Ellendale Display Village & Homes Review

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Ownit Homes

Ownit homes has 2 homes in the Ellendale display village. The first is the Panorama has with optional roof terrace 414m2 5 bed 3-bathroom 2 car garages. This property has a contemporary design which some might love, and others will hate. With the addition of the roof terrace this is a unique home. You can always get great design inspiration from properties like this.

The second display house is the Hamilton 317, this property was the winner of 2018 Master builders display home in Brisbane. It is a 317m2 4 Bed 2.5 bathrooms and 2 Car garages. With many block of land in Brisbane now being relatively narrow this property has been designed to take advantage of the narrow space. Ownit homes have designed the kitchen family area and outdoor living to seamlessly work together to create a great space. With the trend moving away from rendered finish the facade might not appeal to all people. There is also a lot of glass used which could also potentially put some people off. 

Porter Davis display house is the Hayman 39, this property is 362m2 4 bedroom 2.5 bathrooms and 2 car garages. This house has lots of open space and natural light, which gives it the grandeur feel. Porter Davis have styled the display house with lots of plants which is great for design inspiration. With the study and formal lounge in the front of the house this design is quite dated and maybe not the best use of space. The wide corridors on the ground level may appeal to some people.

Stylemaster Homes

Stylemaster has 3 homes in the Ellendale display village. The first home is the Aurora 31,this property is a 4 bed 2 bath 294 sqm home. In typical Stylemaster fashion there is a lot of monochrome colours. The house has a nice layout but the entry from the garage is through the pantry and kitchen which I thought was a bit weird. Nevertheless, if you like big tiles and restrained colours this house would be worth checking out for inspiration.

The second house Stylemaster has is the Milan 34, this is a 4 bedroom 2.5 bath 2 car garage and 3 living/media areas This is a 314 sqm property which is perfect for narrow lots, it has a unique design with the family area on the upper levels. This is a great feature if your block of land has views you want to capture. From a design perspective there are some great tips you can get by walking through this property.

The third house Stylemaster have on display is the Piazza 53, this is a massive 5 bedroom house with ensuits and walk in robes in all the rooms. This house is been styled beautifully and there is a lot of design elements that you can take away. The staircase is unique however it takes up a large amount of room that could be better utilised. The cupboards in the kitchen were from floor to ceiling but imagine having to get stuff from that high. The clean look of the rangehood was great, you couldn’t even tell there was a range hood there.

GJ Gardener homes

GJ Gardener has got the Portside 256, this is a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom 2 car garage home with 2 living areas and an activity room. This property has a unique design with the roof sloping down towards the kitchen. With the narrow windows at the top this lets a lot of natural light into this space. What was interesting though was that when we looked on the website for GJ Gardner it seems they don’t list the Portside 256. There are 6 different facades that you can choose from, keep in mind that depending on which façade you choose you might sacrifice the slanted ceilings and natural light.

The larger house from GJ Gardner is the Balmain 407. This house is a 6 bedroom 4.5 bathroom and 2 car garage house with 2 master bedrooms, games room, walk in pantry and multiple lounges areas. With a 11.8 meter width and 20.7 meter depth it might be hard to find a block of land that would be able to accommodate this house.

From a design perspective this house has a lot of space however it feels like there is space without purpose. The kitchen working space/island bench is relatively small. Another thing to take note off the façade which is very contemporary, this is carried into the interior with square set corners and dark shades of colour through the house.

Bold Living

Bold living has their Stockholm M 304 on display, this is a 4 bedroom 2.5 bathroom 2 car garage house. There are 3 lounge areas and a study nook. This has been set out to appeal to the Hampton style home buyers with clean white trims, high doors and ceilings. We also liked the large amount to natural light coming into the house, even the walk-in robe for the master bedroom had access to natural light. 3 of the 4 bedrooms have a walk-in robe which was interesting. There are also 2 study nooks 1 downstairs near dining area and the other upstairs near the stairs.


