Buying A Block Of Land Checklist: Things To Check Before Buying Land

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Buying a block of land is an exciting time (and a nerve-wracking one!) and one of the biggest decisions you can make when building a house. In this article, we’ll run through a few tips to help you avoid buying a lemon. With a little research and care, you’ll be able to purchase the perfect block of land for your dream home.

Location of the land

Arguably the most important consideration when land buying, the location of your dream home can make a big difference to prices (both in terms of purchasing and if you plan to sell later). It’s also important to think of location in terms of your lifestyle. How close to schools, work, shopping centres, public transport, medical facilities is your new location?

Size of the block

The size of your block is literally is the parameter you’ll have to work with when building your house. It’ll help if you have some idea of the house design you plan to go with and whether the land dimensions fit your vision. If you’re thinking of a spacious acreage house, you’re going to need a larger block to accommodate it. If the suburb or area is your number one priority, you can also find creative house designs to make the most of the land available.

Smaller blocks can be a great way to get into expensive neighbourhoods, but it also means less space to work with when it comes to building

While it may sound obvious the house you build needs to be smaller than the block of land, you’ll also need to check how close you’re allowed to build the property parameter.

Not every property are a rectangular block, so you’ll need to take this into account when you purchase a block of land. There are battle-axe lots, corner blocks If you have a plan in mind, do the land dimensions suit your home? The shape of your block of land can also have an impact on your home designs.

Legal considerations

There are a lot of legal considerations that come with buying a block of land. This includes getting approval from your local council for the build. You’ll also need to be aware of any restrictions (be they zoning or regarding building materials) and the limitations this will place on design choices.

Flood & bushfire risk

It’s no secret that part of living in Australia is dealing with the significant impact of our climate. No one can forget the floods and bushfires that have ravaged the country in the past, so you’ll need to be aware of your block of land is in a bushfire or flood zone.

Utility services

You’ll need to check the availability of utility services like gas, electricity, internet, water and sewerage. If these aren’t connected, you’ll need to take steps to make this happen.

Orientation of the block

While it may seem trivial, building your house with an optimal orientation will be good for the planet and your wallet. A northern orientation will make the most of natural light and help you save money on energy bills. It’ll also help avoid excessive heat building up in your home (take our word for it, it gets hot in Queensland).


Any changes you need to make your terrain are going to cost you, including removing trees, levelling land. If you’re looking to level your land, this will add to construction costs. When buying land, take into consideration any changes you’ll need to make to get a more accurate idea of how much it’ll cost you.

Quality of the soil

Before you purchase land, a soil test is just due diligence and is important for validation purposes. Through a soil test, you’ll find out important information, like foundation stability and land retention. It can be a way to avoid nasty surprises down the track or to avoid a dud property altogether. Problems with your soil can add to construction costs, and additional costs are never cheap.

Home design

What type of home design best suits your lifestyle, budget and future? A two-storey house with a yard might be perfect for a family with pets, whereas young professionals might be after something that’s low maintenance. You may also need to adapt your design to work with the land you have.

Nearby and neighbouring properties

It’s important to take a look around your new block. Find out what not only what your suburb is like, but nearby suburbs as well. Also, find out all you can about future developments or building proposals. You’d hate to buy a block of land surrounded by bushland only to find out a six land highway will soon be built nearby.


Some areas aren’t as flat as others, and in Queensland, sloping blocks are pretty common. A draw of sloping blocks is they often come with stunning views. These blocks of land do require more preparation and the construction can be more challenging. It’s best to seek advice before purchasing a sloping block of land.

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