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A city with the character of a country town, Gympie is an ideal area for anyone thinking of building a dream home in a rural area. Today’s article is all about the display home options in Gympie. Due to its location, there aren’t a lot of physical display houses in the area and with the recent development, North Park Estate appears to have sold all its former display homes. Therefore, we’ll be exploring some options for rural areas where display villages aren’t readily available.

Gympie Display Home plans, style & design

Acreage Homes

Being a rural area, an acreage home is worth considering if you’re planning to buy in the Gympie area. A classic country house look that emphasises functionality, the sprawling floorplan perfectly suits a larger property.

Single Storey Homes

With most builders, their single-storey collection will be their largest and most varied range of home designs. For first-home buyers, the most affordable options are likely going to be single-storey homes.

Double Storey Homes

As the name implies, double-storey home designs have two levels. They’re a great way to build a large house on a small block of land.

Split Level Homes

Most of Gympie is on a slant in one direction or another so you may want to consider a split-level home design. A multi-level house designed to work with the land rather than despite it, the design is a great way to lessen any evacuation needed, which can be an expensive and unpredictable process.

House and land packages

There is a range of house and land packages available in the Gympie area. However, with a lot of local lands also for sale, it seems to us purchasing a vacant lot is the better option.

Pros and Cons of Rural Living

As we’re talking about Gympie, we thought it’d be a great opportunity to look at some of the pros and cons of rural living. Even the slickest of city slickers can have romantic ideas about living in the country, but it can be an even bigger change than you might expect. Here are some things you should consider before making the leap.



Being out in the country allows a level of privacy you simply can’t achieve in the cities. There’s less need to worry about noisy or nosey neighbours and the chances of door-to-door salesman are practically nil.

Larger Block of land:

In the city, you’re lucky to get a property over 500m2 and even then it’ll cost a fortune. Rural areas offer larger blocks allowing you to do what you please.

More space for animals:

For animal lovers, you’ll be able to have all the room you need, be it for dogs, cats, horses, cows, goats or whatever animal you can imagine.


The Quiet

Wait, isn’t this part of the reason you moved out here in the first place? You might be surprised how daunting the quietness of the country is if you’ve spent your life in urban areas. Not to mention or the sounds of the bush you might not have heard before.

A long drive to anywhere

If you don’t have your own car or license, life in a rural area is going to be a grind as you won’t have easy access to many amenities. Shopping trips will be longer as will your kids’ bus rides to school. Anyone who has medical issues should seriously consider whether being up to an hour away from a hospital is really a great idea.

Slower internet

The unfortunate cost of the beautiful scenery is that the internet and phone reception are notoriously spotty in the Gympie area, especially when you get out to the outskirts.


Sure, the koalas, kookaburra and kangaroos are adorable but then there are the snakes, spiders and bugs. Take our word for it, a lot of wildlife in the country is either nocturnal or gets up at the crack of dawn so you’ll have to adapt to that. Wildlife can be a huge advantage to many but if you’re not an animal person, the country might not be your scene.

Gympie home builders and display homes

Due to a lack of display homes in Gympie, virtual online tours might be a great option for anyone currently living in Gympie. If you’re simply after inspiration, you could also visit one of the display villages on the Sunshine Coast.

Aspect Homes QLD

An award-winning, local builder who specialises in custom-designed homes and has over 25 building experience in the Gympie area. Whereas many bulk builders will expect you to accept a pre-existing design left unchanged, Aspect can design your new home from scratch. Being local builders, they can know Gympie and can offer a personalised service to help you achieve your dream home.

They had a display home in the North Park Estate but this has since closed and been sold. To see their work, we recommend visiting their website.

GJ Gardner Homes Gympie

G.J. Gardner Homes is one of the biggest builders in the country and have operated in Brisbane for over 37 years.

  • One of the biggest builders in the country, with over 36,000 builds to their name.
  • Lots of variety in-home designs.
  • They’re a franchised business, meaning different locations will offer completely different experiences
  • Upgraded display homes can be misleading
  • Prices can vary depending on where you’re building

They don’t have a physical house to visit, however, you can take a virtual tour of many of their designs online

Hotondo Homes

Hotondo Homes works all over South-East Queensland They’ve won a Master Builders Association award for their work on sloping sites, so are worth looking into if you’re working with slanted land.

They’ve won a Master Builders Association award for their work on sloping sites, so are worth looking into if you’re working with slanted land.

Oakvale Homes

A local Gympie builder how to build in Gympie, Cooloola, North Sunshine Coast and up to Harvey Bay. They offer five ranges including:

  • Beach Range
  • Country Range
  • Essential Range
  • Island Range
  • Modern Range

Their speciality is elevated homes and working with difficult terrains, which in Gympie, is in abundance.

Though we couldn’t find a Oakvale Homes display home we have found this video offering a virtual tour of one of their designs.

Dixon Homes Gympie

Dixon Homes is a franchised builder with locations along the Australian East Coast. Founded in 1959, Dixon Homes has built a name for itself as an affordable alternative in the building industry.

Stroud Homes

Stroud Homes was founded by James Stroud in 2005, and they build Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. They have a display centre in Gympie.

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Is Gympie the right area for me?

The Gympie area has beautiful rural landscapes so it’s easy to get a great view. If you’ve lived your life in a city until now, you may find the change of pace quite jarring (see above). While Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast are within an hour or two’s driving distance, Gympie isn’t for anyone who wants to live the city life.

Economically, the Gympie job market isn’t booming, so we’d recommend lining up work before you move.

Without beating around the bush, Gympie will be a little remote and small for a lot of people. However, for the right person, it’s a quiet area with a unique character and beautiful surroundings made up of bushland and valleys.

Sunshine Coast living options

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