Outdoor Entertainment Area Ideas & Designs

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When designing the layout of your home, it’s easy to focus on your indoor living space and forget about the outdoor space. But when you think about it, the outdoor room is where it all happens. Family barbecues, hangouts with your mates, or a game of backyard cricket, a lot of memories are created outside, so why not make the most of this? Let’s get out there and take a look at outdoor entertainment area ideas and designs.

The Benefits of Outdoor Entertainment Spaces

Adds Value to your home

Aussies are known for loving the great outdoors, and if you’ve got some beautiful surroundings an outdoor space can really help show this off. Having this feature could be a highlight to any potential buyer, thereby increasing your resale value.

Great Space for enjoying time with family and friends

Whether it’s gathering the family around for Christmas lunch, celebrating a birthday or just getting together for that long overdue catch-up, an outdoor entertainment space provides the perfect area to entertain. Your new space will soon become the place to be for all major gatherings.

Enhance relaxing and recreation possibilities

A well-designed outdoor entertaining area provides an extra area for you and your loved ones to relax. Whether it’s a cup of coffee in the morning, somewhere to unwind after work or even a way to work from home while enjoying the benefits of your outdoor area.

Chance for a wide range of features

Your outdoor space can be designed to suit your personality and needs. Perhaps you want to install a backyard BBQ, a fire pit, or even a pizza oven. Maybe you want the ultimate alfresco dining area for dinner parties people will remember.

Outdoor Entertainment Area Ideas

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Basic Outdoor Kitchen Setup

Even when working on a budget, your outdoor living space can still deliver the goods. Some key elements you’ll need are cooking equipment, furniture and space.

Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Designs

For those looking for something more luxurious, your outdoor entertaining area can be the perfect spot to treat your guests to a gourmet experience. From high-end entertainment features to pizza ovens

Dining and Seating Area Ideas

Al Fresco Dining Spaces

With a quality Alfresco area, you’ll have a second dining room perfect for summer afternoons. Some things to consider include:

  • Choosing the Right Dining Table and Chairs: Remember indoor and outdoor spaces are both different in terms of what they endure. Any furniture you place outdoors needs to be able to handle the elements.
  • Creating a Cozy Ambiance with Lighting and Table Settings: Like any other room, the layout of your outdoor area is key to its success. Lighting fixtures and where they’re installed

Lounge and Seating Areas

Backyard seating areas are great for relaxing with a cup of tea and a book or for when you have friends over. Incorporating elements like fire pits or outdoor heaters will mean you can enjoy the outdoor area year-round, even on those chilly winter nights.

Outdoor Entertainment Feature Ideas

There are many ways to create the ultimate backyard entertainment area including:

  • Outdoor TVs and Entertainment Systems (there are Weatherproof TVs and Audio Equipment available)
  • Creating a Home Theater Experience in the Open Air (through projectors or a TV)

Great for movie nights or sporting events, your outdoor area will be the place to be for the whole family.

Gaming and Recreational Areas

Beyond television and electronics, there are plenty of features for entertaining outdoors including:

  • Outdoor Games like Ping Pong or Foosball
  • Designing Play Spaces for Children and Adults Alike
  • Spa/ jacuzzis and outdoor hot tubs
  • Pool area
  • Fire Pits
  • Bar area
  • Fridge

Landscape ideas

Landscaping helps your property look its best while helping your outdoor space shine. Some design ideas you could take on board are:

  • Planting trees, plants or starting a garden.
  • Buying potted plants for the veranda area.
  • Create a visual interest with water features, pathways or sculptures.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Like inside your home, the placement of your lighting in your outdoor entertaining area plays a huge role in how effective your fixtures are. For a backyard patio or veranda, you’ll want some ambient lighting for the general area. On top of this, you may want accent lights to highlight certain features, a spotlight to light up the backyard and pathway lights for garden areas.

Outdoor Entertainment Area Design Key Considerations

Budgeting and planning

Finances are a concern for anyone building a new home, so you must have a thorough understanding of what you can realistically afford. Our advice is not to look for what’s the cheapest, but rather what is the best value for money. It’s much better to spend a little more initially for a product that will last you for years rather than save some money on an inferior product that will cause you problems over the years.

Hiring the right people

Few decisions make or break your construction process as the people you choose to perform the job. Unless you already have a trusted contractor in mind, we recommend shopping around and getting a few quotes. When comparing these quotes, make sure they’re all covering the same thing. You don’t want to find out one quote was cheaper because the contractor hadn’t factored in travel costs.

Ensuring you follow local council guidelines

Any major renovation or building project is going to need to follow local guidelines as well as the National Construction Code regulations. It’s always worth double-checking that everything you’re planning meets standards and whether you’re required to get any approvals.

Turn your outdoor space into an entertainment hotspot for family and friends!

There are plenty of outdoor entertainment area designs that could be brought to life and the place to be in your home. Whether it’s for a family get-together, friends coming over or just a place to chill, your outdoor area can be a key feature that will improve your lifestyle and increase your home’s value.

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