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Looking for a builder to bring your dream home to life in the Melbourne area? Fairhaven Homes is a Victorian-based builder founded in 2008, and they focus on building in the Melbourne and Geelong area. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some Fairhaven Homes Reviews written by real customers. The key words used on the website include Honest, Accountable, Compassionate, Approachable and Professional. Do Fairhhaven Homes live up to all these promises? Wondering if you should choose fairhaven homes. Here are our top 5 things we liked and disliked based on real reviews from customers:

What we like ✅

  • Good Communication
  • Strong Customer service
  • Have a good reputation for meeting deadlines
  • A lot of options and support for first time buyers

What we didn’t like⛔️:

  • Issues after handover. Customers weren’t happy with the final product.
  • A few reviews mention problems with waterproofing
  • Poor communication during some builds. Customers fell like they’re cut out of the loop.
  • Will build on sloping blocks but it’ll cost you upwards of $10,000 extra, according to reviews we’ve read. You may be better approaching a builder who specialises in difficult blocks.

Fairhaven Homes Reviews

All builders have their share of positive and negative reviews. When we look through customer reviews, both good and bad, we try to find reoccurring compliments and complaints to get the broader picture of the builder. Let’s have a look at what real customers are saying online about Fairhaven Homes.

Their Productreview.com.au rating is 4.1 which is pretty good but not amazing. To get the full picture, we’ve focused on reviews written after the house is completed.

Positive Reviews:

A lot of positive reviews mention the excellent customer service given by Fairhaven Homes. You want great communication from your home builder so this is definitely a plus. One review mentions they had a ‘wonderful experience’ with Fairhaven Homes. There is

  • Finished home on time
  • Good price on upgrades

What we liked about this review was the reviewer mentioned that there were a few issues during the build but Fairhaven dealt with these problems efficiently

Negative Reviews:

The negative reviews focus on issues during the construction stage and after the handover. Even poor reviews seem to like the sales consultant and communication pre-build, which perhaps made the following problems even more disappointing.

In the following review, the customer feels there was a lack of communication from the site supervisor and construction coordinator. They felt that this led to a finished product that wasn’t up to scratch, with various problems including no waterproofing in the shower. There were also issues involving a slow build and promises the home buyer felt weren’t kept.

In this other review, another customer discusses how their home has problems, including cracks in the roof and, again, issues involving waterproofing.

Another issue we’ve seen come up time and time again in the negative reviews is poor post-build service. In the following review, the owner is quite happy with their home but frustrated with how long it has taken t get things fixed.

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Fairhaven Homes House & Land Packages

They have 337 house and land packages available, all in the Melbourne area, ranging from smaller single storey homes to larger double-storey houses in more expensive suburbs. Prices between 400,000-$1m for these house and land packages. Here are some examples of what’s available:

Fairhaven Homes also have a few former Display Homes for sale. These range from $849,900 – 149,000.

Fairhaven Homes Designs & Prices

Single Storey Homes:

Fairhaven Homes has 18 home designs.

The price range is between $159,900 and $251, 900 (not including inclusions and site costs). Keep in mind, these are base costs. With site costs, inclusions and everything else you’ll need to buy, you should expect to pay an extra 20%.

Double Storey Homes:

There are seven different double-storey houses available. All house widths are under 14m so it could be a great way to make the most of smaller blocks. The cheapest design is the Villa from the Simplicity range. Coming in at 249,000

Prices range from $249,900-432,900.


Sizes: 13-18sq home designs.

Popular for the first home buyer. As the name suggests, these are simple, functional designs. All of the houses in this range are single-storey homes. There are five designs that are at a more affordable price. They’ve all got smaller house areas, tending to have only three bedrooms (one exception). There’s the added bonus of a lower initial deposit.

Prices range from $159,900-$249,900.


Sizes: 13-41sq

This is the mid-range section of Fairhaven Homes, with 17 different homes. While still promoted as having an affordable price, the designs have a larger house area on average.

Coogee is the cheapest at $170,000. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Here’s a list of the standard inclusions you can expect in the Bridgewater range.

The most expensive home in the Bridgewater range is the Tathra starting from $298,900

Prices between $170,900 – $298,900.


Sizes: 32-50sq

This is Fairhaven Homes premium range of house designs. There are only three house designs in the Elegance range, however, these houses are also, on average, larger in house area, so would suit families looking for some space.

