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With land in the city becoming harder to come by, lots of homebuyers are looking at neighbouring suburbs to build their new home. Located south of the Brisbane CBD, Pallara is a fast-growing yet affordable suburb. While the Pallara Estate by Stockland has sold out, there will be future developments in the area. As well as appealing to families, Pallara is drawing a lot of interest from investors who see the potential for capital growth.

There isn’t a central hub for the display centre, so in this article, we will be looking at the display homes you can find on Brookbent Road. The principal developer for the Pallara Estate, Stockland, had a Sales and Information centre that has since shut down, so for further information, we recommend contacting the builders themselves.

Though the Pallara estate has sold out, you can still visit the display homes for inspiration, to get an idea of what a home design looks like when built and to see Pallara for yourself. After all, there’s a big difference between reading about a suburb and actually experiencing it. Display homes are basically advertisements for their builders, so remember what you see might not exactly be what you’d get.

In this article, we’ll look at the display homes you can visit on Brookbent Road and discuss the pros and cons of buying land in Pallara.

Pallara Homes House Plan, Style & Design Overview

Pallara has larger blocks of land than at other display villages. The display village has more double-storey houses, and overall, the house area is bigger than at some other estates, so they are likely targeting families or those looking to start one.

There are a few double-storey display homes to visit, which could be useful to anyone looking to build on limited space. The single-storey options give you an idea of more affordable options. Visiting both will give you an idea of what you like and dislike about each home design. Most of the display homes have open living areas including the kitchen, living room and dining area. Some former display homes in the area have been sold, so there is a chance the following homes will follow suit.

Pallara Display Homes Builders

We’ll be looking at three different builders and six different home designs still at the display centre. To visit one of these display homes or for more information, it is best to get in contact with the builders.

Clarendon Homes

Clarendon Homes have three homes you can visit at the Pallara display centre.

Madison City 40

The Madison City 40 is a larger, two-storey home that comes with 5 bedrooms. The house area is 374.31m2. With a required lot width of 14m, this display home is worth a look for anyone looking to make the most of a smaller block of land. The ground floor has an open rear area that leads to the alfresco. The design is available from $352,000

Savanah 29

The Savanah 29 is a single storey home with four bedrooms and a house area of 279.90m2. While not as large as the Madison City home, it is more affordable, starting at $242, 300. Whether an extra floor is worth it will depend on your needs. It still has spacious living areas, and would still provide room for a family.

Parkhill City 34

The Parkhill City 34 is another double-storey on display from Clarendon Homes. It has a house area of 315.42m2. It has a large open area at the back of the home on the ground floor.

Coral Homes

Grange 25

A single storey-house with four bedrooms, the Grange 25 is a smaller family home. Inclusions and features in the home will depend on whether you choose the Designer Standard Inclusions or spend another 45,000 for the Elegance Luxury Inclusions.

Metricon Homes

Metricon Homes has two display homes on Brookbent Road for you to visit.

Botanica 36

The first is the Botanica 36, a single-storey home design with 4 bedrooms and a two-car garage. It has a large open living area, encompassing the kitchen, dining room and living room. Suited for families looking for a larger home, without having a second storey. Comes in eight different facades.

Qualia 38

The second Metricon display home is another single-storey home design, the Qualia 38. Slightly larger than the Botanica 36, there are some similarities between the two designs. Both have bedrooms along one side of the home, though the Qualia places the master bedroom at the front while the Botanica has it at the rear. Comes in seven different facades.

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Pallara Display Home Village Location

The display centre can be found on Brookbent Road, Pallara QLD. With no central office, you’ll need to talk to the builders of the display homes in regards to booking a visit.

Is Pallara Display Centre the right area for me?

Like a lot of estates, Pallara focuses on family living and the suburban lifestyle. The majority of people who live in Pallara are families with kids, retirees and people who commute to the city for work. Here are some key details that will help you decide whether Pallara is for you.


  • Land in Pallara is affordable compared to other suburbs.
  • Land in the area has a real potential for capital growth. Could be a good investment.
  • The convenience of being close to the city, though the commute during peak-hour will affect this time.
  • The suburb is going through gentrification, which means easy access to shopping centres, schools and other facilities. Whether this is a pro or con will depend on what you are looking for.


  • It’s difficult to find information online about the Pallara display centre. Other display villages are easier to research from home, which can save you the trouble of visiting a display home to find out it isn’t for you. If you’re just looking for ideas rather than specifically to build in Pallara, other display villages are an easier option.
  • The Pallara Estate by Stockland has sold out, so you may have to wait for future developments.
  • Negative reviews of the suburb mention the cost of living is high.
  • There are some concerns about issues with flooding. A few customers online have mentioned this is an issue in Pallara. Keep in mind that a lot of suburbs in the Brisbane area are susceptible to flooding.

Other Display Home village options in the Brisbane area

Want to know what else is out there? Here are some display centres you can visit for inspiration.

Rochedale Display Village.

Newport Display Village.

Springfield Rise Display Village.

North Harbour Display Village

Here are some Display Homes in the Sunshine Coast area:

Harmony Display Village

Aura Display Village

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