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About Domaine Homes

Domaine Homes is a new branch of Clarendon Homes that provides a budget option for consumers. With building costs rising, a lot of builders are noticing demand in the market for cheaper home designs, and Clarendon has created Domaine Homes with this in mind. Affordable builders will appeal to those looking to build their first home, those looking to get into the property market, and those who need to build on a strict budget.

Domaine Homes pushes their prices to the forefront of its advertisement with its slogan ”Affordability is our Domaine”. While we all like to save some money, are there any downsides to choosing a more affordable home builder for your dream home? We’ll have a look at some real reviews and also give a rundown of what Domaine Homes has to offer when it comes to home designs.

To get started, here’s what we liked and didn’t like about Domaine Homes:

What we like ✅

  • The Domaine team (especially the sales staff) get a very good rap for being communicative, helpful and friendly.
  • In the initial process with the Domaine Homes Team runs smoothly for most customers.
  • They have the backing of an established builder in Clarendon Homes.
  • A lot of options and support for first time buyers

What we didn’t like⛔️:

  • Issues post build. Customers weren’t happy with finished product.
  • Take a long time to present the tender compared to other builders.
  • Reviews mention flaws with the final product.
  • Will build on sloping blocks but it’ll cost you upwards of $10,000 extra, according to reviews we’ve read. You may be better approaching a builder who specialises in difficult blocks.

Domaine Homes reviews from real people

Domaine Homes is a relatively new builder, so it may be a little early for them to have built a solid reputation (good or bad). They do have a good score of 4.8 from the extremely active community on ProductReviews.com.au, but let’s take a closer look at the reviews themselves.

We’ve noticed out of the 327 reviews on the site, a whopping 255 of them were written in the pre-construction stage (some based on the customers very first meeting with the sales consultant). To us, giving a five-star review to a builder before they’ve started construction seems a little premature. It’s kind of like giving a rave review to a movie you’ve only seen the start of. While a friendly team is fantastic, what you ultimately want from builders is high-quality results with your new, finished house. For this reason, we recommend looking closely at reviews and seeing when they’re written.

Positive Reviews

Even once you remove the pre-construction reviews, there are a lot of positive reviews for Domaine. These reviews highlight good communication from the salesperson and site manager. One of the major differences between the positive and negative reviews is whether the customer care and friendly service lasts for the whole process, or stops towards the end of the build stage.

A lot of customers were extremely happy with the overall process, saying they received helpful, excellent service throughout their build. In the below review, the home buyers strongly recommend Domaine Homes, with their dealings with the head office.

The positive reviews we find tend to check the following boxes.

  • Deadlines were met.
  • Strong communication.
  • Customers got their money’s worth.
  • Any issues were dealt with honestly and efficently.

Negative Reviews

The negative reviews for Domaine Homes tend to mention customers feeling great when talking to sales but that feeling disappears once the build starts. Site supervisors and builders are said to ignore calls and not update regularly.

Here a home buyer provides a comprehensive list of issues ranging from minor complications to major issues with their finished home. Even in this review, the reviewer makes a point of mentioning the excellent service of the sales team, the colour studio and colour selection. The issues come with the next stages, with the building itself.

Here’s a review from a different customer outlining issues they had with their finished house.

As you can see from these reviews, it’s the finishing touches where issues arise. There seems to be a pattern of customers getting their hopes up because of an amazing experience with the sales team, only to be let down when the final product doesn’t meet their expectations. The two above reviews are good examples of what we were talking about before about when reviews were written. The first reviewer even says they would have given Domaine a 5 out of 5 if they’d written the review before the build.
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Domaine Homes house & land packages

Domaine has a few houses and land packages on offer on their websites.

Prices range from $399,500 – $1,091,450.

Domaine Homes Design Range

Here are a few of the home designs available from Domaine Homes. Keep in mind the prices are base and final costs will be higher.

Single Storey Homes

Domaine Homes has 37 different single storey homes designs.

The cheapest single home we could fin on the website is the Tahoe 19 with a base price of $189,900. With a house size of 172.8m2, it still has 4 bedrooms.

Double Storey Home

Domaine Homes has 17 Double Storey Home designs. Prices range from 270,400 for Grenda to 326,000 for Portland 35.

Acreage Homes

Montana is the one acreage home available from Domaine Homes.

Where do Domaine Homes Build?

Here are the areas Domaine Homes will build in. If you’re unsure, it’s best to contact Domaine and ask.

Domaine Homes display home locations

There are five Display Home locations across South-East Queensland:

Around the Brisbane area:

Rochedale Arise – Click here to read our guide!




Display homes on the Sunshine Coast:

Harmony Estate – Click here to read our guide to Harmony Estate!

Tips when building with Domaine Homes

  • Keep in mind Domaine is a budget builder. This means less choice and little, if any, flexibility. While this will work for some people, others might want more of a say in floor designs. If you choose a design, be sure that’s exactly what you want.
  • The sales team (the first people you’ll talk to) have a great reputation even among those who give Domaine Homes negative reviews. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to read reviews written post-construction, as anything pre-construction is really reviewing a first impression without the goods to back it up.

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