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What is an industrial style home design?

Industrial Home designs have stripped-down, distinct aesthetics that draws on factory and industrial spaces. In fact, a lot of industrial homes are literally repurposed factory or warehouse space. In essence, industrial style is about taking old materials and giving them a new purpose without stripping them of their original character. The intended feeling is meant to be minimalist yet lived in.

Some noticeable aspects of industrial style include exposed brick walls, exposed beams and the use of materials like concrete and steel. Furniture is made of repurposed material/objects, such as a crate being used as a coffee table.

The style’s defined by the architectural elements within a space. Some of the signature elements of industrial style include weathered wood, building systems, exposed brick, industrial lighting fixtures, exposed beams and polished concrete.

Contemporary House Design Considerations

Distinct look

The look of the industrial style is very distinct. Exposed pipes and roofbeams would be meant to draw attention and are a big part of the appeal. Any unfinished parts of the building (deliberate or not) is not only accepted but made a feature of the house. It’s a style that won’t appeal to everyone, but can feel laidback and uncluttered to a lot of people.

Open Plan

Part of industrial home design is to keep the area as open as possible and avoid clutter. Most rooms will be part of a larger space rather than being separated into their own areas. In double-storey homes, you’ll often be able to see the top ceiling from the bottom floor.

Building Materials

When it comes to this style, there is a focus on raw materials including exposed brick walls, steel, timber, leather, concrete floors, exposed air conditioning ducts. These materials are a feature so they’re meant to stand out both in interior design and exterior design.

Design costs

Industrial style homes aren’t as common as other designs so you may need a specialist or custom builder. Depending on your layout, there may be some structural requirements that you’ll want a builder who knows what they’re doing.

If you’re using a pre-existing place, renovation costs often catch people off guard, so it may not be the cheaper option it first seems to be.

Industrial is trendy

Industrial chic has become more popular in recent years. Therefore, adopting the look can give your home a cool, stylish appearance that will leave an impression on visitors. Like with any trend, the risk is that people will move on to something else in the future which could hurt your resale value.

What are the features of a modern industrial home?

Industrial Interior Design

Industrial home design tends to focus on minimalism and practicality. Like Modern Design, industrial interior design features a lot of clean lines in the architectural style. Unlike Modern Homes, lines can bend/curve in an industrial design.

Expect a lot of use of metal, glass and wooden surfaces throughout the home, both in the structure and in the furniture.

Open Space

A big part of the industrial home is the feeling of open space. Large areas that encompass numerous rooms (living room, dining room, kitchen all part of one space) and high ceilings, industrial home designs are all about making your house feel spacious. There’s also a chance for you to use natural light to your advantage.

Colour Palette

The colour choices should reflect the building materials, think neutral colours like black, grey, brown and white. Bright colours aren’t really going to fit in with the vibe. The colours of the brick and steel and wood should be a guide to the palette you’re working with. For splashes of colour, you can have leafy potted plants or bright pictures.


Industrial style furniture is often repurposed material. For example, a box that’s now a coffee table. The furniture needs to work with the open and negative space. The industrial approach is to let the furniture speak for itself rather than have it reflect the space it is in. Vintage decor, like old photographs, and abstract paintings and artworks work well in industrial homes.

Industrial Style Interior Design Ideas

The look of the industrial style can give a very striking appearance to your home. Here are a few pictures to give you some ideas for interior designs.

Industrial style lighting fixture.
Wooden bench made of pallets for sitting with tables

Industrial Single Storey Home Designs

Here are a few examples of single-storey industrial homes.

Industrial Double Storey Home Designs

Here are some examples of double-storey home designs

Are industrial look houses easy to build?

Due to the materials used such as concrete and steel, industrial style homes could end up costing more than other styles of home.

Compare Specialist Industrial Style Home Builders

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