

Price: 489,900-524,900 (depending on size)

Narrow block Homes

Fairhaven Homes have six home that have a width of 10.5m making them ideal for narrow blocks. These would be great for anyone building on a smaller block of land such as on an estate or in the city.

Prices range between $169,900-$299,900

3 Bedroom Homes

A smaller house design that will suit singles, couples or smaller families, for some people a smaller home is a perfect choice. There are 9 three-bedroom options in the Fairhaven Homes range

Cheapest: The City

Most Expensive: Mayfield

4 Bedroom Homes

There are fourteen different designs available with four bedrooms. A very popular size that can accommodate a family of three- five comfortably.

Cheapest Design: Narrabeen

From: $203,900

5 Bedroom Homes

Fairhaven Homes has five designs available with five bedrooms. Big enough for most families with space left over for whenever you have company. Four of the five designs are double storey houses, so if this is worth noting for anyone after a single storey home.

Cheapest: Brooklyn

Most Expensive: Shoreham 42.5

6 Bedroom Homes

Fairhaven Home has two home designs with six bedrooms called the Breamlea. While it’s easy to be swept away by the idea of a larger house, consider whether this will be practical for your personal needs. If it’s just you and your partner for example, the hassle of maintaining six bedrooms will probably outweigh the benefits.

Need help finding the right design and builder for you?

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  3. Builders tender – We will take your requirements out to the market of builders, and they will bid to win your business.
  4. Present solutions – We will compile the top 3 options and present you with a comprehensive proposal on builders’ strengths & weaknesses along with prices and specifications.
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Fairhaven Homes Range Pricing

Simplicity Range

As the name suggests, this range focuses on practicality and affordability and is pitched towards first home buyers. The building process has been streamlined, which sounds amazing, but there are a few things to consider. First, streamlining means less choice for you and if you’re a hands-on person, it might drive you up the wall not being included in everything. There’s also a limited amount of home designs, with only five different floorplans, only one of which is a double storey house.

To be fair, none of the above means the Simplicity Range is bad, it just means you have to weigh up if it works for you. This choice is specifically created as a simpler option for first home buyers.

From 169,000-267,900

Most Affordable price: City

Most expensive: Villa

Bridgewater Range

The Bridgewater Range is Fairhaven Homes’ mid-tier collection, with 17 different designs, it is Fairhaven’s largest and most varied range. Great possibility for families or home buyers looking for an affordable yet stylish home.

For anyone wanting to see a Bridgewater Range house design, you’re in luck. Twelve of the seventeen designs have been built as display homes somewhere in the Melbourne or Geelong area. To find out the nearest display home to you, click here.

Available in House and land packages as well.

From 179,900 -318,900

Elegance Range

This is Fairhaven Homes top of the line, luxury, premium range. The goal of these is not only to deliver a stylish, luxurious home, but also practical floorplans. Best suited for those looking to upgrade to a premium house and can afford to pay a little extra for their build. All the houses in the range are double storey designs.

Two of these home designs, the Shoreham and the Lonsdale, are on display if you wish to have a more personal look at them.

From 422,900-489,900

Costs for inclusions and upgrades

When speaking to your builder, it’s important that you’re clear on what features are part of the standard inclusions and what is included in the upgrades. Keep in mind inclusions can change over time, so consider this a guide not a promise as to what you’ll receive if you build with Fairhaven Homes. Always discuss with your builder exactly what you’ll be receiving in your quoted price.

Standard Inclusions

Here are the standard inclusions you can expect with the Simplicity range.

Bridgewater Range Inclusions

Here’s an idea of what’s included in the Bridgewater Range:

Elegance Range Inclusions

And finally, here’s a list of the sort of inclusions you can expect when you purchase an Elegance Range home design.

Want guidance every step of the way from due diligence on your land to the inspection of your finished home? Buildi is on your side! We can help you find the perfect builder for your dream home. Contact us today to organise your free, impartial consultation.


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