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Stylemaster Homes is a South-East Queensland based builder who builds in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast and lots of places in between. Their website states that they’re Queensland’s most awarded home builder, with many awards coming from the HIA and Master Builders Association, which is impressive. The big question though, is do these awards reflect the feelings of the public?

In today’s Builder Review, we’re going to have a look at what customers are saying about Stylemaster Homes. We’ll also look at what they have to offer in House and Land packages, home designs, display homes and inclusions.

To kick things off, here are some things we liked and didn’t like about Stylemaster Homes.

What we like ✅

  • Flexibility with designs
  • Specialise in building on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane
  • Offer a knockdown rebuild
  • Specialise in pool and landscaping options

What we didn’t like⛔️:

  • Some issues with post-build service
  • Issues often found with the finished product and their post-build service seems to leave a lot to be desired.
  • Some customers said details about the building process could have been explained better.
  • Communication issues during build

Stylemaster Home Reviews

Let’s have a look at what people are saying about Stylemaster Homes online. When gathering reviews, we try to focus on reviews written post-construction, as we feel this gives a better overall look at the builders. Stylemaster homes have a 4.4 star rating on productreviews.com.au. While there are far more positive reviews than negative ones, the bad reviews are concerning enough that we can’t ignore them.

Positive reviews:

Stylemaster homes have a lot of positive reviews. A lot of good reviews follow a similar pattern: everything went smoothly and the builders were communicative and helpful. They also mention the inclusions being better than other builders they looked into. Their options when it comes to building pools are also frequently brought up as a plus by many consumers.

Negative Reviews:

A reoccurring theme in negative reviews, regardless of the builder, is poor communication, deadlines not being met and the customer’s unhappy with the final product. We did find reviews following this pattern for Stylemaster Homes, but we also found reviews criticising their post-build service and what wasn’t included in the base price. The below review while not scathing review, does outline a few concerning issues (see the end of the review for a list).

Building a house is a big project and it’s almost impossible to not find any issues during the final inspection or after the handover. What’s important is how the builder responds to these issues.

Stylemaster Homes does occasionally respond to reviews, sometimes in more detail than others.

We found one particularly negative review where the customer had issues with customer service, before, during and after the review. Stylemaster Homes responded to the review with a thank you email the customer sent them. The customer responded that their email had been taken out of context, that they’d in fact sent that just after the handover and the issues with the driveway began a few weeks later. In these situations, it does start to resemble a case of ‘he said she said.’

Stylemaster Homes does address these issues in Product reviews saying that reviewers are misleading and that these people are out to get them. In the above situation, the reviewer does give a pretty detailed account of the issue and a reasonable explanation as to their thank you email.

Stylemaster Homes House & Land Packages

For those who find the idea of building your own home too overwhelming, the idea of buying a house and land package can be very appealing. Like most builders, Stylemaster has a variety of house and land packages on offer. House and land packages range in price from 507,000 all the way up to 2 million.

Stylemaster Homes Designs & Prices

Stylemaster Homes have numerous design choices including single-storey, double-storey, and narrow-lot homes. They’ve got a number of collections including:

When it comes to prices, remember that the amounts you see on a builder’s website are usually misleading. We can almost guarantee you’ll see words like ‘From’ or ‘starting at’ before the price, which makes it unclear what exactly this quote covers. For example, driveways are often not a standard even though most people are going to want one of those. As a general rule of thumb, expect to pay at least 15-25% more. Hey, if it turns out to be less, consider it a pleasant surprise.

Single Storey Homes:

Stylemaster has 28 different single-storey homes to view on their website. Whether you’re after a modern or traditional design, affordable or luxurious, Stylemaster has a wide range of options available.

Two-Storey Homes:

Stylemaster homes have 7 different double-storey homes to view on their website. Some of these designs would be great for making the most of narrow lots.

Hamptons Style:

The Hamptons Style is becoming a staple in Australian homes. The facade easily adapts to many different areas of Australia, from suburbia to the beach to rural areas.

The Resort Collection

One thing Stylemaster Homes have in their favour is that their inclusions are quite generous, to the point that even negative reviews we’ve found mention they were impressed by this. To give you an idea of inclusion, here are some of the options you’ll have with their Resort Collection.

Stylemaster Pools

For those wanting a luxurious, coastal lifestyle, a pool will go a long way to achieving this goal. Stylemaster has a dedicated team for pools and landscaping, to the point that they have their own separate website. This expansion began in 2003 and their website offers a range of options including display pools you can view.

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Tips when building with Stylemaster Homes

  • Stylemaster Homes aren’t as energy-efficient as they make out. The minimum rating a house needs to reach is 6 stars and there are suggestions Stylemaster’s solar panel inclusion is there to make up for other deficiencies.
  • If possible, make sure you have a strong relationship with your site supervisor. A few of the negative reviews we’ve found specify that things fell apart during the construction stage.

Stylemaster Homes Display Homes

Display homes can be a great way to get an idea of what a builder’s work looks like in person. Here are a few locations where you can find some Stylemaster’s display homes.

Aura Estate

Baybreeze View BP 26

Harmony Estate

Claremont 24


Walk in 270 S

Walk in 223 S

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