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Your home is your sanctuary and you want to know that you and your family are safe. Security lights can be an effective means of deterring unwanted visitors and providing sight on dark nights. Let’s shed some light on security lighting and examine how it can help protect your property.

The importance of outdoor security lighting

Security lights

Security lights are a surprisingly effective means of deterring unwanted visitors. There are a few key reasons for this.

  • The thing a burglar wants is to be seen and then caught. A sudden burst of light will put them in the spotlight.
  • This light provides you, neighbours and passers-by a chance to see who is lurking around your house.
  • Often the extra light helps your security camera catch more accurate footage.

While lights alone shouldn’t be your only security measure, sometimes they’ll be enough to deter vandalism, break-ins or other unwanted activity.

Safety reasons

Security lighting is just for burglars; actual guests and wanted visitors can benefit as well. Motion sensor lights give your guests a chance to see what they’re doing as they make their way to your front door. The enhanced visibility will cut down the chances of accidents, trips and bumping into things.

  • Well-lit exterior as a Deterrent
  • Reduces Vulnerability to Break-Ins
  • Enhanced Visibility
  • Safe Navigation for Residents and Guests
  • Prevention of Accidents and Trips

Types of Outdoor Security Lighting for your home


Floodlights are large bright lighting with an extensive scope and range. Flood lights are ideal for lighting a large area, for example, an entire yard or driveway. Best installed as high as possible to provide the best coverage. To drastically cut down on energy costs, we highly recommend using LED floodlights.


These tend to be more focused than floodlights and are great for illuminating a specific area. This could include a doorway, a veranda area or a smaller pathway.

Outdoor sensor lights

These lights activate when detecting motion and are great for convenience, safety and security reasons. The lights will then deactivate after a certain time has lapsed without any motion. These are available in various lights (including floodlights and spotlights).

Solar security lights

An eco-friendly option that will cut down on energy costs and carbon emissions. Powered by the sun and a battery, these lights absorb UV rays during the day to later convert into energy during the night.

Step lights

Great for if you have a home that has a staircase to the entry, these lights give people a better idea of where the steps are. More for preventing accidents than a security measure, it could stop someone from having a nasty fall.

Garden lights, decorative lights and bollard lights

Great for adding a decorative touch to your home, highlighting your beautiful garden, drawing attention to a feature of your home or just serving as a focal point of their own. Though all of these lights serve primarily decorative purposes, they can act as a deterrent for trespassers.

Where should you position your outdoor security lights?

As important as the type of light you purchase is where you place them. Installing security lights is poor locations could completely derail what you’re setting out to do.

Some recommended areas to install lights include:

  • Key Entry Points: Front doors, garage entrance, veranda entrance and any other doors.
  • Dark corners and blind spots
  • Around the perimeter
  • Addressing Areas of Limited Visibility

Integrations with your Smart Home Security Systems

Smart homes are becoming more common and your lighting can be integrated into your automation setup. Through your mobile device, you can receive immediate notification of activity, whether you’re home or not. Adding security cameras will help protect your house. Motion sensors and alerts will help you know immediately when something is amiss, no matter where you are.

Timed Lighting Automation

Planning a few weeks away to get away from it all? A popular tactic for homeowners is to program their lighting to turn on while they’re away to simulate the presence of people in the house. This scheduling can be done with energy-efficient scheduling to keep your bills down while you’re enjoying your holiday.

How much does outdoor security lighting cost?

The price of security lighting is obviously going to depend on what you’re installing and who you hire you hire to install it. Some quick examples of prices are below:

  • $31.98 for a 12V dome garden bollard (2 pack)
  • $31.98 for 20m low voltage garden lighting cable
  • $40.46 for a square weatherproof LED steplight
  • $61.66 for a 100W coach exterior wall light
  • $61.66 for a LED up/down exterior wall light
  • $71.96 for a 2W LED in-ground spot (stainless steel)
  • $80.15 for a 12V 220W garden light transformer
  • $120.50 for a 11W twin AC LED floodlight with movement sensor
  • $125.10 for a 30W LED floodlight
  • $134.10 for a 70mm 2 light deck light kit (blue globes)
  • $161.10 for a 12V large bollard (copper)

When it comes to the price of labour, expect to pay between $90-120 per hour. The price may be higher if you live in a remote area or you have a challenging project.

Installing outdoor security lighting

We all love to save a little money, but sometimes we need to consider whether the long-term effects are worth the initial savings. So can you install your security lighting? Let’s weigh up the pros and cons.

DIY Installation


  • Potentially save money on labour costs
  • If you have a specific vision, you can carry it out
  • Can only really be done for battery power lighting or wireless lights that don’t require wiring.


  • You could mess it up. Then you’ll need to hire a pro to fix it.
  • If done poorly, it could affect your home insurance.
  • More work for you.
  • Depending on the electrical work required, you may not legally be able to install certain lighting.

Professional Installation


Less labour for you

You’ll know it is installed properly

The job will likely be performed quickly.


Costs more.

Requires organisation and booking someone.

Outdoor Lighting Security Frequently Asked Questions and Considerations

What is the best security light for the outside?

The best light for security lights depends on the job you need it to perform. For lighting a large, general area, motion sensor flood lights are your best bet. For a more specific target, you’re better off buying something smaller.

Are outdoor lights good for security?

Yes. While not enough to protect your home against anyone who goes ahead and tries to break in, it may be enough to deter vandals and burglars.

Outdoor lighting is a must for any new home!

There are many benefits that come with installing security lighting for outdoor spaces. First, it’s the perfect solution to helping your family safely navigate outside during the night. Second, it can be a deterrent to unwanted visitors. No thief wants to be seen and lighting literally puts them in the spotlight. When teamed up with a security system, it helps give your home the best chance of being protected. A secure, well-lit home allows you and your family to feel safe and provides peace of mind.

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