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In this Builder Review, we’ll be looking at Stroud Homes. We’ll give a little background, show what they have to offer, and generally let you know what we like and don’t like about the builder. Stroud Homes was founded by James Stroud in 2005, and have 16 years of design and building experience. They now build all over Australia including locations throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Stroud Homes are famous for their ads promising black and white prices and upfront quotes, suggesting they’ll stay on budget and you won’t have surprises later on. We’ll look into these claims by checking out what customers are saying about Stroud.

Here’s a brief summary of the pros and cons of working with Stroud Homes:

What we liked

  • Promise a reasonable build time, even during the pandemic.
  • They have decent communication processes and update even if it’s not good news.
  • Good rating on Productreview.com.au
  • A wide range of different house-designs

What we disliked

  • Post-build communication can be poor or even non-existent.
  • Stroud isn’t the best when it comes to challenging blocks of land.
  • Negative reviews highlight issues with homes after handover.
  • While issues after handover can happen in any new home, customers feel like Stoud Homes didn’t fix these problems is a concern.

Stroud Homes Reviews

Positive Reviews

Stroud Homes ranks highly on Product Review with an overall rating of 4.8 and an award winner on the site. This suggests they have a strong reputation among their customers.

On Google reviews, the score differs depending on location. There isn’t the volume of reviews as there is on Productsreview.com.au, so it doesn’t give the clearest picture.

For a builder that promises a fairly quick build time, they actually seem to deliver. While there are some negative reviews about delays, they’re far outnumbered by those where Stroud met their deadline.

Those who have a good experience with Stroud Homes can’t seem to recommend them highly enough. What we found encouraging about this review was the mention of Stroud being communicative, even when the news isn’t good.

Most of the reviews we’ve found for the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane builds have been very positive, with more than a few saying building with Stroud was the best decision they could have made. Details tend to be sparser in positive reviews, however, more the detailed ones we can find that homebuyers liked Stroud for keeping to budget and for meeting their promised deadlines, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Negative Reviews

Looking through the negative reviews, we found they often focus on a poor post-build experience. A few of these customers mention that the construction of their new home was a positive experience, only for things to get dicey after the handover. Communication and post-build services are allegedly non-existent and customers feel the finished product is either not up to scratch, or their concerns are ignored.

This also raises a concern over the quality of some of their builds. When you purchase a new home, you expect quality, long-lasting workmanship and exceptional service. After all, even the best building experience will be tarnished if the end product doesn’t meet expectations. The reviewer below mentions issues they’ve had with the gyprock and how they feel Stroud Homes didn’t deliver.

Stroud Homes will respond to reviews, both negative and positive on Productreviews.com.au. Customers reactions to these responses are mixed, with some doubling down on their initial criticisms.

We found a couple of bad reviews mentioning delays in build and perhaps that Stroud Homes are great on easy builds but lose their way on more challenging projects. If you’re working on a difficult block, you may want to look for builders who specialise in these types of build.

In summary, the pattern we’ve noticed with bad reviews is that they were glowing endorsements that went sour after the handover.

Stroud Homes build timeline

The sales team at Stroud Homes offer what they call their ‘Fair Dinkum’ 16-week Build Time Guarantee. When builders quote a quick build time, it often can be a recipe for disappointment, but from the majority of reviews we’ve seen, Stroud managed to deliver and customers are happy with their build time. The website does specify that the guarantee doesn’t apply to Split-Level house designs, however, this is a pretty common stipulation with builders.

Stroud Homes House & Land Packages

Stroud Homes offers a range of House and Land Packages. When looking at their website, the house and land packages in South East Queensland range from a single-storey home in Beaudesert costing $438,715, to a $1,562,372 acreage home in Jimbooma.

Like most house and land packages, the location plays a huge factor when it comes to cost.

Looking for help picking the right home design for you? Get in touch for a free consultation.

Acreage home designs

Kentucky 348 with Mountain Facade

Stroud Homes promote themselves as Acreage home specialists and with over 40 Acreage designs on their websites. An Acreage design is a home designed for larger properties, and for the full effect, you’ll want a larger block of land.

Attached granny flats

Stroud offers 8 different designs that feature an attached granny flat. Popular reasons for building a granny flat is for:

  • The name comes from elderly relatives being able to living near family while still maintaining independence.
  • Home office
  • Renting
Wildflower 375 with attached Granny Flat

Double storey homes

Stroud Homes has 27 different double-storey house designs to choose from, including options for a sloping block.

Kirra 400

Dual occupancy homes

Dual occupancy homes have two integrated living areas. They’re popular with larger families and those who wish to offer boarding/rent out a room.

Amity 255

Duplex home designs

A Duplex Home consists of two separate dwellings which can be sold under separate titles. These two areas share a ‘party wall’ and you will have more regulations to meet if you go down this path. These are a popular choice among multigenerational families and among those wanting to rent out the property.

Stroud Homes has a few Duplex designs for which prices begin around the $450,000 mark and go up to over $600,000

Amaroo with Classic Facade

Luxury home designs

Luxury homes are more upscale (as the name suggests) and would best suit anyone looking to build on acreage or an upscale family home. This is certainly the case with the Stroud Homes luxury range, with 16 different options


Narrow lot designs

With blocks becoming smaller and property prices rising, narrow lot designs are becoming more popular with homebuyers. Stroud Homes does offer a range of narrow lot designs with the Wilton 209 having a width of just 7.2m. The smallest single storey design is the Harmony, which is only marginally wider at 7.24m

Alure 209

Single storey home designs

Single storey homes are probably the most common choice for home buyers, due to affordability and the wide range available. Prices range between $200,000 to $569,000.

Fitzroy 241

Small home designs

Stroud Homes’s Small Home designs are designed for smaller blocks or just for people who don’t want a larger home. The smallest in width is the Harmony 136, at only 7.24m.

Ashton 153 with Hampton facade

Stand-alone granny flats

Similar to an attached Granny Flat, however, it makes up a separate building.

Montego Granny Flat

Split level & sloping block designs

If the block you’re building is on a sloping block or uneven land, then you’ll want to at least consider a split-level design.

Miami 270 Split Level Design

New Hampton Facades

Beechmont-220 with New Hamptons facade

The Hamptons facade comes from the luxurious beach houses in Long Island, New York. It’s associated with both casual, relaxed coastal living and luxury. It’s becoming a popular look in Australia, both in rural and coastal areas.

Stroud Homes Display Home locations

Locations include:

North Brisbane Display Home

Brisbane West – Springfield Display Home

Brisbane East Rochedale Display Home

Tips when building with Stroud Homes

  • Different locations have different reputations. See if you can find reviews about the specific branch you plan to build with.
  • When reading reviews, have a look if the reviewer has specified at what stage of the construction process they’re in. Some customers will post a glowing review mid-build, which may be a little premature.
  • Make the most of your communication with the building supervisor. We’ve seen a few reviews mentioning Stroud were great during the build, only to provide radio silence when customers called after completion. This is where having a consultant could come in handy; someone who knows what to keep an eye out for.

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