Fresh homes

Fresh homes have their Vouge styled 332m2 house on display. This property has 4 Bedrooms 2.5 Bathrooms 2 car garage. There is a separate media room and a study. Walking into this home with the glass staircase gives the home a sense of grandeur. While this is a great feature it uses a lot of space, so much so that the living and dining room start to feel cramped. With this being the space, most families spend their time doesn’t seem practical. On the second level there are 3 of the 4 bedrooms have walk in robes and there are large tiles used throughout the house inclusive of the bathrooms.

Planbuild homes

Have their Plantation 3375 on display, this home is a 5 bedroom 3.5 bathroom 2 car garage house with 2 lounge areas and 2 of the 5 rooms have ensuits. This property has a nice contemporary façade. The kitchen has a raised breakfast bar attached which works great however the stools are on the sink side and could be a problem practically speaking. Another nice design feature is the window above the sink this works well to ensure light gets into the kitchen without being at risk of splatter/additional work to keep clean.

Plantation Homes

Plantation homes have their Mirage 43 on display, this house is a 4 bedroom 2.5 bathroom 2 car garage house with 5 living areas and walk in robes in all 4 bedrooms. With a total size of 401.7sqm there is plenty of space for a theatre, study and butler’s pantry. From a design perspective the window behind the cooktop looks great and lets a lot of natural light in, however this will be difficult to keep clean and may not be very practical. We also felt the ensuite could have benefited an internal door to the washroom and robe.

The second house Plantation homes have on display is Panama 29, this is a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom 2 car garage house with butlers pantry and walk in robes in 3 of the 4 bedrooms. This house has a great open feel with the bifold doors which once open make the whole area feel as 1. The only concern would be how to keep the insects out during summer. The feature artwork at the gallery looks great but can make the house feel like a bit of a maze. I would have also liked to see a door to the butlers pantry. The outdoor shower and bath are great for a hotel retreat but not very practical in an everyday sense especially when you have neighbours very close buy. The mirrors on the dining room wall look great!

DC Living

Dc Living has its Lilydale 325 on display, this property is a 4 bed 2.5 Bathroom 324sqm house. There are 2 lounge rooms and a media room. The design for this house allows for lots of natural light and space to move around after walking through the other houses in the display village this homes seems to be a budget build. This isn’t a bad thing though, this is a more realistic idea of what your home will look like post competition.

The second property DC living have on display is the Chatswood 245, this is a 4-bedroom 2 bathroom 2 car garage house with a media room. The façade of this home is quiet striking with a dark colour, this looks great, but I would be interested to see how it deals with the weather. The display house has a slanted roof which allows lots of natural light to get into the living area.


Metricon has its Waterford 45 on display, this house is a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom 2 car garage. This is a 422sqm home with 4 lounge rooms, a walk in pantry and walk in robes to 3 of the 4 rooms. From a design perspective the coat room really stood out for this house. It a great use of space which normally would go to waste in the foyer. We like how the butlers pantry intergrades to the kitchen and has plenty of storage space, it would make sense to have a door here. It make make more sense to convert 1 of the 4 lounge rooms into a media room.

The second house Metricon has on display is the Chelsea 33, this home is a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom 2 car garage. The house is 307sqm, has a walk-in pantry and 2x lounge rooms. From a design element we like the French door style internal doors. We also like the wallpaper on the entry wall. The kitchen island bench is nice and wide and can accommodate 2x bar stools under benchtop.

Pathway homes

Pathway homes has a unique split-level design with the family area including kitchen upstairs. With 3 bedrooms upstairs and the options to choose 1 of 4 designs for bedrooms down stairs. You can opt to have a games room or media room or 2 bedrooms but the most attractive options is 1 ensuit with a small kitchenette. The design of this home was great however the quality and execution definitely missed the mark. The floorboards that were used were very noisy and the fixtures and fittings just didn’t feel quality.

McLachlan Homes

McLachlan homes has its Atlantis on display, this home is a 4 bedroom 2.5 bathroom 330 sqm stepped house. This house is unfortunately on the other side of the display homes and easily missed, however it has some great design elements to get inspiration from.

The second house McLachlan homes has on display is the Zahara, this is a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom 2 car garage, 328sqm house with 3 lounge rooms. The interior designer has done a great job at using dark colours on the cupboard wall and lounge to create a nice space for a family. This house seems to be the right balance between practical functionality and seek design.


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