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Tired of clutter and overly complex house designs? Want to come home to a space that is simple, easy to handle and spacious? Minimalist style design is about removing all but the essentials from your home and embracing sleek design choices and a monochromatic palette. Let’s keep it simple and take a look at minimalist home designs, including the pros and cons of this stylistic choice and how you can embrace minimalism in your new house.

What is a minimalist home design?

Minimalist design is about emphasising simplicity in all aspects of the design ideas through a pared-back aesthetic. Minimalist homes often focus on uncluttered space, clean lines, sleek lines, monochromatic colour palettes like white walls, and simplified layouts and facades. The phrase “less is more” can be seen as the guiding philosophy of minimalist design, and when done well, it can be a striking look that also creates a comfortable home.

What are the key features of a minimalist home design?

  • Creating more space
  • Minimalist Styling in furniture
  • Monochromatic colour palette and restrained colours and using different textures within this range.
  • A minimalist room will have plenty of functional space.
  • Negative space
  • Bare Walls
  • Removal of any unnecessary pieces
  • Clean surfaces
  • Accent pieces
  • Open spaces
  • Incorporating natural elements and natural materials

Minimalist home design pre-build considerations

  • While the minimalist lifestyle is appealing in theory, in practice, it isn’t for everyone. If you have young children, for example, there’s going to be a certain amount of clutter no matter what you do as you’re naturally going to have more stuff.
  • The minimalist style works especially well with modern architecture.
  • Visit display homes to get an idea of different design styles. It’ll help you get an idea of what’s out there and whether minimalism is the best design for you.
  • You don’t have to fully embrace minimalism to reduce clutter. Better storage options and overall house design will go a long way to keeping your home spacious.
  • You can still have your own personal style within a minimalist space. For example, a minimalist bedroom can still have furniture and decor that reflect your personality.

What are the pros and cons of minimalist home designs?

Pros of Minimalist Design Aesthetic

Minimalism has been a consistent design choice for decades, and this can be attributed to a variety of reasons, both aesthetic and functional. Let’s run through some of the key benefits of a minimalist home design.

Breathing Space

The minimalist aesthetic is a great way to create an uncluttered and clean space for your entire home. Through the use of hidden storage space, you can have plenty of area to store your stuff while still maintaining that sleek look.

Less is more

When comes to aesthetics, less is often more. Too much stuff can be overwhelming and messy, and a busy overall aesthetic can have a negative impact on your home’s overall style. Minimalist designs will encourage you to choose fewer items but allow them to shine. For example, a living room will have a coffee table, couch and other essentials, but no unnecessary clutter.

Saves Money

We’re all looking for ways to save some of our hard-earned cash, and embracing minimalist spaces is a great way to potentially get bang for your buck. Imposing limitations can actually encourage creativity, meaning you’ll come up with a more stylish and consistent room than you may of without any restrictions. By making a few pieces a focal point for each room, or allowing furniture to double as the main decoration, you might find yourself saving money.

Easier Maintenance

Having fewer things and a clutter-free environment makes a minimalist space easier to maintain and clean. The open floor plans usually embraced by minimalist designs also assist in cleaning and upkeep.

Cons of Minimalist Interior Design

All home designs are going to have elements that turn certain people off. Here are a few potential downsides of minimalism.

Can be surprisingly expensive

To accommodate for having less stuff, a minimalist space will often focus on quality over quantity. High-quality pieces -be they decorative, functional or both – can put quite a dent in your wallet. You can cut down on costs by focusing on functional furniture pieces that are aesthetically pleasing.

Discourages adding items.

The minimalist look doesn’t lend itself to additions. If you’re someone who loves knick-knacks, souvenirs or just having cherished items around the house, a minimalist decor could clash with this.

Can be tricky to add warmth or create a welcoming atmosphere

A lot of people make their house feel like home through the decoration and items they put around the entire house. The style of a modern minimalist house can backfire and make a home feel distant and unwelcoming.

Some ways to combat this are using warm colours and an open floor plan that encourages natural light into your home.

Is Minimalism the right choice for my home?

Minimalist homes, when done well, can have striking style, and the open space creates a relaxing, uncluttered area for many people. However, others find minimalism to be bare or even boring. Like any style, it really comes down to personal preference and your lifestyle.

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