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If you’re considering house and land packages in Coolum, you’re in the right place. Coolum Beach is an area of the Sunshine Coast that sometimes goes under the radar compared to other suburbs, but don’t let that fool you. Whether you want a rural property with a larger land size or a new home situated by the beach, Coolum has a lot to offer. Great for a family home in a quieter area that’s about half an hour’s drive to Noosa or Maroochydore.

Whether you’re looking for a house and land package or are trying to find the best builder for your build, Buildi is here to help. We’re here to give you a voice during your building journey, providing our expertise in the building industry to help you create your perfect home.

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How We Can Help You

Building a home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. At Buildi, we’ll be there throughout the entire building process, guiding you step by step so you can avoid any pitfalls. We will help you by following these steps.

  1. Free Consultation – We will sit with you to understand what you are looking to accomplish.
  2. Due Diligence – We work with you to ensure you’re buying the right block of land at the right price without hidden problems.
  3. Builders tender – We will take your requirements out to the market of builders and they will bid to win your business.
  4. Present solutions – We will compile the top 3 options and present you with a comprehensive proposal on builders’ strengths & weaknesses along with prices and specifications.
  5. Contract Signing – We will work with you and your selected builder to ensure there is full transparency in what you are entering into.
  6. Building your home – We work closely with the builder to ensure all service levels are met and your project is on schedule.

What is a house and land package?

A house and land package is when buying the land and choosing the builder and home design are combined into a single step. These packages usually come as a result of an agreement between a builder and land developer, hence why they’re most common in master-planned communities.

Advantages of a house and land package

Quicker Build Time

We’ll preface this by pointing out that since the pandemic, construction times are quite as reliable as they used to be. However, compared to a custom build, a house and land package should provide a much faster build, as they don’t require the same level of minute planning.

Streamlined Process

The Streamlined process can be appealing to clients who find the building process overwhelming.

Less Stamp Duty

A home build is one of, if not the, most expensive project you’ll ever undertake, so anywhere you can save money is always a nice bonus. Unlike buying a pre-existing house, with a house and land package you only need to pay stamp duty on the land proportion of y

Drawbacks of a house and land package

Less Flexibility and Choice

One of the potential downsides of a house and land package is that by streamlining the building process, you’re giving up flexibility and choice. You’ll be limited in your choice of location, builder and home design. If the house and land packages meet all your needs and desires, this won’t be a problem. If you have something specific in mind, however, you may want to investigate other options like a knock-down rebuild and/or a bespoke builder.

Small Block sizes

Properties in master-planned communities are usually on the smaller side, as this means the developer will have more land to sell. Before you purchase, try to visit the estate to get a feel for the lot sizes to gauge whether they’re suitable for you.

Is a house and land package a good choice for first-home buyers?

Sometimes. We know that probably isn’t the definitive answer you were after, but it really does come to individual. For example, some people are happy to go with a house and land package for a property they plan to rent but want a more personalised design for their forever home.

Why build in Coolum?

In terms of environment, Coolum really has a great balance of what the Sunshine Coast has to offer. From beaches to bushwalks and of course, perhaps its most famous landmark, Mt Coolum. It doesn’t have any of the hustle and bustle of the city, so great for those who want a chill, relaxed place to live.


  • Close to the beach and the Sunshine Coast Hinterland
  • Has a nice, small beach town atmosphere.
  • Lots of local facilities including schools, shopping, restaurants, takeaways, and other services. Not too far from Sunshine Coast University.


  • Though not as well known as Noosa, Coolum isn’t a hidden gem. The area is in high demand and prices reflect that.
  • While constantly improving, public transport on the Sunshine Coast isn’t spectacular, especially in out-of-the-way areas like Coolum.

Here are some quick stats for Coolum Beach:

Population: 8,503

Median House Price: $1,269,500 (up 5.79% in the last quarter)

Average Rent: $720 per week

Rental Yield: 2.94%

Popular home design options in Coolum

Single Storey

Double Storey

Split-Level Home

Acreage Home

Coastal Living

We can help you find the best house and land packages in Coolum – free of charge!

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