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Today’s blog is all about display homes in Logan city. We’ll be having a look at some of the most prominent display villages in the area and providing links to our builder reviews and display village summaries. But first, a little bit about Logan…

Logan is a city located south of Brisbane and about an hour from the Gold Coast and is one of the largest districts in the area with over 300,000 residents calling it home. Part of the reason for its growing popularity is due to inner-city properties becoming harder to come by, and those that are available being offered at skyrocketing prices. However, this isn’t to say Logan doesn’t have any charms of its own. With a variety of parklands, attractions, schools, and restaurants for you to enjoy, Logan has plenty to offer.

Logan display home plans, style & design

Single Storey Homes

Double Storey Homes

Double storey homes are popular for families, especially those looking for

Logan display village land packages

There isn’t a lot of land for sale currently in Park Ridge in the Carver’s Reach estate or in Yarrabilla so you’ll need to look outside the developments to find a good opportunity for a block in Logan. The plus side of buying in an area like Logan rather than somewhere in the Brisbane inner-city is you’ll likely end up with more land for your dollar.

Logan display home builders

Logan has a couple of major display centres which are Yarrabilba and Park Ridge. We have blog-posts dedicated to each of these estates if you’d like to find out more.


Located in the Logan district, Yarrabilba has Mt Tambourine as its backdrop and has a lot of nature and rural charm, while still maintaining a community vibe.

Australian Building Co.

Hamilton 23 Vista

Home Size: 212.22m2

Lot Size: 417m2

Bella QLD Properties

The Portsea

Home size: 230.19m2

Lot Size: 406m2

Burbank Homes

Aintree 280

Home Size: 300.14m2

Lot size: 609m2

Balmoral 220

Home Size: 233.65m2

Lot Size: 455m2

Coral Homes

Noosa 23 MKII

Home Size: 221.78m2

Lot Size: 400m2

Milan 25 MKII

Home Size: 239.37m2

Lot Size: 400m2

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Domaine Homes

The Monterey 33

Home size: 309.1m2

Lot Size: 400m2

The Nevada 28

Home 263.9m2

Lot Size: 512m2

Hallmark Homes

Hallmark Homes has two home designs at Yarrabilba Display.

Infinity 319

Home Size: 316m2

Lot Size: 640m2

Serene 196

Home Size: 195.7m2

Lot Size: 400m2

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Homecorp Constructions

Eidson 26 Urban

Home size: 240.8m2

Lot Size: 710m2

Invision Homes

Kakadu 217

Home Size: 217.7m2

Lot Size: 325m2

Simonds Homes

Milton 22

Home Size: 217m2

Lot: 406m2

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Park Ridge

If you’re looking for a new home design for

Bawa Builders

Visit by appointment only.

Cypress 25

We cannot find much information on this display home.

Home area: 235m2

Brighton Homes

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Raine 26

The Raine 26 is a single storey, four-bedroom home suitable for lot widths of 12.50m and above.

Home area: 238m2

Dusk 27

The Dusk 27 is also a single-storey with four bedrooms, though it is slightly larger and has a different layout. There isn’t a huge difference in starting prices between the Raine and Dusk designs and both would be worth considering for anyone with a tighter budget.

Home area: 248m2

Bold Living

Click here to read our builder review of Bold Living

Open Sat-Wed 10am-5pm

Avery 226

Home Area: 226.7m2 4 Bedroom 2.5 Bathroom

Ashton 22

DR Homes

Crawford 23

Hallmark Homes

Click here to read our Builder Review of Hallmark Homes

Hallmark Homes’ display homes can be viewed Sat-Wed from 10am-5pm.

Banksia 229

The Banksia 229 has a house area of 228.54m2 and requires a min block width of 12.5m

Manly 200

The Manly 200 is the smaller of the two options from Hallmark Homes. With a floor area of 200.04m2

Metricon Homes

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Open for viewing 7 days 10am-5pm

Merrick 34

The Merricks is the only double-storey home on display at Parkridge. With a min block width of just 14m, this design can help you get the most out of a smaller block.

Home area: 318.5m2

Delta 24

Delta is one of Metricon’s most versatile floorplans with 13 different layouts to choose from.

Home area: 224.7m2

Simonds Homes

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Simonds Homes has two display homes to visit.

Dunbar 26

The Dunbar requires a min lot width of 14m.

Home Area: 270m2

Marion 22

OJ Pippin

OJ Pippin is a Brisbane builder who specialises in custom building, turnkey services, knockdown rebuilds and, house and land packages. Would be of particular interest to anyone looking to build a bespoke home.

Open Mon 1pm-5pm

Tues/Wed/Sat 10am-5pm

The Airlie 235

The Airlie is a four-bedroom single storey home on display from OJ Pippin. Details about this home aren’t readily available, so contact the builder for more information.

Home Area: 234.9m2

Orbit Homes

Caulfield 256


Resort 248s

With a house area of 246.9m2, the Resort 248s can fit on a lot 14m+ wide. The floorplan features 4 bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large open plan living area.

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Logan display villages location


Yarrabilba Display Village is located on Expedition Road, Yarrabilba

Park Ridge

Is Logan the right area for my dream home?

Logan is actually quite a large area made up of many suburbs, so it will depend on where you buy and what you’re looking for. Though it has a reputation for being a lower socio-economic area with a high crime rate, there are actually some expensive areas in the Logan area, such as Logan Reserve. Having said that, don’t be surprised if you need to travel for work, however, this is not uncommon for most of Brisbane’s outer suburbs. Whether you agree with its reputation or not, Logan does have a stigma with some people so this could affect resale value down the line. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an investment property to rent, outer-city areas often do quite well, with rental properties being in high demand at the moment.

So, if you’re looking for guidance during your home building journey, we’re here to assist you every step of the way! Buildi is here to help you bring on your dream home to life. Get in touch your book your free, impartial consultation!


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