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Metricon Homes promotes itself as Australia’s leading home builder, often highlighting their experience and the innovation of their designs. This is all well and good, but the question on every home buyers’ lips is, ”how much is it going to cost?” In this article, we are taking a look at how much building with Metricon is likely to set you back. We will look at both floorplans, and house and land packages to give you an idea of what’s available. So let’s dive in and look at Metricon Homes Prices.

Metricon Homes Price Summary

Unlike other builders, Metricon doesn’t offer an estimated price on floorplans on their website. These prices can be a little misleading, as they don’t take into account things like the cost of the land and site costs. Nonetheless, we’ve looked through their home designs and will give you a general idea of what to expect. Remember, prices will change depending on your land and other factors.

The Clara 15 is likely the base Metricon Home with a price between $150,000 and $200,000. This is with standard inclusions and no upgrades, this house includes:

3 bedrooms

2 bathrooms

1 car garage.

The home is small with a house area of 106.25m², but this does mean it only needs a lot width of 10m.

One of the most expensive Metricon Homes available is the La Pyrenee likely to cost around $1.05m. This is without any upgrades, so the max price you could spend at Metricon Homes is even higher. This design is promoted as a luxury, two-storey design and features:

5 bedrooms

5.5 bathrooms

3 living areas

1 study

2 car garage

The total house area is 638.67m2 and you’ll need a block at least 16.3m wide to build it on. The inclusions are part of Metricon’s Signature range.

These prices include just the home design and don’t take into account the price of the land, upgrades, site costs or any landscaping and swimming pools you may wish to include.

Single Storey Metricon Home Prices

Apart from the Clara (see above), one of the most affordable home designs you can get is the Lucent 15 for under $200,000. The house is a single-storey design with:

3 bedrooms

2 bathrooms

1 living area

1 car garage

The Lucent series has eight different floorplans, which offers some flexibility in sizes. The house area on the Lucent 15 is 112.18m2. Not a big home, but might be a more affordable option for first home buyers.

The Fontaine is the largest and most expensive home design (possibly even more than the La Pyrenee shown above). It’s an acreage design, so you’ll need a large property for this design, at least 37.5m block width. It includes:

4 bedrooms

3 bathrooms

5 living areas

2 car garage

The least expensive house and land package we could find was an Ella 17 with Aspire facade, at $386,000. This property is in South MacLean which is about 40-50 minutes away from Brisbane. That distance might not appeal to anyone who needs to be in the city regularly.

The most expensive option for a single-storey house and land package was $641,636 for a Mantra 25 in Narangba. This home features 4 bedrooms, and the house area is 231.78m2. The block of land is a decent size with a 20m width.

Double Storey Metricon Homes Prices

One of the most expensive double-storey designs is the Riveria at around $1m. With a house area of 497.28m2, you’ll need a block width of at least 15m. The house includes:

5 bedrooms

5 bathrooms

3 Living areas

2 car garage.

The cheapest double-storey house and land package is $540,419 for a Lucca 29 with Deakin Facade in Greenbank, about a 40-60min drive to the Brisbane CBD. This home includes:

4 bedrooms

2.5 bathrooms

3 living rooms

2 car garage

The most expensive house and land package available is a Fontaine 60 design located in Samford Valley. This property has a fixed price of $2,240,606. It has a house area of 557.63m2. Along with the house, the large block of land is the reason for the price. This home includes:

4 Bedrooms

3 Bathrooms

3 Living Rooms

2 Bathrooms

Want to see more of Metricon’s Floorplans and Designs! Click here to find out more!

Prices For The Metricon Range

Metricon has a few different ranges of home designs with the biggest difference between each category being price. We will give you a rundown of each category, giving you an idea of what to expect. We’ll also give some examples of house designs in each range (trying to avoid homes we’ve already covered above).

HomeSolution by Metricon

HomeSolution by Metricon is pitched as a solution for first-time home buyers. The homes in this selection are no-frills, basic houses. Could be a good option for those looking to get their foot in the door, or those on a tight budget.

Prices for designs come in around $150,000-350,000.


*Offer a fixed price which will help avoid nasty surprises down the track.

*Can get started with a 5k deposit

*Metricon will team you with a financial planner

Top HomeSolution Choices:




Freedom by Metricon

The Freedom range is aimed at families looking for larger homes without breaking their budget. This is Metricon’s most popular range, with a lot of people finding their dream home at a reasonable price.

Expect to pay between 150,000-400,000 for the house design.


*The designs are quite spacious

*Most of the designs come in a few layouts and in different sizes.

*Contain some of Metricon’s most popular designs including the Santorini, Glendale and Lucent ranges.

Top Freedom Choices:




Designer by Metricon

Designer by Metricon is focused on modern, contemporary styles. More luxurious, while advertised as affordable, it’s also pitched as a way to upgrade, so these designs won’t be to everyone’s budget.

For the design, you’re looking at paying between $250,000-$500,000.


*Better fixtures and inclusions

*Modern facades.

*Spacious rooms




Signature by Metricon

Signature is Metricon’s luxury range of houses. These are Metricon’s top-of-the-line homes and the prices reflect that. All the most expensive homes we mentioned before are part of this range. Expect to pay between $650,000 to $1,000,000 for a design in the Signature range.


*Luxurious features included.

*Large house areas.

*Spacious rooms

Top Signature Choices:




DualOCC by Metricon

DualOCC is Metricon’s range of Duplex buildings. This would appeal to those looking to rent part of their property. Also good if you want to have someone live close by (a relative for instance) while still giving them personal space. Otherwise, this isn’t really the option for most homebuyers.

Prices for design will cost between $400,000-500,000

Top DualOCC Choices:




Prices for inclusions & Upgrades

When looking at display homes, remember that they will likely have the best inclusions and fixtures. Even the photos on the web page may depict fixtures that aren’t standard.

For Luxury inclusions and upgrades, you’re looking at an extra $30,000-50,000, possibly more, depending on where you’re starting from. The bigger your home is, the more upgrades are going to cost, however, a lot of the most expensive homes come with luxury inclusions.

Here are just some examples of what upgrades are offered in the Freedom range:

Some of the upgrades that are available from Metricon.

As you can imagine, after a few upgrades, the bill will start to stack up.

Driveways and landscaping won’t be included in your build price, you could end up spending upwards of $30,000 for that, depending on block size and work that needs to be done.

Different house designs will have different inclusions, so it is best to be thorough when discussing your new home. If you need a hand making sure your dream home ends up as you want it, get in touch with Buildi.

Need more information? Talk to an expert for free about different home design prices!


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