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Metricon Homes is one of Australia’s largest home builders. Founded in Victoria in 1976, Metricon has a reputation for houses that are up with trends and well-designed.

With 70 homes designs (33 single-storeys, 37 double), there is a lot to choose from.  In this article, we will have a look at what Metricon has to offer, as well as offer some tips for deciding on the floor plan that’s perfect for you.

Floorplan considerations

The floorplan you chose is a vital step in the building process. Here are a few things to consider.


What size your house should be might sound obvious, but it is something a lot of new homebuyers struggle with. It’s especially challenging for those designing a custom home. For this reason, it’s a good idea to look at pre-existing designs to get an idea of measurements.

It’s also important to consider how big a house you need. Two pensioners won’t need the same space as a young family of five for example. Along with living space, you’ll need to account for furniture and everything you plan to put in your new home.


The layout of your home should suit your lifestyle. If you have a family, you may want the bedrooms away from the living areas, even on separate floors, to allow privacy. You’ll also want to consider how open your home is. Would you like a kitchen that flows into the dining room and living room or would you prefer separate areas? If you picked the block of land because of the scenery, why not design a home that takes advantage of the view?


Have a look around where you live now. What do you love about your current home? Are there elements of this house that drive you crazy? Your new floorplan is a chance to make a design that highlights what you want and get rid of what you don’t. For example, if your knees aren’t what they used to be, why pick a floor plan with loads of stairs?

Choose a home that suits your life.

You don’t just want your home to look nice, you need to be able to live in it. Your home should suit your needs and everyday life. A double-storey home may look impressive, but if you live alone, is it really practical? Likewise, if you’re planning to start a family soon, you’ll want to pick the design that can accommodate.


Versatility is not the first thing you’ll imagine when picturing your dream home, but it’s worth thinking about. A house with flexible rooms means your home is more adaptable to change. For example, an extra bedroom can be turned into another study when your eldest moves out. Versatile rooms are also handy if you’re planning to resell someday, as potential buyers will see more possibilities in the layout.


Have a realistic idea of what you can afford. Keeping track of your budget can be tricky, but hopefully, this will avoid any blowout in expenses. By having a set budget in mind from the beginning, you may be surprised by how much you can achieve.

Expenses don’t stop once you’re given the keys to your new home. Different houses will require different upkeep. For example, heating and cooling bills will be higher for a double-storey house than for a single-storey home. When budgeting, think carefully and honestly about what you can afford.

Metricon floorplan sizes

When choosing your design, one of your biggest decisions will be how big do you want your house to be. How much room do you need in the house? How much land do you have to build on? The last thing you want to do is select a floor plan that doesn’t suit the block of land you have. Different designs work better with different land, and some options are going to be more feasible for you.

Bartell is one of the smaller designs available from Metricon.

Metricon has a wide range of sizes when it comes to homes. The three-bedroom, single storey, Bartell will fit on a 10m wide block and has a house area of 12.37sq. On the other end of the spectrum, the Highlander is for those with large blocks of land. With two storeys, and a house area of 55.21sq, this design needs a min block width of 39.79m.

The Highlander is the largest home Metricon offers.

Certain designs, like the Glendale, are designed to have larger house space while having a smaller footprint. This means you can still have the double-storey, family home of your dreams, even if your block of land is on the smaller side.

Single-storey Metricon Home designs

Metricon has 33 different single storey designs, ranging from two to five bedrooms. A lot of these designs are available in different facades or have variations on their floorplans.

The Avanti Series

The Barkly Series

The Bartell

The Bohemian

(two floorplans available)


(three floorplans available)


(Two floorplans to choose from)


(Six floorplans to choose from)



(13 floorplans to choose from)



Three floorplans to choose from



Three plans to choose from


(Four Floor plans available)



(Two floorplans to choose from)


Two Floorplans available


Three Standard Floorplans to choose from.


Seven Floor plans to choose from.



Eight Floor Plans to choose from



Three floor plans to choose from.



Six floor plans to choose from




Double-storey Metricon Home Designs

Metricon has 37 double-storey home designs. 


Two Floorplans Available



Five Floorplans available


Three Floorplans Available.


Three Floorplans

Two Floorplans available


Three Floorplans


Two Floorplans



Four floorplans to choose from


Two Floorplans


Two Floorplans


Four Floorplans

La Pyrenee

Two Floorplans


Three Floorplans




Five Floorplans


Two Floorplans



Five Floorplans


Two Floorplans


Two Floorplans


Two Floorplans


Two Floorplans


Two Floorplans


Two Floorplans


Three Floorplans


Three Floorplans


Two Floorplans


Five Floorplans


Five Floorplans



Three floorplans are available.


Five Floorplans


Acreage Metricon Home Designs

Metricon has a few options for those building on larger properties.

Fontaine Series

The Denver Series

The Kalarney Series

The Mapelton Series

The Highlander Series

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Popular Metricon Home Design Styles

Lucent 20

According to Metricon’s Instagram page, the single-storey Lucent 20 has been the most popular design in Queensland for the past two years. Designed as an affordable family home, the layout revolves around an open kitchen, living room and dining area. The outdoor room that takes advantage of great weather, is another reason this design has proven so popular.

  • Four Bedrooms.
  • Most popular design in Queensland.
  • Suitable for 10m+ block.
  • 7 Different Floorplans to choose from.
  • 6 Facades to choose from.


Santorini 29 with Aspen Facade

One of Metricon’s most popular designs, the Santorini is a common choice for families who wish to move into a larger home. Boasting luxurious fixtures and fittings, and spacious rooms, the Santorini has a luxurious feel while still practical for family life. Would be suitable for those looking to upgrade their family home.

  • 4 Bedrooms.
  • Min block width of 16m.
  • House area: 25.80sq
  • Six floor plans.
  • 8 Facades to choose from.

The Delta

Delta with Kingston facade

With 13 different floorplans to choose from, the Delta is easily one of Metricon’s most flexible and variable designs, which would account for its popularity. What stands out about the Delta series is the layout, with bedrooms down one side of the home and an open living area on the other.

  • 4 Bedroom single-storey home
  • 13 floor plans available
  • 9 Facades to choose from


Delta with Aspire facade

Predicted to become more popular as block sizes continue to shrink, the Glendale is a two storey-home design that can fit comfortably 14-metre block. This allows buyers to purchase in pricier suburbs yet still build a larger home.

  • Four bedrooms
  • Predicted to become Metricon’s most popular double-storey home
  • Suitable for lot widths of 14m
  • 4 floor plans to choose from
  • 8 facades to choose from


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