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For anyone thinking of building on the Gold Coast, visiting one of the local display homes could be a great way to find both inspirations for your new dream house and to see what local builders have to offer. The purpose of this post is to show where the Top Display Homes are on the Gold Coast. We’ll provide brief descriptions of the display villages in the Gold Coast area and provide links to our in-depth reviews. Also, we’ll give a rundown of all the builders who have a display home on the Gold Coast with links to our Builder Reviews, so you can find out what people out there are saying.

Tips For Getting the Most From Your Display Home Visit

Know your budget

Having a realistic understanding of your finances – including what you have, and what you can borrow – is the best defence against cost blowouts. It helps narrow your focus, so you’re less likely to find yourself in display homes well beyond your budget. Though never the most exciting part of building a home, having an idea of what you have to work with financially will help avoid paying for your dream home from turning into a nightmare.

Remember the Floorplan

As exciting as the fixtures, features and facades may be, it’s important to remember the importance of the floorplan itself. No matter how nice the inclusions are, if the layout doesn’t work for you, the house won’t be a good choice for you.

Our advice would be to do some research before you visit a display home. Consider what it is you want in a house design (how many bedrooms, or bathrooms, would you like an open plan home?)

Things to Bring

Luckily, one of the items we’re going to recommend is something you probably take everywhere: your phone. Take loads of pictures to refer back to later, especially if you’re visiting a few homes in one day. Having a photo of a benchtop you like, or a kitchen layout could come in handy later down the track when speaking to your builder. Other handy items to bring include a pen and paper to make notes and a tape measure to, well, measure things like the room sizes, doorways, etc. If you’re planning to be there a while, a few snacks and drinks probably won’t hurt either.

Get a feel for the house

It’s the reason you’re visiting in the first place, right? Before you even walk through the door, take in the house from the street. Can you picture coming home to this house every day? Does it have the street appeal you’re after? Once in the home, imagine your lifestyle and day-to-day activities and whether you could imagine doing them here. Also, trust your instincts. How do you feel standing in this house? If you’re not wild about it now, is that likely to change in the future?

To fully appreciate what you like and don’t like about the display home, take your time and be as pedantic as you like. This is your future home after all, so it’s worth the effort to end up with something you’re happy with.

Ask about the inclusions

Never assume that what you see in display homes is guaranteed to come with a home design if you choose to go ahead with the builder. Odds are, there will be features in display homes that aren’t standard inclusions, so it’s always worth checking with the sales consultant what exactly is standard and what is an upgrade.

Foreshore Coomera

Located in the Gold Coast Region, the Foreshore Display Village has 18 homes from 9 Builders. The estate is about a 45-minute drive to Brisbane and a half-hour drive from the Gold Coast, so it’s a great middle ground for anyone planning to travel to both cities. Like a lot of estates, Foreshore has a lot of contemporary home designs suitable for smaller blocks while still being big enough to house a family.

Opening Hours 10-4pm for the head office. Display homes vary with some requiring an appointment.

Address: Corner of Foxwell Road and, Oakey Creek Rd, Coomera QLD 4209

Builders in the display centre:

Dwyer Quality Homes

Hotondo Homes


The Surrounds, Helensvale is a picturesque community in the heart of the new Helensvale, with outstanding connectivity to Brisbane and the Gold Coast”. It’s the Gold Coast’s largest display village with 20 homes by 7 different builders, so there are plenty of home designs for you to discover. Located near the Coombabah Lake Conservation Park and only a 6-10min drive to the Gold Coast’s famous theme parks (Dreamworld, Movie World and Wet n Wild), it’s a great area to get a mix of nature and thrills.

Address: Buckler Drive, Helensvale, QLD

McCarthy Homes

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