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Are you looking to give your new home a modern house facade? First impressions count for your house, whether it’s when you come home from work or when you resell down the line. Contemporary home design features modern trends and creates an overall style that leads to some stunning facades that will impress friends and strangers alike. Let’s stay up to date with modern contemporary design ideas, and take a look at some facade ideas that could give the exterior of your home some style.

What are the key design features of a Contemporary facade?

Contemporary facade design is often used as either an interchangeable term for modern house facade or as an umbrella term to cover a wide range of trendy styles including Hamptons facade, modern design and more.

Contemporary facade materials

Modern contemporary house design often uses a mixture of building materials, including timber, brick, concrete, Hebel, cultured stone and other cladding. The best choice of materials for your home will come down to some key factors including:

  • Your house design
  • What your preference is
  • Availability of materials in your area
  • What works best in your climate
  • Budget.

Contemporary facade colours

The best choice of colours for your contemporary home facade will depend on the rest of your design. It also comes down to personal taste and what suits the environment you’re building in.

Neutral colours

Melodies of grey with punctuations of brown, black or white. Restrained, neutral colours works with a wider range of decorations and furnishings.


The minimalist design motto can be summed up as “Less is more”. By creating an understated look, you may find this colour scheme is more pleasing and is actually more effective than colour schemes that are too in your face.


Monochromatic colour scheme focuses on one colour using various shades to complement one another. This can be a great design feature that provides houses with a clean, cohesive look that is nevertheless bold.

Contemporary facade lighting

Most modern homes, even those using a more traditional facade, incorporate open living into their layout. This makes a home feel more spacious but also allows more natural light into your home. Large, well-placed windows.

Contemporary often have a mixture of functional lighting and statement lighting. Practical lighting includes security lights, floodlights, garden lights and any light that has the primary purpose of being practical.

Contemporary facade texture

Flat lines are a key feature that separates modern house facade design from more traditional exteriors. This gives your home an immaculate look that takes a quality-over-quantity approach to any embellishments. This includes flat roofs, or more architecturally striking roofs including curved roof design or butterfly roofing.

Other common Contemporary facade features

Contemporary design incorporates a lot of ideas of the moment while trying to create a timeless look. However, there are some other features you’ll often find in contemporary homes.

  • Sharply angled roofs. Designs including sloped, butterfly, and curved roofs
  • When in doubt, go for less is more as this will more likely suit the contemporary style.
  • Large windows and glass doors encourage natural light into the home.
  • Decorative battens
  • Design ideas

Modern Contemporary facade design inspiration from Australian home builders

Barkly by Metricon

Cayman 255 – by Montgomery Homes

Edgewater by G.J. Gardener Homes

What are the benefits of a Contemporary facade?

  • Modern look: Contemporary is all about jumping on board what’s trending now. Your house design will be current.
  • Could improve your resale value: Along with the modern look, contemporary designs have modern features such as open living layouts and modern fixtures.
  • A minimalist look allows for more flexibility with decoration for your interior design ideas. Suits both single-storey and double-storey looks.
  • Though modern, when carefully designed, contemporary design can age quite well.

What are the drawbacks of a Contemporary facade?

  • Following trends can backfire. We’ve looked at old photos of ourselves in high school and wondered what the heck we were thinking wearing those clothes. Trends with house facades are very much a thing.
  • May not suit certain neighbourhoods, for example, somewhere with a lot of heritage buildings.

Are Contemporary facades sustainable?

Contemporary homes are often more sustainable than classic properties, as they’re being built to meet current guidelines and codes. Your choice of material (and where it is being sourced from) will play a major part in how sustainable your home is overall. Other factors including your home’s orientation and the overall layout of your house are all essential to sustainability. Also consider:

  • Insulation
  • Eco-friendly fixtures
  • Energy-efficient appliances

How much maintenance and cleaning is required for a Contemporary facade?

Maintaining and cleaning your home is key to keeping it in great condition and looking great. It’s also essential to know what type of upkeep your home will need. Most of this will come down to the type of materials you use to build your home.

Are there any specific building codes or regulations for Contemporary facades that I should be aware of?

Whatever type of home you’re building, there are regulations you’ll need to follow. The key sets of guidelines you need to be aware of are:

  • The National Construction Code
  • Local Council Regulations
  • Building covenants

Our tips for choosing a Contemporary facade for your new home

  • Check your neighbourhood: What type of facade design ideas are common in the neighbourhood you’re building in? While you want your home to be unique, you don’t want it to be completely out of place.
  • Finances: Money is one of the biggest issues so many homeowners face. Whether you go for a classic facade or a modern façade you need to be sure you can afford it.
  • Look at other home facades (display homes, pintinterest, builder’s website) to get an idea of what you may like (and just as important, won’t you don’t like).
  • Get in touch with Buildi for advice throughout your building journey.

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