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In the competitive South East Queensland market, the Moreton Bay Region is becoming one of the fastest-growing areas. With its relaxed coastal meets bushland atmosphere, it’s not hard to see why. Redcliffe is one of the thriving property markets in the area and is popular with families, retirees and professionals alike. Today’s article is all about home builders in Redcliffe (and nearby areas like North Lakes), and provides links to our builder’s review.

Is Redcliffe the right place for me?

Redcliffe has gone through a transition over the last few decades and has started to become known as a trendier place. Redcliffe offers both beachside living and more affordable suburban options. There are plenty of sporting facilities (and a new NRL team on the way), tourist attractions, beautiful landscapes and restaurants for you to enjoy in Redcliffe.

For those who need to be near the city, but don’t want to actually live there, Redcliffe offers a nice alternative. Sure, the peak hour traffic can be trying, but in exchange, you’ll have a more laidback homelife and easy access to the beach and bushland. There are a lot of shopping options in Redcliffe and the nearby North Lakes, so unless you need something specific, you won’t need to drive all the way to the CBD.

Need help finding the right design and the best builders for you?

At Buildi, we help you find the right builder, save time, reduce stress and stay on budget.

How We Can Help You

Building a home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. At Buildi, we’ll be there throughout the entire building process, guiding you step by step so you can avoid any pitfalls. We will help you by following these steps.

  1. Free Consultation – We will sit with you to understand what you are looking to accomplish.
  2. Due Diligence – We work with you to ensure you’re buying the right block of land at the right price without hidden problems.
  3. Builders tender – We will take your requirements out to the market of builders and they will bid to win your business.
  4. Present solutions – We will compile the top 3 options and present you with a comprehensive proposal on builders’ strengths & weaknesses along with prices and specifications.
  5. Contract Signing – We will work with you and your selected builder to ensure there is full transparency in what you are entering into.
  6. Building your home – We work closely with the builder to ensure all service levels are met and your project is on schedule.

Display Homes

Nearly every builder, whether they’re a huge, national company or a smaller family business, will have at least one display home you can visit. These are usually found in development estates but also can be found elsewhere. While they do provide an opportunity to view the construction and workmanship of a builder’s designs, it’s important to remember that a display home is essentially an advertisement. Like a billboard, the ultimate purpose is to gain your business. This doesn’t mean there’s nothing to gain from visiting a display home, we’re just saying you need to be aware and go in with the right perspective.

Does this floorplan fit my needs?

What looks promising on paper may not translate in real life. Think of your visit as a chance to get a feel for the floorplan and imagine if it suit your lifestyle. If not, would it require a small change or would it be more logical to go with an entirely different floorplan. Remember, flexibility with changes and how much it’ll cost you will depend on the builder, so enquire with the sales representative there as to what the policies are.

Are the fixture standard or custom?

Remember above when we said display homes are advertisements and can be a little misleading? Fixtures and features are where this fact will become very apparent. For example, just because that stonetop bench is in the display home, doesn’t necessarily mean it is a standard inclusion. Use this as an opportunity to put on your detective hat, and ask some questions. You worked hard for your money, so it’s only right that you know exactly what you’ll receive for the quoted price.

Take your own photos

Memory isn’t as reliable as we’d like it to be so take as many photo as you need. It can be useful even if you don’t like the house as whole, both as a frame of reference and as a way to remember little details you might like to incorporate into your eventual home design.

Ask questions

Visiting a display home isn’t the time to be shy, so ask the sales representative there all the questions you want to be answered. Their responses will be favourable towards their company, but you should still be able to pick up some useful information that will help you.

Display Homes Aren’t a Vital Step in the Building Process

Though display homes seem to be everywhere, they’re not actually an essential part of the building process. They’ve got their uses, but if you don’t get much out of your visit, or don’t want to go in the first place, this doesn’t reflect badly on you or your approach to a home build. It’s more important to research the builder themselves (using impartial sources whenever possible), as well as home designs, regulations and also what you need in a house.

Bespoke New Homes

A bespoke home is another term for a custom home. A bespoke builder offers personalised service and allows you the option to go off menu, so to speak, meaning instead of trying to make a pre-existing design work for you, you can create your floorplan from scratch. While most builders offer some level of choice, bespoke builders specialise in custom home designs and expect you to make changes.

Whether this is the way to go will depend on your plans for a home, so let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of working with a custom home builder.


Your choice

The obvious benefit of a custom home is you get to choose everything, from design, materials, special features and layout. Most custom builders are flexible with their customers’ involvement and will are more than willing to offer their advice. Ideally, you’ll develop a give-and-take relationship with your builder, allowing your ideas to come to life as your dream home.

A choice in materials

With a pre-existing design, odds are you’ll have a limited choice of materials, and any requests otherwise will be met with resistance from your builder. With a bespoke home you have the option of choosing your own material and can take charge when it comes to finding bargains or the perfect material for you.

Improving Energy efficiency

Though a custom home will be more expensive initially, you have the opportunity to make design choices that will help with your energy consumption, making your home both cheaper to maintain and create a smaller carbon footprint.