The Shoreham and Lonsdale are both on display in

Prices range from 387,900-432,900.

Modern Living:

The Modern Living range focuses on townhouses. The target audience for this range for first-time homeowners, those looking to downgrade (retirees, or parents whose children have moved out of home), or those looking at an investment property. These are fixed priced Turn-key Packages with 2,3 0r 4 bedroom designs available.

Fairhaven Homes Knockdown Rebuild

A knockdown rebuild can be a great option for certain scenarios. If you want a new home but love the neighbourhood you’re currently in.

Stage One

The customer will meet with a Knock-Down Rebuild specialist who help to discuss your vision and budget. Your land will also be assessed at that point.

Stage Two

You’ll choose a Fairhaven Homes design and then how it’ll work on your block.

Stage Three

The preliminary work will take place, including site inspections, soil reports, etc. Your consultant will draw out initial documentation.

Stage Four

You’ll have an appointment myHaven Selection Studio where you’ll choose your interior design choices such as fixtures, fittings, finishes and colour schemes.

Stage Five

This is when building permits will be applied for. Fairhaven Homes will prepare working drawers and preliminary engineering designs.

Stage Six

After the building permit is granted, you’ll need to sign a building permit and you’ll need to organise

Stage Seven

Final soil reports, contour surveys and engineering designs will be carried out once demolition is completed.

Stage Eight

Construction on your new home will begin (see Building timeline below). Ideally, you’ll be able to make regular visits to the site and the site supervisor will be in regular contact to let you know how things are progressing.

Stage Nine

Your home is complete and it’s time to move in.

Fairhaven Homes build timeline

Here is an idea of the build time you can expect when building with Fairhaven Homes. The amount of time for a build will vary depending on factors such as whether you’re building a single or double-storey home, the land you’re building on, etc, but the standard time from to initial deposit to finished construction is 9-12 months. Here’s a rundown of the building process, including the steps you’ll need to take, after the initial introductions.


This is where your Tender Presenter will walk you through final costings, site work pricing and your plans for your approval.

You will need to put down a $2,000 deposit at this stage. Be aware that this is non-refundable and that further changes to your plans can’t be made after this point.


You will need to sign an HIA contract and you’ll be paying a 5% balance to proceed with Developer Approval and obtaining a Building Permit.

Site Start

You’ll receive a commencement letter, letting you know of your site start date.

This is where the literal construction final begins. The site will need to be scraped, leveled and prepared for building to commence.

Slab Stage

The base of your new home is now poured. A 15% progress payment is due by the end of this stage.

Frame Stage

Now your house will start looking like a house. Once the frame has been put up your Site Supervisort will do a quality audit and then the building supervisor will provide a structural certification. Once the frame is complete, a 20% progress payment is due.

Lock-up stage

The lock-up stage is called that because by the end, your house will be able to be locked up. The brickwork, roofing, external doors and windows will all be installed at this stage.

Fix Stage

This is the stage where all your plaster, skirting, architraves, internal doors and cabinetry is all installed. Once this is all done, a 15% progress payment is due.


The final stage is where the builder completes painting, flooring, shower screens and mirrors. Once done, the building surveyor will complete their final inspection and issue a certification of occupancy ready for handover.

The final 10% of your payment is due at settlement.


The day is here. You get to move into your new home.

Fairhaven Homes Display Home locations

Head office is at 12 Wheeler St, Berwick VIC 3806. Fairhaven Home have 27 display homes across Victoria. Have a look to see if there is a display centre near you.

Melbourne South East

  • Cranbourne – Canopy Display
  • Officer South – Kaduna Park Display
  • Clyde North – Meridian Display
  • Berwick – Minta Display
  • Clyde North – Orana Display
  • Warragul – Waterford Rise Display

Melbourne North

  • Mickleham – Merrifield Display
  • Wollert – Rathdowne Display

West Melbourne

  • Fraser Rise – Aspire Display
  • Werribee – Harpley Display


  • Mount Duneed – Armstrong Display

Tips when building with Fairhaven Homes

A good relationship with your builder is key to things running smoothly. Try to have open, constant communication with your site supervisor and building.

Fairhaven homes focus on fairly traditional designs. If you’re looking at split-level acreage or a custom home, you may have to look elsewhere.

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