Takes longer to build

A custom home will take longer to build than a home based on a pre-existing design.

It will likely cost more initially

Building a new bespoke home will cost more initially for the same reasons it’ll take longer to build: the uniqueness of it means the builder may have to order materials, especially for you and depending on your design, they may need more time to figure out how to accomplish your design.

There is a perception that custom homes are incredibly expensive, however, this really depends on the home you’re building. For example, you can use a bespoke builder to build a simple, functional home that won’t cost a fortune. In fact, if you do your research, your influence could end up saving you money.

Not Builders are Equal

It’s hard to overstate how important your choice in builder is when it comes to a successful build. , so You’ll need someone trustworthy with whom you can trust and have open communication constantly. Quality construction and quality workmanship depend on the reliability of your builder. We’ve all heard horror stories about the terrible home-building experiences, so you need someone on your side, like Buildi, who knows the building industry and are not only the best builder for your job, but makes sure they deliver the goods and stay on track.

Can be a stressful process.

Building a new house can be a stressful process and a bespoke home can ramp this pressure up due to you being involved in every step. Keep in mind though, that no matter what approach you take to building your home, there will be at least one moment where it all seems a bit much. This is a big project and feeling overwhelmed is completely normal. One of the benefits of a custom home is you have a say in how much say you have. If you want your builder to advise you, you can take

Redcliffe Local Builders

Ausmar Homes

Bold Living

BOLD Living is a boutique builder, which has been building homes in Brisbane since 2010. They’re not as experienced as other builders on this list with only 13 years of experience.

Brighton Homes

Brighton Homes was established in 2018 as the Southeast Queensland-focused builder of the MJH Group.

  • Fairly new builder.
  • Offer designs that are up to date with modern trends and are known to be upfront about their costs.

Coral Homes

Coral Homes is a true volume builder. They were founded in Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast in 1990 and have been building homes in Brisbane since then.

  • t’s easy to get an idea of their craftmanship at one of their many display homes around QLD.
  • None of their designs are customisable, but luckily there’s a lot of them.
  • Coral will show you design plans relative to your block in the early stages and their initial quotes provide a surprising amount of detail.
  • Their build process is very segmented leaving you to feel a bit left in the dark when the build begins.

GJ Gardner

G.J. Gardner Homes is one of the biggest builders in the country and have operated in Brisbane for over 37 years.

  • One of the biggest builders in the country, with over 36,000 builds to their name.
  • Lots of variety in home designs.
  • They’re a franchised business, meaning different locations will offer completely different experiences
  • Upgraded display homes can be misleading
  • Prices can vary depending on where you’re building

Hallmark Homes

Hallmark Homes are based in South-East Queensland and build around 500 homes a year.

  • Specialise in narrow blocks and acreage properties.
  • Good entry-level prices
  • Ability to compare designs on their website
  • Use self-certified tradespeople
  • No double-storey homes
  • Basic Standard inclusions

Hontondo Homes

Hontondo Homes have a wide range of design styles from contemporary to traditional, heritage-inspired designs. They have locations all over Australia, including in Ipswich.

Metricon Homes

Metricon is a Victorian-based builder that builds around 5000 homes a year nationally. They build a large volume of homes in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & Southeast Queensland.

  • Metricon is a big builder in Brisbane and build some of the most on-trend in the state.
  • They offer is steel frames as standard. (Steel vs timber frames article)
  • Their biggest downfall, however, is that often there are too many cooks in the kitchen, making a good site supervisor an absolute must.
  • Without level-headed supervision, their constructions have been known to get messy.

Ownit Homes

Ownit Homes is a Brisbane-based builder who has been building homes in Brisbane since 1972. One of their signatures is rooftop terrace designs.

They believe that your home should have an individual flair, meaning you can change their designs to suit you or start from scratch.

With only 4 display homes in Queensland, it’s hard to tell what they are capable of until you build with them.

Plantation Homes

Plantation homes have worked out of Brisbane since the 1990s and benefit from the financial backing of a large Victoria-based construction company.

  • Have won the Queensland Professional Major Builder Award every year since 2012.
  • They have a massive range of designs but make you wait.
  • If you have any big questions don’t expect a response for 2 – 3 weeks as everything must go through their head office. These kinds of delays also seem to apply to their tender and contract process. Whether they’re worth the wait is up to you.

Porter Davis Homes

Porter Davis is an award-winning builder that expanded into Queensland in 2016 and has steadily been building its reputation in Brisbane since.

  • Great customer-focused mantra to “respect the dream”
  • They utilise an online hub that keeps you up to date with your build progress.
  • Porter Davis is very secretive about its prices, often not revealing important fees until the very last minute. Surprises like the ones associated with Porter Davis can be stressful when building and back you into a bad spot.

Your dream home

Building a new home is a big project, so it doesn’t hurt to have some extra help up your sleeve. Buildi is all about helping people through their building journey. We can help your from the initial planning stages, talk a range of quality, registered builders and help make sure everything stays on track. With us on your side, you’ll get to hold the cards. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you!

Buildi can help you through the entire building process of your dream home! If you’re looking for professional guidance with your new home journey, book a Free Consultation Today!


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